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3. Chapter 3

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Cleo's POV

It has been about four hours since that dreaded bring up about me staying in Zayn's frat house was spoke about. My father got his way though, and now I'm sat on a clean made bed at the back of the house. The house is nice, obviously. I just felt rather sick or worried about being here with three guys and even maybe Harry.

"Cleo, can I come in?" I heard Niall's voice from the other side of the door while I nodded slowly, soon realising he couldn't see me and cleared my throat before speaking "Y-Yeah, come in!". Niall was one of two of Zayn's friends I had met, Niall and Liam were the only two friends Zayn seemed committed too the whole way through high school, and I grew to like them.

"Are you ok?" He asked while closing the door behind him and looking over at the chair behind the desk in the corner of the room as if asking for permission to sit.

"Yeah." I nodded towards the chair before continuing "Why is Zayn so... Over-Protective and mad about me staying here? He said himself, this place is better than the dorms"

Niall sat forward in the swingy chair while shrugging "Dunno. Your his little sister Cleo, plus, Harry's been hanging around here a lot more and he doesn't know your related to Zayn. Well, he probably figured since he saw you this morning. He's not Zayn's biggest fan you know Cleo. He'll do anything to piss him off"

He was right, Zayn told me several times that Harry irritated him because he always had a hint of something that the rest of them didn't have. Like, control. When Zayn bought over this house using my own dads money, he told him it was just because he needed more space from the crowded dorm-entries. 'Little did he know' I silently smirked before nodding. "He told me not to tell people I was his sister" I blurt, cheeks flushing.

"What? He didn't." Niall gasped. "Cleo, you need to talk some sense into him. The first thing he told me and Liam was that he had a sister. If you two weren't related, he would be banging you" I blushed and almost vomited there in place at the thought. "Stop talking" I demanded, letting a soft laugh escape my lips before standing up to finish packing away some clothes.

"But seriously Cleo, if I know you and Zayn, he's being stupid and eventually he'd tell people just so they'd stay away from you" he told me while standing up and pushing the chair under the desk. "I'll be downstairs if you need to chat, don't worry about any parties being hosted here tonight, Zayn sent a text out to practically everyone telling them to fuck off for a few days. He's tempted to get you out of here, and I suggest you don't go. This could be your only chance of freedom. Finding your soulmate. You always spoke of those things as a kid. Don't let him push you away from your future" and with that, he left.

I swear, If Zayn hadn't warned Niall to never touch me or try and get in my pants when I first met him, We would be together right now. He's so kind and just someone you could talk to forever, although, he's had his moments where you just want to slap him silly like that night he basically broke every expensive plate in our house with his stupid football, I laugh at the memory before the door swings open, removing me from the flashback.

"Oh. I didn't expect anyone to be in here, after all, I've been sleeping in here for ages" Harry mumbled as I stared at him with my mouth hanging. I barely spoke to strangers, fuck I barely spoke. But something told me I've spoke to someone like him before and it just made me laugh.

"Harry, isn't it?" I asked, throwing my t-shirt on the bed while turning.

"What is it to you. I ask the question here!" He said sternly looking around the room with a frown before looking back at me.

"Zayn gave me this room, and before you go ape shit about where your stuff is, he took it. So I suggest before you go barging into one of these rooms with an attitude you find out who the fuck your facing, yeah? Plus, I'm a girl. God knows what you could have walked into" I looked at him with a disgusted look while he stared at me with a amused expression. I had no idea where the sudden confidence had came from, I guess it was just his annoying angry-like features that reminded me a lot of Zayn.

"Zayn. You remind me of him" he smirked, stepping forward with his brown boots clanking against the wooden floor.

"Yeah, same old shit but a different day" I rolled my eyes, sitting down on the end of the bed. "Harry. Get out." I said blankly, staring at him while moving my hair from one of my shoulders too the other. "What?" He replied with a laugh, pushing the suitcase away so he could sit down beside me.

"What's your name?" He asked quietly, Leaning forward on his elbows so he couldn't look at me.

"Cleo. Cleo..." I almost said Malik before my thoughts brought me back to Zayn's words this morning, "From this moment on, Your not my sister and you don't know me, ok?" . His voice continues to play through my head before I realise I still haven't answered Harry's question, I quickly dart my eyes around the room while speak "I'm Cleo Wall..Wallace" He smirks a little at the name as I look away from him.

"Okay." He blankly replied while standing to his feet "I better go, There's a party here tonight." He states while heading for the door.

"Wait, What? Niall told me Zayn texted everyone to fuck off" I raise an eyebrow, Watching him turn.

"Oh, He's not the only person that stays here Cleo, He doesn't make up all the decisions. Plus, I have different friends, The people I texted don't know they've too fuck off" He laughs, Revealling his dimpled before pulling the door open and leaving me alone in this cold room with nobody.

Zayn's POV

How dare Harry invite all these people. I told him time and time again not to invite others to this house because we'd lend up over crowded. I roll my eyes while walking by the crowd in the hall to head for the stairs just as Cleo stands at the top, My eyes wide as she just walks down without a word, Attempting to walk by me before I grab her wrist.

"Where do you think your going Cleo?" I ask, Letting go of her once I know I have her full attention.

"To get a drink, What does it look like? What else are you suppose to do here" She smirks, Looking around before looking back at me with an almost scared/worried look. I knew she wouldn't be coming down here for a drink, She doesn't socialise and hasn't been around this many people, Ever. It's just her excuse to be nosey.

"Cleo..About earlier-" She cuts me off with a huff before speaking "Zayn. You said yourself, I'm not related to you. I'm Cleo Wallace from now on, Don't ask where I got the name from I just made it up so I didn't embarras myself infront of Harry" She quickly steps back when she realises what she said, Harry, Harry was with here, Alone.

I clench my fists by my sides and look at her with flared nostrils "What did he do?" I try to keep my cool but it lends up coming out like a yell.

"Nothing, He did nothing. You put into his room Zayn, He came in thinking nobody was there and we spoke, For like five minutes. He's gone" She shrugs as I un-clench my fists and take a deep breath. "Okay, Get a drink, Stay out of trouble. Don't talk to anyone and just, Have some fun tonight Cleo, Afterall your first day at college is tomorrow, The last thing you want is to be hungover, right?" I ask her while she quickly nods and sends me a smile she normally did before walking towards the kitchen. I need a distraction so I quickly head for the living room and to one of the red cups.

Cleo's POV

I can't believe Zayn's letting me drink, It's not as if I've never drank before, but from whatever liquid is going down my throat right now, It's nothing like the thousands of bottles of expensive champagne and wine my parents have stored in the basement.

"You okay?" Niall's voice snaps me from my thoughts and I nod before gulping down the rest of the drink. "Yeah, Fine Niall." I basically snap while grabbing another red cup. I'm sick of people asking if I'm okay, and i'm more than sick of Zayn's friends constantly being there. I quickly walk away before he asks anything else and head for the stairs, Deciding to finish my drink in my room and to double check i'm ready for college tomorrow.

The walk to my room always seems long, It is the furthest in the house I suppose. I go into my pockets for the key to the room, I'm so glad we have keys for our rooms in this house, The last thing I needed was somebody walking in and laying on the bed for me walking In, I shudder at the thought before pushing the key in to discoverer the door's already unlocked, I close my eyes and take a deep breathe as nerves fly through me, removing the key I shove it into my pocket before pushing open the door.

"Harry! You scared me! Why are you in here? This isn't your room anymore" I groan, stepping into the room as he looks up from his lap as he sat on his bed. I almost winced at the cut on his lip, I raised my eyebrows and stepped closer "W-What happened?" I asked quietly, Folding my arms over my chest.

"You stupid pathetic brother." He says sternly, standing to his feet to head for the door. "Oh and Cleo, Lying's a sin" He shakes his head, Almost as if he was disapointed that I lied before slamming the door behind him and leaving me to go over what just happened.

(Aw, That lie didn't last long! Remember to vote + comment guys. I also realised I hadn't added in where the Malik's were from, They are originally from tenessee in this fic along with Liam + Niall. Although, Harry and Louis are English. Bye for now x)

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