It's all I ever hear.
Wanna know why? I'm deaf.
People tease me, but they don't know I'm deaf.
Neither do they know I'm gay, or that I used to smoke.
They know my name, not my story.
I'm Harry.
Harry Styles!


2. George

Louis' POV


I looked as Harry walked away flicking his curls out of his eyes every now and then. I sighed at his cuteness but turned around and entered my classroom, which already had everyone in it.


''Ah, Louis Tomlinson?'' The teacher asked, dropping her book onto the table and looking through loads of paper.


''Er, yeah.'' I mumbled sitting in the only desk which was empty.


''Here.'' She handed me a piece of paper and I thanked her trying to get on with my work. But it was hard when every girl in the class was staring at me.


I sighed and glared at an especially slutty one, her face was caked in make up and she wore short shorts and a bra with a jean jacket over it. She winked at me and I rolled my eyes, looking down at my work sheet.


I had almost finished the whole sheet when someone poked me. I looked up and saw a lad with midnight black hair and hazel eyes.


''Er, hi?'' It was more of a question, but he didn't say hi, instead he growled at me.


''You touch ANY of these babes, and I swear your head is not going to stay on your neck.'' He growled at me, frowning so hard. I swear if looks could kill, I'd be six  feet under right now.


''Dude, if you want kids when your older, I suggest you shut up.'' I sighed, talking a little too loud, making the dude on the other side of me chuckle.


''Good one, mate!'' He laughed quietly. I smiled as he extended his fist and I bumped it with mine.


''George.'' He smiled, and I pointed at myself.


''Louis.'' I said and turned around to look at who's behind me. I saw a girl who seemed PRETTY slutty but not as bad as the other girl. She wore a dress down to her thighs and a lot of make up. Her hair was brown and it fell way past her boobs. I winked at her and she blushed, so I turned back around and nodded at George in a way of saying I-the-boss-mate! He chuckled and turned to face the girl behind him. She had blonde hair that was short and curly. She wore tight jeans and a crop top showing off her belly button ring. He winked at her, but the girl just gave him a dirty look, and George frowned. He frowned and turned back to face me.


''Bi***!'' He mouthed at me and I roared with laughter. At least I have a mate who I do NOT want in my bed.


In case you hadn't noticed, I'm gay. Yes, I do flirt with girls but only for the fun of it.

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