It's all I ever hear.
Wanna know why? I'm deaf.
People tease me, but they don't know I'm deaf.
Neither do they know I'm gay, or that I used to smoke.
They know my name, not my story.
I'm Harry.
Harry Styles!


6. Starbucks

Harry's POV


I woke up to someone shaking me. Letting my eyes fall open, I saw a tall figure standing infront of me.


''Hey, Gem!'' I muttered, before falling back asleep. A second or two later, Gem was shaking me again, harder this time. Instead of saying anything, she smiled and pecked my forehead, before almost skipping out of my room. I smiled back at the wide open door, even though I knew she couldn't see me. I love Gem, she knew better than to talk to me first thing in the morning, when I'm tired and can't be bothered to lip-read. I slowly dragged my limp body out of the bed and stumbled to my drawers, pulling out some socks. I quickly flung open my wardrobe door and threw on some black skinny jeans and a white Rolling Stones shirt. I wrapped my fingers around my beanie and slung it on, before running down the stairs, gripping my shoes firmly. I fell onto the bottom stair and slipped on my socks, and then my shoes.


''Bye, Mum! Bye  Gem!" I called, before shutting the door behind me. I sped along, desperate to get to school early so I can start on my new book. It's a classic, and reading just happens to be my favorite 'hobby' now! I smiled to myself, before speeding up.


Within ten minutes, I was in class, reading my book in peace. A few minutes later, a few kids arrived. I looked up and smiled at everyone, but being ignored is what I get back. I sigh and look back down, waiting for the teacher to arrive.




I was making my way over to my last lesson; Maths! I know everyone normally hates this subject, but I'm starting to love it! All these numbers and symblos, it's like they almost tell a story!


''G'afternoon, sir!'' I smiled at Mr Lansdale, before plopping down into my seat. He turned around and smiled, before turning back to the baord and writing down the title.


Louis' POV


As soon as I entered Mr Lansdale's class, all eyes turned on me. George's words rang in my head.


''You gotta make an impression, mate!"


Instead of smiling at Mr Lansdale, like I normally would, I rolled my eyes and strolled right to the back falling into my seat and lifting my legs up onto the table. Some ladies turned around and smirked but instead I looked to my right to see that face again.


''Well, hello again, Hazza!" I smirked at the new nickname I gave him. He looked down and blushed, making me laugh loudly. What a nutter? Nutter, sure, but a cute nutter.


Shut up, brain!


I chuckled to myself and twisted round so that my head could rest on the back of the chair. I let my hair cover my eyes so that I can close my eyes and not be bothered with the lesson.


After a while, a loud ringing noise woke me up. I guess I wasn't busted, then! Ha, sweet!


I stood up, stretching slightly, and then grabbed my stuff, rushing out of the door in three huge strides. I knew it was home-time, but I didn't feel like going home to no one, so I went to starbucks. It took me about five minutes to walk from my school to the little, petit shop. I strolled in, as though I owned the place. I winked at the lady behind a high table and she giggled, taking out a little notepad.


"And what would you like?" She said, leaning on the table, her face inches away from mine. I backed up a little  but only a little so she wouldn't suspect it. She blushed as I blew her a kiss, but just as she was going in for another, I backed up a lot more,trying not to make it clear that I was panicking.


"Err, just a normal coffee with cream p-please!" I said, but then plopped down on one of the empty chairs. The little red-head blushed deeper than before, but then rushed off inside the what I'm guessing is the kitchen. A few minutes later she came back out with my coffee in a little container with the well-known mermaid. I smirked one more time and then decided to leave, before giving her any more ideas.

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