One Sided Deal

The names Emerald but you can call me "Em" I stook my hand out politely to shake his hand. He gladly took it with a smirk on his face. "The names Wesley but for you babe you call me Wes"

I laughed at his remark as his eyes went serious and his strong hand grabbed my wrist I screamed at the sudden movement. Wes covered my mouth with his hand I looked up to see his usually greyish blue eyes but realized they are now red "Shut up" he whisper yelled through clenched teeth. "Your coming with me" the smirk crawled its way back on to his face as he dragged me away.


22. Chapter 19 Alright?

 Here I sat on this stupid rock, watching stupid Wesley, on his stupid dirt bike, and wondering why I  just had to be so stupid. I had an angry scowl set on my face as I stared at Wesley having fun, while I sat here miserable because of him. Although, I guess I am the one to blame, I mean who else would agree to such a stupid bet, I am getting absolutely nothing out of this but discomfort, and an unstable mentality.


"Hey Slick" I looked up from the band on my wrist to find Jonathan shirtless. "Three questions" I began, "One Slick?" he chuckled, "Two why are you over here, and three, where is your shirt?" I asked him looking at his shirt-less abdomen. Shrugging he began, "One. I heard you needed a nickname? Two. I didn't like seeing your pretty face sad while we have fun. Three. I was trying to seduce you." I smirked, "Oh, is that right?" he smiled, "Yeah, I was hoping to intrigue you. . . . Is it working? You seem intrigued." I smiled back at him, "I mean yeah I could be intrigued" I smirked "If there was something to be intrigued by." Jonathan gasps loudly and covers his mouth in fake shock "How dare you deny my beauty" I chuckled running my right hand through my hair. As my arm was in the air I noticed Jonathan staring at my wrist, shit.


I quickly retracted my arm and put it behind my back. "What was that?" Jonathan asked pointing to my hidden arm. "Nothing" I spoke quickly, "Anyway, what about you?  Whats your nickname?" I questioned rapidly hoping, just hoping he would forget my wrist. "No show me" he whined reaching for my wrist, making me flinch away. "Emerald" he spoke seriously, "Show me your wrist or I will be forced to use force and duck tape you to that tree." he said pointing to a tree, "Again." I sighed showing him my wrist, "You see." He spoke grabbing my wrist lightly, "Wasn't so hard." He began examining my bracelet, while I sat there anxiously biting my lip. He looked up to me, "Who gave this to you?" I looked at him and then down at the bracelet, do I tell him Wesley? No. "I bought it for myself a while ago at this cool store back in New York." I spoke as casually as possible even adding a little shrug. "Don't lie to me, I have seen Amanda with the same bracelet but it had her name. Did Wesley give this to you?" I looked at him shocked but trying to keep calm, why would Amanda have the same bracelet? "No." I looked him straight in the eyes,"How do you know Amanda?" I questioned changing the subject. He looked at me seriously. "Emerald I don't like being lied to. Did Wesley give this to you, or not?" He spoke with authority in his voice making me shudder, I gave myself away. "Yes he gave it to me" I glint of sadness crossed his eyes and he looked down, "Damn, he beat me didn't he?" I looked at him confused, "Your dating Wesley, I should have known. He helped you back here when your hurt your ankle, he got you a bracelet, damn he basically carried your here! I'm sorry I guess I will go now." Jonathan turned before I could say anything, thinking quickly I grabbed his arm pulling him back, "I'm not dating Wesley." Jonathan looked at me confused, "You- um. . . - your not uh da-?" "No I am not, I am only his." source of food, "Friend." 


He said nothing so I decided to tease him, "Why where you so sad that you thought I was dating Wesley?" His eyes turned playful but serious, "Emerald, don't start." I smiled at him, "What do you mean? I only wanted to know why you where so depressed that I was dating someone." He looked down, "IjustthoughtthatyouwheredatingsomeoneandIdin'twantthattohappenbecauseIthinkyouarereallyprettyandIwantedtoaskyououtbutifyouwheredatingsomeoneIwound'thavebeenabletoaskyou." He inhaled deeply as his cheeks turned pink and I chuckled, "Sorry I didn't get that" I cupped my hand to my ear suppressing a laugh, and a blush to the best of my ability."Would you like to go out for dinner, Emerald? I smiled madly, "I would love to Jonathan."




                                           * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   

                                            Two Months Later. . . . . 


 "Come on baby just take it off please" Jonathan looked at me with a forced frown making me giggle. "No forget about it." I smiled at him. Right now Jonathan and I are sat on my couch. I am on his lap as he tries to get me to take off the bracelet Wesley had given me. Ever since that first dinner Jonathan and I have been dating. I have completely fallen for him and it scares me. Wesley still comes over often, but he has gotten worse. Just last week he found out from Dex that Jonathan and I have been dating, since then the bites have gotten deeper, tearing at my skin, and leaving a lot more blood. He drains so much blood to the point that I pass out, but still have to drag myself to bed when I wake up. He would also often times stick around after I passed out and watch as I struggled to get up.


"Please baby take it off, do it if you love me." I smiled, In the past two months I have found out that Jonathan is a very jealous boyfriend. He is constantly threatening other boys to stay away from me, even when Flitch is joking about stealing me from him. "Babe you know I love you I just, the bracelet is comfortable," bull shit. This stupid bracelet is constantly rubbing against the bite marks, making them more irritated, but I have no choice. I have got to wear it or else everybody would notice the marks. I could always say it was from a dog, but seriously? I don't have a dog, or any family, how the hell am I supposed to convince them it was a dog. I just decided to stick with the bracelet Wesley had given me, but Jonathan is getting angry that I never take it off, and suspicious of my feelings for him. 


"I'll get that." I spoke when the doorbell rang. Climbing off of Jonathan's lap I kissed him on the cheek and made my way to the door, my legs feeling a bit numb from sitting on Jonathan's lap. As I opened the door my happiness was pulled from me. "Please Wesley not now." I begged in a whisper. "He looked down at me fiercely, "Yes right now," "But I have Jonathan over and we werev suppo-" He grabbed me by the shoulders pulling my ear to his mouth. "Right now." He almost growled it making me squirm until he let me go. I turned around sadly knowing the drill, as I got to the leaving room I inhaled deeply standing in front of Jonathan, "Hey, babe I am going to go out with Amanda now, she just invited me." Jonathan looked at me sadly, "Again? Baby you just went out yesterday." I looked at him as his eyes tore me apart, those sad eyes I just want to hug him and, ugh Wesley.


"Yah, I know now but she had something important to tell me, and she said it couldn't wait." He sighed standing up and kissing my forehead, "Alright, I will call you later love you." I smiled "Love you" I looked down to he floor as he passed me and continued until I heard the door close, his car drive away, and the door open once again. Wesley's presence makes the whole room heavy, and glum. I remain looking down even once he is standing in front of me, and brushing a piece of my hair off of my shoulder. "Wasn't that the cutest?" Wesley teased "Shut up Wesley, and get to the point." I stared at him now and watched as his eyes turned darker and he grabbed my cheeks forcing me to remain looking at him. "Keep looking at me, I want to see your eyes." I stared past him, he is one sick bastard. "Got it?" I nodded hoping that if I obeyed he would calm down with the bite, maybe make it a little less painful.


As he released my face and grabbed my wrist I began thinking how much of a shame it is. Wesley is really good looking, if only he wasn't a monster. I finally looked at Wesley as his mouth neared my wrist for the millionth time. I have always had these nerves in my stomach clench ever since Wesley first bit me. My palms go sweaty, my heart race quickens, standing up becomes a challenge, and I feel like running away. Unfortunately, I can't. As Wesley bit into my wrist harder than usual I willed myself to keep my eyes open. The pain-in-the-ass side of me told me to close my eyes and turn away form him, but the "rational" part of me told me I better keep my eyes open or some damn bad things would happen.


I looked down at Wesley as my eyes teared up from not blinking and the pain, and a spark of anger grew inside of me as Wesley smirked staring right at me. With my teeth clenched I tried to ignore the blood being sucked straight out of my body and think about Jonathan, he makes me happy. Wesley suddenly stopped and pulled away becoming eye level with me. "Why are you thinking about him?" I looked at him confused unable to say anything. He sighed "Why are you thinking about Jonathan as I was killing you?" I stared at him trying to figure him out, "You know how to-uh mind read?" I asked terrified he groaned, "No you idiot I can see it in your eyes." I noded, "Now tell me why were you thinking about him while I was trying to kill you?" I looked at him why does he care, wait. Kill me? "You- y- were trying to kill me?" Wesley smiled, "Well yah, babe you do know I get tired of the same blood?" he moved closer, "I need an upgrade." I gasped and pushed Wesley hard by the shoulders, "WE HAD A DEAL!! THAT WAS NOT PART OF IT!!" I yelled in anger pacing and breathing heavily, but I was still terrified of him, 'Wesley get out of my house now." He shrugged moving closer to me, "Why?" "Because I will call the cops and get you arrested for trespassing." he laughed, "I was technically invited." "They don't need to know that." Wesley sighed rubbing some of my blood off of his face. "I will get you Emerald." he spoke walking backwards, "Watch yourself." With that he turned walking out the door.


As soon as the door closed I fell to the ground dropping my tough act and crying. He was going to kill me, like actually drain all of my blood, gone,dead,shriveled, left to rot. I have to get out of here. getting up quickly I ran to the entrance and put on my shoes, I turned around quickly and began to run up the stairs. "Hey babe I forgot to tell you something." I turned around slowly to Jonathan. He gasped quickly running up the stairs to me and wiping my tears. "What happened? I saw Wesley's car outside. I swear if Wesley did anything I will beat his ass." I chuckled a little trying to lighten the mood. "No its fine Jonathan, I'm fine I promise." He nodded, "bullshit" I looked down beginning to cry again. "Its okay babe just tell me what happened." I shook my head, "No seriously don't worry about it." I looked up as Jonathan nodded sympathetically and hugged me tightly, and rubbing my back, he knew it soothed me. As his mouth on my neck he whispered tickling me a bit, "Well can you at least tell me what happened to your wrist?" My eyes widened as I looked down and saw my wound bleeding and Jonathan's face angled down to look at it."I-um-it was just-uh- a the-you see-uh" dammit, I'm screwed.  

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