It's all I ever hear.
Wanna know why? I'm deaf.
People tease me, but they don't know I'm deaf.
Neither do they know I'm gay, or that I used to smoke.
They know my name, not my story.
I'm Harry.
Harry Styles!


4. George's accusation

Louis’ POV


“Hey, new guy” Someone shouted from behind me. I groaned, before turning around to see the kid who tried working the magic. I chuckled to myself, before giving him a brief nod, watching as he elbowed his way over to me.


“Sup!” He nodded back once he had reached me. I smiled, continuing my walk to the field.


“Hey, you on the football team, right?” He asked, bumping my shoulder slightly. I chuckled and nodded again.


“Yup, why?” I asked, frowning lightly.


“Just look like the dude who would, I guess?” It sounded more like a question, so I lifted an eyebrow in sass.


“Oh, you mean the, err, abs and all?” I joked, as his face shaded itself in a deep red. I laughed at him and smirked, knowing that I still have the sass in me! ‘’Dude, I’m pulling your leg!’’ I chuckled, bumping his shoulder back.


“I know…!” He rolled his eyes and winked at a few ladies in a corner. They all laughed at him, turning his face an even deeper red.


“This is how it’s done. You got to have the smirk, man! It’s all about the smirk…” I whispered in his ear, before smirking at the girls, and then winking. They all giggled and waved at me, but being what I am, I wasn’t interested. George growled at me, before starting to walk at a faster pace, making it hard for me to catch up.


“Show off!” He growled again, ruffling his blondish curls. That is always a sight I like!


Harry’s POV


Once I arrived at school, I headed to my locker, passing a few smirks and giggles from girls, and glares and growls from guys! I brushed them all off my shoulder, as I entered my combination into my locker. I slid it open and chucked my empty bottle in, and grabbed my Science and Art books, as they were my second two lessons. I pushed my way through the crowd and entered my homeroom, surprised to see no one was already here. I guess it’s because the bell hasn’t actually rang yet. And if it had, then how was I supposed to hear it. A minute or so later, the students piled in, drooping over their seats looking tired. I chuckled to myself, looking down at my books on the table. When I looked up again, I saw Louis and George walk in, laughing at something Louis just said.


At times like this, I really wish I could hear his smooth voice laughing at anything. To hear him try to say something. To be able to have a real conversation with him, but in my state, that won’t happen any time soon. I looked back down, to try to hide my blush from people.


Someone tapped my shoulder, making me look up. Erg, it’s George. I flicked the hair out of my eyes to be able to read his lips.


“Hey, gay boy! How’s you non-existing boyfriend?” He smirked, as the boys behind him roared up with laughter. I looked at them all individually, but when my eyes landed on Louis, I saw that he was looking down at his feet, blushing slightly. I frowned but looked back up at George.


“Why do you wanna know, you interested?” I smirked back, wiping that ugly grin right off his face.


“Who would be interested in a pile of crap like you?” He said in disgust, looking me up and down. I stood up, so that I was towering over him. He backed up a little, still looking me up and down.


“Well, as you’re showing us now, another pile of crap like you! Mate, I’d shut up if I were you, OK?” The sarcasm stood out in my voice, making him sigh in frustration.


Louis’ POV

I winced quietly when George accused Harry of being gay. I think it would be safer if I never tell them about…me! Just in case.


But I do have to admit, I felt a little bubble inside me build up when I found out Harry was gay. I mean, no he’s not popular or anything, but he seems nice and he is definitely cute. I looked down at my feet, feeling all the heat transfer from my body to my cheeks. Trying to block out the conversation was hard, but in the end, I managed it just fine. Then I heard a lot of shuffling around so I looked up to see George pinning Harry into the wall. My eyes widened, but I knew I couldn’t do anything. If I did, everyone in the school will either know about me being gay, or will think I’m boring and a wussy at everything. So I stood there, that was all I did. Just stand there watch that cute, poor boy being beaten up for being gay… Just like me!


The guilt started building up in my guts, so I closed my eyes, pretending to laugh.


“Mate, the teacher will come in in a minute!” I urged, eager to get him off the poor cutie, who was now sweating like mad.


“Don’t. Ever. Talk back to me again! Understood?” George screamed, pushing harder at Harry’s throat. I started breathing heavily, wishing like mad that George will leave him alone. With one last thump over Harry’s head, George finally released him. I looked down in relief, before looking back up to see Harry’s top few buttons of his shirt became un-done, his hair was ruffled and messed and his voice became gruff.


Just like it would first thing in the morning… What a morning voice that would be!  I thought to myself, grinning at the thought.

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