Without You

{For the Appleshine Mum, Loony, may she rest in peace.} The House Appleshine is rocked when they find out that their mother, Luna, has fallen ill. With their lives changing left and right, they've begun to have strains on the family ties as they struggle to cope with their mother's illness.


8. Chapter Eight

(A/N: All chapters except the ones centered around Girlie are written by Prez unless otherwise noted)

"Sorry, ma'am, but all flights into Nuremberg have been cancelled until further notice."

Hello bit back a temper tantrum, took a deep breath, and finally spoke. "May I ask why?"

"They're in the middle of a bad storm. Borderline hurricane." the flight attendant looked almost bored as he lit another cigarette.

Hello had always sworn to herself that she'd never feed a sob story to someone in the flight department, but she couldn't hold this one back. "Please, sir, my wife is in the hospital. My five kids and two grandkids need me."

When she said the word 'wife,' the attendant stared at her for a second before shrugging and replying. "Not my call, mate. Sorry."

Hello groaned and walked away to wait for the next flight to be ready. As she sat in the lobby a thought hit her.

He said borderline hurricane . . . what if the house floods? Oh, I wish Loony was with the kids . . .

**Meanwhile, in the hospital**

Luna Appleshine was conscious. Barely.

"My kids . . ." she rasped to the nurse next to her.

The nurse looked at her sympathetically. "I'm sorry, love, but your condition isn't stable enough for them to see you."

Luna sighed, drifting back into unconsciousness.

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