One Sided Deal

The names Emerald but you can call me "Em" I stook my hand out politely to shake his hand. He gladly took it with a smirk on his face. "The names Wesley but for you babe you call me Wes"

I laughed at his remark as his eyes went serious and his strong hand grabbed my wrist I screamed at the sudden movement. Wes covered my mouth with his hand I looked up to see his usually greyish blue eyes but realized they are now red "Shut up" he whisper yelled through clenched teeth. "Your coming with me" the smirk crawled its way back on to his face as he dragged me away.


14. Chapter 11 Meeting the last member

Quite a bit of time has passes by and I was still seated with my newly found 'friends'. I was currently on my fourth smoke. I really hadn't planned to smoke so much but after the first smoke that first cigarette Flitch had given me Swooze had offered me one. By then I was still quite stressed and frustrated so I took it. Once I had finished my second Dex felt obligated to offer me one of his own. Although I had kindly denied he still got me to smoke it, he said something about me not being strong enough to handle it so I took it. What can I say I hated being made fun of, so that's how I got my third. When I finally finished my third Gig used the same pattern Dex had used, first offering me one, then waiting for me to kindly deny, only so he could mock me, so once again I was pushed into smoking another cigarette.


" LISTEN UP!' Swooze yelled pulling me out of my short peace. I let out a scream of fright he just chuckled. I turned my head to look at the other boys I was afraid of the looks of amusement they would have on their faces. I hadn't know them long but I already knew I hated it a lot when they laughed at me. I let out a sigh of relief as I saw what was happening. Flitch was having a very deadly rock-paper-scissors war with Dex. I was pretty sure due to Flitch yelling " Bro please just give me one!" Dex just laughing and the empty pack of cigarettes besides him that Flitch was fighting Dex for another cigarette. Meanwhile Gig was watching them laughing every once and a while at the stuff that Flitch was yelling every time he lost a round.


I turned back to Swooze to see him staring at me " Why did you do that" I asked " What?" He questioned raising an eyebrow. 'THIS!" I yelled in his face he smiled realizing what I was talking about " Oh yeah, well I had something to tell you but-" Was that really necessary?" I cut him off. He gave me a look " Well If you would have let me finish you would have known why I yelled" I gave him an apologetic smile gesturing for him to continue ' no it wasn't very necessary I mainly did it because I wanted to scare you" He gave me a sick grin " Jerk" I muttered under my breath " What" I shot my head back up " Nothing I spoke too quickly" He stuck his tongue out at me. I broke the silence " Anyway what did you want to tell me?" 


" Ahhhh yes" He said sticking his finger in the air like he just came through an amazing break-through I just chuckled. " Well you know how I had told you that Gig was the last of us" I just nodded my head " Yeah.......well I lied" I just stared at him "The last member of our group actually left not to long ago to go be with some girl" I thought for a little bit and a I felt a sinking feeling I shook a little bit at the thought of it being Wesley.


"Yeah he is really cool we have all been friends for a long time" I saw the joy in his face he seemed to really like the other member I would be surprised if he was talking about Wesley. Wesley wasn't a very kind person in my eyes maybe he was two-faced or something. " Um do you mind if I ask his name?" I spoke cautiously " oh yeah its Wes"






My breath hitched in my throat I knew it was to perfect for that little bit of time. " I shot up from the ground into a standing position." Whoa what happened?" Dex asked concerned I turned my attention to him, he had a happy smile on his face while Flitch looked completely miserable and Gig was just picking at the grass. 'Yeah perfectly fine just remembered I had to go do something" I spoke quickly. Thank god we had exchanged our numbers before so I could just bail. "So yeah gotta run see yah later nice meeting you" I quickly turned around not letting them say anything else to stop me.


I began walking pulling out my phone too check the time. I walked quickly desperately trying to get out of there. I looked up only to knock into someone I flew backwards but the person grabbed my wrist saving me from embarrassment " Thanks I spoke trying to push past the person" I got stopped by those large hands pulling me back I looked up to find those blueish gray eyes Wesley. " Hey Emerald lets not make a scene I suggest you come sit down with my friends and I and we can talk like we have never met before and like normal people talk" I said nothing I just let him guide me back to the tree.




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