Finally Ready

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  • Published: 17 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 17 Dec 2013
  • Status: Complete
Just out of college, Elizabeth pursues her life long dream of becoming a writer in the heart of New York City, when an unexpected decision by a close friend throws her life into chaos.


7. Christmas Kiss

Doctors started to visit me every day, scrutinizing every angle of my leg. That were certain that the amputation needed to happen, and nothing I said would change that. The surgery was set to Christmas Day, soon to be known as the worst Christmas of my life. The morning of the surgery, I felt nauseous, cold and shaky. I sat in my bed anticipating this immense change in my life. George pushed the door open and sat on the foot of my bed. He didn't look much better than I did. We were silent for a moment before he spoke. "Every thing is going to work out. I promise!" He paused. "And hey," He grabbed my hand. "Merry Christmas!" He pulled a parcel from his bag, and placed it on my lap. "Oh my god!" I said. "You didn't have to do this!" I had forgotten about Christmas in all the chaos. He smiled at my astonishment, gesturing for me to open the parcel. I carefully peeled away the paper to reveal something soft and fluffy. I pulled out a cozy blanket, complete with fluff and wrapped it around my shoulders. "I thought you make like to have this, because I know how cold it gets in here." He explained. I threw my arms around his shoulders thanking him repeatedly for such a thoughtful gift. "I'm so sorry I didn't get you anything," I apologized. "I didn't get a chance in light of the current circumstances." "Don't you worry about a thing!" he said chuckling. He brushed the messy hair out of my face, staring into my eyes. He came closer and slowly planted a kiss on my lips. After a minute, I broke away and giggled, like a schoolgirl, astonished that he would still want to kiss me even though I was in a pretty revolting condition.


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