MidNight Memories

Breathtaking story. Friendship that would never end. A story based on LOVE. A promise.


3. Truth

"Where were you,my dear?"

Oh shit. Mom's awake.

"Uhhh I just bring Chest to dinner. I can see you were sleeping.Tired. I dont want to wake you up,just to say i'm hungry." 

Great reason.

"You know,hun, neighbours talked about you and that boy, I mean,Harry" Mom's voice was very slow and really soft.

I just nodded and started to lean my head on her shoulder. I feel safe.

"Personally, I don't care if people talk about you and him. It's your life honey. You're the one who gonna cherish it. I'm okay with that. But,please don't lie."

Im dead.

"Well, This is the truth, Im taking Chest to the McD and having some dinner and finished my homework and He showed up and we go to the beach.Nothing happen.Just a friendly talk.I swear." 

That's the truth.

I could see Mom's smiling and starting to nodded.

She hates lie. She even don't care about what people say about me being a whore. She knows me.Sara and my family are like knows everything about me.They know me even more that anyone else.


Let's get into a little story.

Back to 2007, Me and Sara have a great time to dressed up and being like really beautiful. Im wearing a tight little red dress for the prom. Kinda like this.


Actually the prom was in black and white. I know,im out of theme. I dont have any black or white damn dress. Just put a little make-up and I've done my hair.Like fishtail-braid style.

When we arrived,I felt like strangers.Everyone were wearing black and white. I'm the only damn stupid girl wearing a red dress.

"Relax." Sara whispered and smiled back.

Yeah. She's beautiful with the white lace dress. 

I can see Harry was in his black suit. Hot. Came in to the school hall. Looking very fineeee.



Well,i've a little crush about him. But since he was a friend to Connor,that's breaks me a little.

"Yo buddy! Harry why are you late? We were getting the girls all night" Connor rush to get Harry at the door.

"Ya." Short answer by Harry that I could hear.

Im so fucked up when he realized that all the time starting he walked in, I stared him. He just smiled and walk towards me.

I stand far away from people and tried to scroll my Twitter timeline.Leaning toward the wall.

"You run out of white dress?" He asked

"No.Definitely no. I just don't have it." I tell him. I can see he started to snorts and put his hand and he just like locked me around him.

"Ya pumpkin whatever.You look... umm.. sexy."Harry get closer and closer and I can feel his deep hot breath.

"Chest is the pumpkin.Im not." I tried to be cool. I can see Sara smiling and giggling.

"Funny. Because you're so fucking hot."

Oh God. Im trying not to melt. God,please help me. He's killing eyes.Im died.

"Well I guess Tiffany is waiting for you. Over there. And yes,Mr. Styles Im not a pumpkin" I tried my best to get out from his locked area by his arm and his hot chest. 

"Huh? I don't know who Tiffany is"

I rolled my eyes.Trying to be annoying as bad as I could.

"You could not do this to me Styles.Tiffany is coming."

"She's not." Harry whispered

"Shit." That's the word I could say when Tiffany come toward us.

"What is this Styles?"She pull his arm and hold Harry hand.That caught everyone.Im dead.

"What are you doing here Harry?With this urgh.I dont know how to descibe you."Tiffany is so overboard.

"Hey calm down.I just have a conversation here Tiff.Let go of me."Harry push her away and straightly hold my hand.Really tight.

"What are you doing?" I whispered to Harry back to shoulder.

"Holding hands my dear" Harry whispered back.

"Get your dirty hand from my boyfriend"Tiffany tried to push me away.

"Ouch."Ya sucks.

"Stop calling she like that,She's not a whore Tiff." Harry tried to told a story.

"Ya fuck it! I see she's flirting with you" Tiffany protesed.

"God damn it Tiff . We are so over right now.Let's go Hannah.Here let me help you."Harry give me a hand.

"Who do you think who you are Styles?You still have to kiss me to complete this prom.You are the king."Tiffany's arm crossed and looking like soo biatch.

Harry stops.I can felt he let my hand goes slowly.

I thought he's going to kiss Tiff.But he's not. It's me.

He kissed me  like so fast. Just fast enough. I can see Tiff tried to hold her  back  but he stop the kiss right away.And I can heard he say "Thank you lovely for this kiss"

I was shocked.


I just say "yeah"

Tiffanny stomping her feet and scream "I hate you Harry!" She walked out from the hall and I can heard Sara says "Let's continue shall we?Romantic music please?"

Harry pull me and we started to dance.We danced to this romantic song.

After we danced, Harry drove me back to my house and we make out in the car. 

I stopped.

'Why?Did I hurt you?"Harry asked with a pointless face.

"Nothing.I just want to know why me?Why you wanna break up with her.She's perfect."

"Yeah perfect.Perfect liar. She's  make out with a boy from other college.Fuck it" Harry hit the front porch.

'Hey i'm sorry about that.I don't know that she's ..."

"Stop it. Don't wanna talk about this bullshit."Harry said. Looking at me and starting to get closer and "Sorry."

'Hey it's okay.Why you kissed me?" 

Before he talked, I can hear Aunty Serena called and "You gotta go to the hospital"

That is when my father and my mother was admitted to the hospital.And that was the last time I talked to a boy named Harry.

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