Another Sacrifice

Violet never felt a connection with her Mother. Their relationship is one that relates to the cringe a Queen would give to a rat. And as Violet reaches the age of 16, she is legal to be introduced to the thing Eloise- her Mother- wanted for her child, an event of which Violet doesn't know about yet.
In a small, old english town; people live in fear of a creature they've never seen, and sacrifice what they hold most dear so they can keep on living themselves. How far would you go for your own safety? And who can help you escape the labyrinth when everyone is trapped as far in as you?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Recently I was in my english class and was taught a rough version of the Legend of the Minotaur. This story is based upon the idea- but manipulated in my own way. Don't think of my version of the Minotaur as fact... That's why we have internet. Hooray for wikipedia!


1. Calm Lake

Violet sat and looked down into the pond, still and fresh. The wind was weak, unnoticeable and made the evening calm and comfortable- the kind of feelings she lacked regularly. She looked closely at a small tadpole, young and clueless, as it wiggled itself from one place to another.

How innocent, she thought.

Violet leaned down closer so lured by the tadpole's movement and entrapped in her thoughts, but a lock of her hair touched the water, a ring grew from the disturbance of the water's surface and as it grew bigger, is was followed by its brethren, and the tadpole scurried away, further into the darkness of the pond.

"Bloody hair..." Violet muttered, sitting up again on the grass, tossing her hair behind he shoulders.

"Language!" Her Mother hissed. Violet sensed the irritation in every letter. Only one word spoken by her and Violet immediately sat up straight, shoulders back and shuffled her legs around to sit like her Mother would have wanted. This was Violet's way to avoid any more nagging. Her mother's harsh voice did not fit the scenery.

"A girl of your standard does not cuss in such a despicable manner." Her Mother said. Violet felt the breeze from her Mother's gown on her neck at the woman strode past where Violet sat.

"And," her Mother added sternly. "In no circumstances what so ever should someone of your standard should be sitting on the ground." She spat.

Violet groaned quietly but got up; she felt her feet ache in her expensive, uncomfortable shoes as she did so and began to miss her cozy slippers at home.

(Just a few hours of smiling and dancing with strangers before I can go home and do absolutely nothing...)

Violet pulled her hair behind her ears and looked at the sun set as she straightened up her gown. The sun was leaving her soon. She admired the warm hug goodbye from its blazing fury before it disappeared behind the black silhouetted trees of the horizon. "We must leave, Violet. The dinner party would be waiting." Her Mother interrupted.

Violet sighed and turned on her heels towards the carriage where her Mother stood tall at the door, her lips squeezed together into a little wrinkled circle.


The carriage bounced awkwardly under their feet, the sounds of the horses trotting along and the wheels loudly rolling their way on the road almost drowned out the noise of the world around them, but Violet could still strain to hear the birds sing. She watched them loop through the air all together as they told the world that the sun is bound to set soon.

It was a pretty noise, one that made Violet grin slightly. She likes the birds- except for that day when she was 4 and her Mother brought her to the Castle Garden with the Prince and his Father, and a bird swooped Violet from a nearby tree when her and the Prince were playing. Violet cried and her Mother hugged her, the woman's stiff and unloving body hiding her daughter's tears from the King. Even then, when she was only 4, she knew that her Mother only embraced her to seem like a loving parent, Violet embarrassed her in front of the King and she would never live it down.

Eloise never wanted a daughter, no matter how much she may deny it if accused, the idea of a child seemed pointless and a waste of time. And as sad as it is for a child to know such things, Violet can't remember a time when she didn't know.

Violet sighed and ripped her gaze away from the window. She looked over at her Mother, who's lips where pursed together again and was frowning disapprovingly at her daughter's hair.

"Come here," She said and pat the spot next to her. Violet awkwardly tumbled over in the moving carriage and sat facing away from her Mother. "I knew I shouldn't have let you visit the Lake before we left." She muttered. Eloise took out her daughters hair and spun, pulled and tugged the red locks, Violet moaned in pain quietly every few moments in response to the forceful movements by her Mother. Her daughter was beautiful, but didn't act the way a lady should.

"Pain is customary to make thyself beautiful." Her Mother insisted.

Violet winced but muttered, "Yes, Mother."

Finally, Violets hair was held up in such ways that it delicately fell- the large, dark orange locks danced their way down to the small of her back.

"You are beautiful, Violet." Eloise- her Mother- said warmly and grinned with memory of her hair when she was younger.

"Thank you, Mother." Violet turned to her and smiled back weakly. A compliment came as a shock to her and didn't know what was to happen now. Eloise sat her hand on hers and the cold long fingers squeezed her small, clammy palm.

There was a long pause until the cart stopped and Violet looked out to see the bright castle standing before them out of the window. She looked back at her Mother and waited. For what, she wasn't sure.

"Violet," Her Mother said. Violet waited hopefully looking in her Mother's eyes, green and worn from age. This is good, Violet thought, Mother will say something comforting or tear jerking. She may even apologise for being such a witch throughout my life. Finally we will get somewhere as a mother and daughter. But, shattering her daughter's hopes, Eloise took her hand away from Violet as if she was zapped and looked at the carriage ground.

"Don't mess this up." Her Mother said coldly and stepped out of the carriage and without waiting for Violet to join her, she strode towards the castle doors leaving Violet on her own.


After a few gigantic breaths and forcing back tears, Violet unlocked her sweaty grip of her hands and smoothed out her gown. She stared at the carriage floor, and hoped desperately that anything could happen to make her able to avoid being happy and kind to people she didn't even care about.

A Mother made of ice, stubbornness, and selfish determination is not the kind that Violet should have to put up with. Ever since she was little, Violet would dream of having the kind of parents in the fairytales. The ones that welcomed a child home every day and listened passionately to all of their problems. The ones that would let the child cry into the shoulders and stroke their hair telling them warmly 'Everything will be ok. I'll always be here for you, I love you.'

(And the kind of Father that wouldn't run away.)

But with forceful insistence on her part, she would hide these feelings of depression and envy and would imitate the calm lake and put on the mask all the rich people love. Violet closed her glassy eyes and tried to remember the time she spent at her lake that evening. The lake wasn't hers but she liked to dream it was. That lake she visited continuously was her inspiration of elegance and beauty. If doubting herself, she would see herself as the lake- imitating its perfection as best as she could- moving calmly and swiftly through a room, talking like a fish swimming smoothly through the current and being as entrancing as its surface in the summer's evening. All those things seemed impossible for Violet, a girl of 16 with luscious stretch marks, seductive growing pains and mood swings that'll drive you crazy.

But despite her cold feet, Violet was already making her way towards the castle, wearing the mask she despised so dearly.

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