One Sided Deal

The names Emerald but you can call me "Em" I stook my hand out politely to shake his hand. He gladly took it with a smirk on his face. "The names Wesley but for you babe you call me Wes"

I laughed at his remark as his eyes went serious and his strong hand grabbed my wrist I screamed at the sudden movement. Wes covered my mouth with his hand I looked up to see his usually greyish blue eyes but realized they are now red "Shut up" he whisper yelled through clenched teeth. "Your coming with me" the smirk crawled its way back on to his face as he dragged me away.


21. Chapter 18 Why Is He Here?

 * * * * * * * * * *

 . . . .  "And last but not least the horses." "Wow" I spoke amazed. Jonathan had brought me to a tractor and from there he took me trough the forest where he showed me chickens, cows, geese, horses, a nice pound, and even a huge metal shed in which they kept all their motorized vehicles, including the dirt bikes.


I looked at him and smiled "You like it all?" He questioned, I nodded, my smile reaching ear to ear "It's all beautiful."

"Your beautiful" he mumbled looking down blushing, I chuckled, "Thank you" an awkward silence filled the air after that as Jonathan remained looking down embarrassed and I grinned, my cheeks turning pink. "So can we go find the boys?" I questioned breaking the tension. "Yeah sure just hop on the tractor and we can head back" "Okay let's go!"

* * * * * * *

"So what's what you said to Swooze all about?" I questioned Jonathan loudly over the tractor motor. "Huh?" He looked at me with an eye-brow raised, "Well you said that your dad would get angry if he saw me taped up to the tree, but Swooze told me that this property was his uncles? Are you two brothers living with your uncle, because you don't look like it." Jonathan looked at me again before shaking his head and turning to look ahead to the dirt trail just big enough for the tractor. "Well, no I am Simons cousin and my dad, David is his uncle. There where some family matters and ever since Simon was 4 he has lived with us." I nodded my head then stopped, "Who's Simon?" I questioned hoping my guess was correct. Jonathan chuckled, "Simon is Swooze's real name." "Really?!?" I questioned laughing, Jonathan joined in with me and nodded his head, "Yup that's him, and were here"


I looked up surprised, I hadn't realized we had already passed the open field, then the clearing before the forest, and also the forest itself. Jonathan turned off the tractor and hopped off turning around he stuck out his hand for me," Thanks" I blushed taking his warm hand and hoping down as well.


As we turned to walk off I noticed all the boys had returned and where now seated on the stone porch in front of the house I turned to face Jonathan as his smile turned bright and he shouted out to the boys, or rather a boy. "HEY WES!!!" My heart skipped a beat as I looked to the boys and Wesley stood up from the porch walking over to us he smirked at me before doing that 'handshake' thing that seems to be an instinct for boys.

"Hey man how you doing?" Jonathan asked Wesley. "Great man, I'm doing great." Wesley turned to look at me and smiled, creepy.

"So you guys want to get started or what?!!!!" I heard Jonathan shout we all nodded "Alright, but where gunna have to walk to the bikes because the tractors low on gas." I groaned along with the other boys, after seeing how far the drive was to the huge shed I wasn't to pleased in having to walk, "Oh shut up let's go" Jonathan rolled his eyes making me chuckle and turned around leading the way to the shed.

We have passed the forest and where now walking in an open field with a dirt path. I have acquired a stick from the forest and was now amusing myself by peeling off the bark and listening to the boys chant a stupid song. The lead singer would be Flitch, and the other boys were the background singers. I rolled my eyes at the lyrics that where about a tiny worm falling into a straw, and laughed at the horrible pitch the boys where singing in. Dex, Flitch, Gig, Swooze, and Jonathan stood in front of me, but Wesley stood behind which scared me but I tried to focus on the song


I laughed as Flitch announced that the song was over and began another. When the boys began their out of pitched song I looked behind me to Wesley, he was looking straight ahead no expression on his face. I don't know if that's a good thing or not but I just shrugged and turned back to face forward and continued peeling the bark off of my nearly bark-less stick.


I let out a muffled scream as a warm hand roughly grabbed me by the waist and covered my mouth, with my heart beating I struggled against Wesley and thrashed my hands everywhere. His grip faltered for a bit and I felt him jump, I grunted as I was pushed hard onto the ground. Turning around I saw Wesley holding his arm, I looked down at my stick and noticed blood at the end of it. I jumped when Wesley shot his head up to me and looked at me with an evil smirk, as reality hit me I rolled over and began my retreat getting up on all fours I rushed to get away. Once I was finally stood up Wesley's body tackled me to the floor winding me and forcing tears from my eyes. "Get up." He sneered in my ear, making me struggle again, that is until he elbowed me in the back and quickly moved his hand to my mouth muffling my tear-filled screams. "Move now." He breathed in my ear before pushing me forward to somewhere.


I struggled against Wesley until I was just allowed just enough room to turn my head and look at the boys fading in the distance, once again Wesley had succeeded at silencing my pleas for help. "Stop moving you agreed to this." Wesley cursed under his breath as I tried to stop him from moving me by digging my feet into the ground. A small scream escaped my mouth as I was forcefully pushed into a ditch I hadn't seen. Giving up on hope I sat there attempting to catch my breath, only to have it taken away again as Wesley rougly turned me over to face him, "Ready?" He questioned evilly, I said nothing as he shrugged and slowly moved his face towards my neck. As his mouth reached my neck he inhaled sending shivers down my spine, not the good kind.


I closed my eyes waiting for Wesley but winced as he let out a groan of frustration. "Wha-" I began to question before Wesley grabbed my wrist, that's when I remembered the conversation about biting me on the neck, and I understood that I would be with the boys all day and they would surely notice. "Don't except this to happen again." He spoke angrily as he brought my wrist to his mouth, stopping once again and sitting on my legs keeping me nailed to the ground. Once he started again I was prepared I was not going to give him what he wanted.


Closing my eyes I waited once again for the sharp pain, keeping my plan in mind. As I felt his teeth graze my wrist I winced without notice he quickly bit into my flesh making me begin to struggle against him, dammit. Stop moving Emerald! Fight it! Stay still, and don't scream!! I yelled to myself, I will not give him what he wants. I also recall from the lecture-like conversation that Wesley drank human blood because he enjoyed hearing the screams of his victim, although I was a victim I was NOT going to scream.


Biting my tongue I tried my best to ignore the terrible pain in my neck, I could barely stop the screaming, so attempting to stop the struggling against him was out of the question. Wesley shifted as he groaned once again before biting a lot harder forcing his fangs to cut  further through the soft flesh of my wrist, it was to much. My back arched off the ground as tears sprung into my eyes and I screamed as loud as my vocal cords would allow, causing my throat to become sore. I felt Wesley's bloody lips curve into a smile and he brought his lips up to my ear, "There's a good girl." he whispered making me scream louder.

As soon as my screams stopped Wesley pulled his fangs out of my wrist slowly, making me cringe and curl my toes. My face contorted into an angry frown as Wesley lifted his head up smirking, "Oh, don't frown it'll ruin your pretty face." I grunted with effort as I tried to push him off of me, but shrieked as I failed miserably and he pushed me back down. "Don't say anything to anyone, got it?" Wesley's face turned serious as he stared at me making me uncomfortable, "Got it?!" He yelled at me making me nod slowly out of fear. "Good, now just remember you fell down and twisted your ankle, I helped you up and now you won't be able to dirt bike-" I looked at him angrily, "What do you mean I can't dirt bike I have been waiti-" "Are you really that stupid Emerald, you can barely walk without getting dizzy, if you tried to dirt bike you would surely crash, and then where would I be?" I faced the floor, "Screw you" he chuckled, "Not today Emerald" My head shot back up too him as he chuckled and got up off of me, sticking his hand out to me, "Let's go," I slapped my hand into his as hard as I could and allowed him to hoist me up, "Let's go," he spoke, "And don't forget to limp."





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