Your Hand Fits In Mine

He's there for her. He loves her. He wants to save her. But is it enough? She's broken, she's lost, she's gone. Can Love bring her back?


1. Your Hand Fits In Mine

Tears trickle down my cheek, blood trickling down my head. My heart beats rapidly. Every day it's the same. Punch. Kick. Slam. That's all I have ever known. I didn't even know why my brother beats me. After our parents death, he was all I had. I thought we would get closer, but it was the opposite. My brother blamed me, he said it was my fault. He said that nobody wanted me, that nobody cared. It's true, and I know it. He grabs me by my collar, and squeezes my neck tightly.

I look into his brown eyes, which used to look at me with love, now looks at me in anger. I feel my lungs tightening, blood trickling down my mouth. Suddenly, he realizes that if he keeps choking me, I would die. He lets go off me, his eyes piercing into mine. I look at the monster he become, his warm brown eyes now look at me in terror. He used to be so kind, he used to love me. When did it all change? I look at him, as he looks at the blood trickling from me. My brother gets worse every day, sometimes I wish the pain would just end. I look at him frightened. I cough, still feeling his cold grasp on my neck.

"Why? You were the only one left. When our parents died, I turn to the only person I have left. My lovely big brother. I thought you would stop all the pain and misery. Do you think your the only one still grieving over our parents? Did you not think that maybe I wished it was me instead of them that had died in that car accident? Don't you ever think that every day you break me, more and more, and soon one day I would just break. I hate you. I hate me. I wish I died!" I scream angrily, clenching my wrist.

I watch my brother look at me, his cold stares staring into me.

"Look on what you did. I tried to cut myself, I tried to take pills. I tried to die in a car just like them. But I escape, but I will keep trying to kill myself, and one day I will succeed." I cry, holding my scarred wrist.

I run out of our house, and run into the beautiful white snow. The cold snow settling on the ground.I shiver in the cold, but just keep walking. I walk into the little forest near my house. I run past the twisted branches, and then just collapse on the blanket of snow. Pain. Suffering. Agony. That's how I feel every day. I just want to curl up in a ball and die. I hate my brother. I hate my life. I hate myself. I sob, until I feel someone presence near me.

"I knew I would find you here." says a familiar Irish accent.

I look up into a pair of familiar blue eyes, that can only belong to one person, my best friend Niall Horan.

"I hate this Niall! Every day it gets worse. Why couldn't I just die?" I tell Niall, tears brimming in my eyes.

Niall sits beside me, and places his hand over mine. I rest my head on his shoulders.

"Don't say that princess. Everything is just going to be fine. Don't think of dying princess, there's still people who love you." Niall tells me.

"Who?" I ask, looking into his beautiful eyes.

"Me princess, and I will always be here for you." Niall whispers, tucking a strand of my black hair.

"I'm afraid Niall." I whisper quietly.

"It will get better princess, I promise." Niall mumbles to me, kissing my hand.

"Your hands fits in mine." I tell Niall.

"Like it was meant to be." Niall tells me, holding my hand tightly.

I suddenly feel less alone. Less afraid. Less cold. Like there was somebody here for me, somebody who cared for me. Niall.

Your Hand Fits In Mine.

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