Without You

{For the Appleshine Mum, Loony, may she rest in peace.} The House Appleshine is rocked when they find out that their mother, Luna, has fallen ill. With their lives changing left and right, they've begun to have strains on the family ties as they struggle to cope with their mother's illness.


4. Chapter Four

"There was a complication in an operation to remove a tumor. Your mother might not make it." Alex announced after a deep breath, causing a lot of different reactions in the group of minors. Girlie's lip started to tremble. Ink actually burst into tears. Zombie, trying to retain his manly facade, just turned away. Ketsia looked like she would cry any minute, and Prez . . . Prez kept a stoic look on her face.

Prez liked to believe she was good at hiding things. After all, she was seven months pregnant and had kept that a secret. Her family hadn't even known she was pregnant with her previous twin daughters until she'd called from the hospital to tell them not to worry. Heck, she even knew that she had a different father than the other Appleshines (even her twin brother, Tony, hence why they weren't identical) and an armada of cousins on the other side of town!

But now that something was happening that genuinely scared her, her cool and collected mask was starting to crack.

We can't do this without Mum. Prez thought, panicked. Mom's job is in Australia. There's no way she could quit and keep this whole family afloat. There are six Appleshine kids living here, my two, and another on the way. Alex has college, she can't throw away her education to babysit a house full of crazy people . . .

She felt a lump form in her throat but swallowed it down. She couldn't imagine life without her mother. She was the oldest, since Tony was off in some foreign exchange program. She was supposed to be the strongest, she was supposed to be the glue that kept the Appleshine family together.

Luckily, Dani and Smith were with the Nightshade family.

"Hey, I didn't say it was a given she was going to die." Alex tried desperately to calm the tears she had caused. She hated seeing her cousins cry.

"You said it was a probability." Ketsia replied hoarsely as Prez stood up, grabbing her trench coat.

"Where do you think you're going?" Alex asked, shooting Prez a glare.

"Out." Prez replied simply, walking towards the stairs.



Zombie was the one to speak up next. "You're not going to see that no-good murderer for a boyfriend you have, are you?"

Prez glared at the entire family. She felt so guilty. She'd never been cruel towards any of them before, but her temper was starting to boil over. "I don't tell any of you how to live your lives. I'll do what I want, and none of you can stop me."

She stomped down the stairs and a few seconds later the group heard the door slam.

"Prezzie's never lost her temper at us before." Ink announced quietly.

"What's happening to us?" Ketsia asked.

No one answered.

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