It's all I ever hear.
Wanna know why? I'm deaf.
People tease me, but they don't know I'm deaf.
Neither do they know I'm gay, or that I used to smoke.
They know my name, not my story.
I'm Harry.
Harry Styles!


7. Crazy walk to school

Louis' POV


I slowly made my way home, grasping at the cup and sipping every now and then. A few familiar faces went by a few times, at which I either nodded at, stopped and talked to, or flipped away. As soon as I was outside my house, I saw Harry come out from his house. I winked at him, but quickly ran inside, as he was shirtless.


"Oh, wow!" I thought, smirking to myself.


Harry's POV


Louis ran back into his house, after throwing a wink in my direction. I smirked, knowing what his problem was.


Call me crazy, but to be honest, I don't think Louis' a ruler... If you know what I mean.


I brushed it off my shoulder, and went back in, after grabbing the newspaper from the doorstep.


*Next day*


Louis' POV


I was walking to school, when I heard foot steps follow my lead. I inwardly shrugged, and carried on walking, but then the foot steps got faster. I started to get scared, so my feet sped up, shifting along the pavemet smoothly. It still counted as a walk, but maybe... speed walking.


I turned a corner, slowly managing to skim my eyes to the side, catching a glimpse of a tall man. He looked familiar, but I didn't wait to think, as his foot steps became louder.


What the hell?!

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