Christmas Love

lonely, sheltered and shy Rhiannon has never had a friend, the only friend she has only known are in the safety of her books. Everything changes when one Christmas trip brings her the greatest Christmas gift of all: a friend.


3. More Milwaukee and Aunt Marline

I was sleeping for so long that I did not find out what time it was until somebody woke me up, I opened my eyes rubbing them carefully to see that it was a lady in her thirties with blonde curly hair. She smiled at me friendly with a hospitable manner, a flight-attendant was next to her "Ma'am we've arrived to Milwaukee, Wisconsin; your baggage is inside the airport building. Hope you enjoyed your flight and have a Merry Christmas!"

"Thanks." I smiled back trying to sound not too nervous but friendly.

Once I was inside the International Milwaukee Airport and had managed to get back my two bags from the baggage line which took kind of long because of the long line of people waiting to get theirs also.

"Excuse me, do you know if there is a lady named Marline McGroff here to chaperone me? I asked one of the well-uniformed female airport workers who was at the front desk.

"You have to go to the section were it says chaperones and find a sign that says the name of the chaperone you are looking for."

"Thanks for your help."

"You're welcome, have a Merry Christmas!"

"You too!" I greeted back.


It took me like ages to find her until I heard a familiar voice so cheerful.

"Rhee! Rhiannon! I'm here!"

I turned around to the direction of the voice until I saw a familiar face running towards me, the familiar beautiful long mane of curly red hair flying side to side.

"Aunt Marline!" I yelled excitedly at the beauty of seeing her once more. I used to envy her tall, slender figure and big blue beautiful eyes and her red curly hair but now that I am growing up I am learning to accept the fact that I will never have her looks.

"Oh my Gosh! I missed you so much! Look how you've grown." She gazed at me wonderingly "but you're so thin, does your mom feed you enough food?" She looked at me concerned. 

"She is Aunt Marline, It's just that she worries I'll gain weight and then end up getting fat. But don't worry Aunt I do like to eat and a secret, don't tell mom, but I often buy ding-dongs and sneak them to my room, so she won't notice." I looked up at her smiling, feeling happy once more.

"Well that's good, Rhee see your learning to be more free and less regimented like your mom." She then hugs me tightly into a bear hug which I've come to love ever since I was small and lead me to her car which was a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Outside was cold and snowy but inside her car it was toasty and warm. As I was about to sit in the back my aunt told me:

"Don't you want to sit on the front here with me?" She turned on her car and Christmas music started playing.

"I can? Because usually my mom just lets me sit on the back for safety reasons."

"Well you are already of age, you can sit in the front, your mom seriously needs to calm down and relax."

I was no longer nervous as how I was in the airport but now more excitement was filling up inside me once more as I looked everywhere around me which was full of snow and coldness (thank God I am wearing my gray coat and pink hat).


The trip to Aunt Marline's house was not only less dull but also interesting and entertaining listening to the amusing stories of their past Christmases.

"I'm sorry that your parents divorced, honey. Your mom has told me that you've been having a tough time getting adjusted to the idea that you will not be able to see him anymore."

At this time I did not look at Aunt Marline, the way I did earlier, but more at the window when she started mentioning this. The old feeling of loneliness came to me not strong, but light. "Thanks Aunt, but you did not need to mention that." I began to feel emotional as my memory took me to the image of my dad's face, a face full of sadness as he realized he was not going to see his daughter anymore, this time he had lost me forever.

I guess my Aunt sensed my deep feeling of sadness for I could feel her left hand touching my brown straight hair, caressing it softly, trying to comfort me saying; "everything will be fine, In the end it always is."

The rest of the drive was quiet with only the sound of my Aunt's voice singing the songs on the radio. The city full of people walking in and out of stores and restaurants, seeing the snow fall and looking at the lights that were hanged on buildings made me feel like it was already Christmas Eve. 

Unlike the apartment me and my mom live in, my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins live in a house that is not a mansion but big enough to be able to fit everyone. I like the house because of it's red bricks which in my opinion makes the look old-fashion. The whole neighborhood was a row of house which looked the same but only each house is designed differently and of different colors. What caught my attention was that each house was covered in snow, and their lights were turned on, making the street more Christmassy than ever.

I jumped all around, laughing "I love it, it looks so magical!" I touched the snow then let it go fast as I realized how cold it was. "Dang it, I need to wear my mittens!" I said to myself.

"Come on Rhee! The rest of your family is waiting to meet you!" She waved at me motioning me to go with her, she looked at me with her bright young face smiling up at me.

"There is magic in this snow." I thought smiling as I went up to Aunt Marline's house, but looking back once more to savor the look of the wonderful snow around me, then laughed thinking before that I would never see snow in my life.

Life does bring you surprises.






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