Christmas Love

lonely, sheltered and shy Rhiannon has never had a friend, the only friend she has only known are in the safety of her books. Everything changes when one Christmas trip brings her the greatest Christmas gift of all: a friend.


4. A Meeting

I don't know why but when I entered the whole house was dark from the inside and no one was around, it was so quiet.

"Aunt Marline, where's everybody else I thought you said they were waiting for....."

Right in the middle of my talking I heard the sudden surprise yells of everyone of my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins fill up the whole house. They surrounded me yelling: "Welcome Rhiannon! How have you been? Do you like it here?"

Another Aunt told me: "We're going to have such a fun Christmas!"

Mostly all of my cousins were telling me "How old are you?"

"Does it snow in California?"

What type of movies do you like?"

There were so many questions being thrown at me that I didn't know who to answer first. They all hugged me and kissed me warmly.

Finally Aunt Marline appeared in the crowd and everyone started calming down.

"Well, Rhiannon I see that everyone wants to know how you've been and what have you been up to, do you want to say anything before I show you around the house and your room?" She looked at me friendly and confident.

I looked at everyone realizing that there were some I had seen before and some cousins I had never met before, especially the youngest one, a girl with blonde hair styled in braids, she must be five; I thought the rest were ranging from 11 to the three oldest which were 14, 13, and 16 years old.

"Hi! my name is Lucy I'm fourteen years old, my mom tells me that you need fun do you want to go out to meet some of my friends, we often meet at a park that's not too far from here." She smiled at me friendly, the same smile that my Aunt always does, I found out that she has Aunt Marline's facial features but not her hair, her's is black and straight like my Uncle Jake which is her dad.

"You know that sounds like a great idea don't you think, Rhee?" They all looked at me smiling waiting for me to say something.

"I think I will. By the way I had fun seeing Milwaukee and the snow, I had never seen real snow before and never thought I would."

Everyone yelled in unison: "You're Welcome!!" Then we hugged some more and laughed until my Aunt had to literally drag me away from the big crowd of my excited family which was starting to get kind of dizzy for me as I am not used to being in front of big crowds, not to be mean but yeah.

After being toured around the house by my Aunt and shown to my room I was to comforted to know that now I had my own privacy, at home me and my mom share a room together since it is a two-room apartment but the second room mom decided to use it as her writing office, you see she is an aspiring writer it's just that she hasn't quite got there yet.

It took me only several minutes to put all of my clothes and stuff in order and neat, and to clean my face. I decided to lay on my temporary bed and dream of the snow and think silently as I always do at home when I am bored and alone when I hear a knock on the door.

"Who is it?!" I yell.

"It's me, Lucy, can I enter?"

"Yes, you can." I replied back, trying to sound not too bothered. Wishing I could be left alone for just a while.

"Hi,"she entered looking rosy on her cheeks and smiling as happy as ever. "Yess! I'm so happy, Paul is here!" she looked at me excitedly than ever as if she was speaking about One Direction or Austin Mahone.

"Whose Paul?" I asked her curiously wondering how many people she knew. I sat down on my bed  combing my hair.

Her face turned beet red at the mention of his name. "Oh he's just a guy that I know from school, he's in the same Algebra class as me and is in the soccer team at school. I have a huge crush on him, the problem is that I haven't had the guts to tell him."

"To tell you the truth, I don't have experience with guys either but I think the right thing to do if you're afraid to tell him then maybe you should hang around with him, you know get to know him a little better in a friendly way." I got up stretching from my bed.

"Maybe I should, Thanks for giving me that advice, I really needed it."

"You're Welcome."

She was twirling around until she landed on the bed, then got up fixing her hair.

"Come on let's go now." she looked at me patiently, "make sure to dress warmly."


I decided to put on my white coat and brown hat since I was going to meet new people and felt like impressing someone.

Once downstairs I saw Lucy ready and out the door waiting for me. "Have a good time girls!" Aunt Marline yelled at us as we set out to the park.

"Okay first we have to go to my friend's houses to pick them up then we'll all head on to the park."

"Sounds good to me." I said wondering who I will meet, tingling at the thought of meeting a guy.

We kept on walking for like it seemed hours until we approached Mayer Street, passed two houses, and followed Lucy to a pink and brown house with red-bricks. "Shh! This is Paul's house, I'm going to invite him to the park with my crowd, hope he accepts."

Lucy knocked on the white door several times until a sandy-blonde curly haired cute boy with hazel eyes looked at us.

"Lucy you came earlier than I thought. I thought it was going to start at five? And who are you?" He turned to look at me with curiousness and a friendly smile on his face.

"I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself, I'm Rhiannon but you can call me Rhee if you want to. And this is my cousin Lucy."

"Yeah I know her. Well it was nice meeting you, Rhee." I don't know why but the moment our hands shook in welcome I felt them warm and soft. A new feeling that I've never felt before, holding his hand felt so good and magical just like how I feel seeing all the snow around me.









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