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A Nicki Minaj story .. Story was made to look like the actual thing..It has Drake (dricki) and Safaree (onikafaree) in it so no worries.. No ONESHOTS. :) Please leave comments/critics/tips .. it helps :) Ohh & VOTE please :) It might start of kind of low, but remember, we're looking at someone's life, so we're starting from small ..


1. Unreal News

It's her birthday. Onika is 5 years old. She lives with her grandmother along with other family members in sunny Trinidad. Her parents  are in New York looking for a better life for their family. Onika made them  promise her that they would come back for her and her brothers. Her parents were home for her birthday.

“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Onika. Happy birthday to you”, Onika’s family sung to her. They were around the dining room table with her birthday cake. There was lots of food and presents wrapped in her favorite color, pink.  Onika loved her birthday; it was so close to Christmas meaning lots of presents. Mama Carol looked upon her daughter and smiled, “Make a wish baby.” Onika looked at her and then shut her eyes. After about 5 seconds she opened them and blew out her candles in one blow. Her family clapped for her.


That night while she lay in her bed, she swore she heard her parents arguing. Onika didn’t understand what it was about, but something inside didn’t feel right.

“Hi”, said her conscience.

“Hello”, she said back, “Do you know what’s going on?”

“I have no idea, but I’m tired aren’t you?”

“I guess. Can you sing me a song?”

“Sure, if it will help.”

Her conscience sang to her, lulling her into a peaceful sleep. Meanwhile Onika’s parents were downstairs arguing still.

“Carol, we have no money here. Why won’t you just agree with me and stay in America for good?” asked her father.

“Because” her mother said sadly, “How are we going to do that with the kids?”

“They can stay here with their grandmother until we can take them with us” he replied.

“I don’t think I can do that, I’ll miss them too much.”

“Darling, just think about it, we can make enough money to buy a house and when we are settled bring them to America.”

“Okay” she sighed “And how do you suppose we tell them?”

“I’ll figure that out when they wake.”


The following morning, everyone woke up moody. Onika’s brother didn’t even want to get out of his bed. It was as if there was a sort of heavy tension in the house.

“Onika and Jelani” their father called “Come here”.

They obeyed and went to where there father was and sat down on the couch.  Their father looked at each of them carefully. It was confusing abit to them because he was making it look as if they were in trouble. Their mother came into view. She had tears in her eyes.


“Ma, what’s wrong”, Onika asked.

"Don't worry baby, we'll explain everything."

"Okay, listen carefully", their father said slowly," Me and mommy are going away.

"Okay", said Jelani.

Onika just looked confused. Why was her mom crying if they were probably just going to the market or something?

"Mom, then why are you crying?" She asked.

"Because honey, me and daddy are going back to America but you are staying here. This time we're not coming back."

Onika and Jelani jaws dropped and their eyes watered. The room fell silent for what seemed like forever. You could only hear when their mom sniffled .

"Say something please." She said, looking back and forth between Onika and Jelani.

"I have nothing to left to say," said Jelani standing up. He left the room and went to his room slamming the door, letting everyone know that he was angry. Onika shivered. Her thoughts racing a mile a minute. She breathed in sharply before slowly exhaling.

"You promised ma." she said softly, "You promised you'd take me and Lani with you!"

"I know I did, but baby I can't. I'm so sorry." she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"YOU PROMISED!!", she screamed running to her grandmother with tears prickeling her eyes.


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