MidNight Memories

Breathtaking story. Friendship that would never end. A story based on LOVE. A promise.


4. Stuck With Him

So, after all the shits happen. Me and Harry never spoked after that. I tried to talk to him but he always have an excuse to get away from me.

And that time i was thinking that im completely a whore. He just used me for something good. And that time I was like lost. That time,people were judging me. People were hating on me. People think im a completely a bitch.

But this year,Sara told me to be strong and ya.Im strong. I don't care what people say about me :) I love this kind of way. Connor was a really a bullshit.

But I still have a feeling to Harry. Harry is kinda different from others. He don't like to objectify woman. He's just a normal guy that love woman.

I remember when I first met his mother. His mom was a really nice lady.I remember when his mom make me a really tasty cookies. I remember everything. About him.About Harry.

The bells wake me up from my dream. I ran to the door to see who is it. I suprised. It's Harry.


"Hey. I'm suprised that you still remember my home.Come in."I smiled

"Remember when we used to hang out at your house after school.?Remember?" Harry walked in and take off his jacket.

"Of course I remember.You used to joke around and jamming The Beatles" I replied.We were sitting on a big couch. Mom was not at home.She bring Chest too.So i'm left alone.

Harry looked at me and took my hand.We getting closer "I miss everything"

I looked at him and without knowing I cried and fell to his lovely hug. "I wanna stay like this. Just like this" I said.

"Yes my dear." Harry kiss my forehead and we hug until he said "Well,I'm hungry" 

I laughed.

"Let's go get something shall we?" I looked at him.

"Yeah.That would be great.Yeah"

I got up and "Let me get dressed."

"You can wear nothing" He laughed.

"Shut up." I stick my tongue out and laughed.

We walked to a restaurant and we have our meal and we're strolling at the park after that.


'Mom wanted me to join XFactor" Harry started a serious conversation.

"That's good. You have a good voice and people starting to realized it when you started a band White Eskimo isn;t?" I sat on a bench and he followed me.

"What if I got in?" Harry looked at me and make a face.

"You're crazy? That's good! You could start a new thing like what've you said. You want to be a singer." I looked at him and smiled.

"Are you serious? You won't miss me?" Harry asked 

"Well,I miss you quite a lot." I looked at him.

And he started to get closer.Our face is like close enough to make a kiss. And how dumb it was I turn my face so that he kissed my cheeks "As a friend."

"Yeah.As a friend."He turn around and as we can see there are bunch of a family that were having a picnic. Some of them were playing kites.

"You still playing the guitar?"Harry asked

"Huh?Yeah." I told him.

"Great. Will you come with me? To the audition? Will you?" Harry looked at me.

"Probably not." I make a serious face.

"Why not?"

"I'm kidding.Of course I will. " I turn around,look at him and yeah we smiled .

Harry drove me back to my and home and what a suprised. My mom waited at the balcony with a sad face.

"Hey Mom. Me and Harr" 

"Get inside.You,Harry Styles,we need to talk" 

I could tell my mom voice is like not who she is.I sneaked to see what they talked about.

"My dear Harry,I know you miss her."

"I'm sorry Mrs.Mortez. But we just hang out. Nothing happen" Harry tried to explain.

"I believe you,once.I'm really sorry. But this neighbourhood,they like to talk about someone."

"I understand Mrs.Mortez."

'Well,it's okay.But Harry,you should know something." Mom started to walk toward Harry.

"About what?" Harry asked politely.

"About Hannah.We've been discussed, Hannah will stay with her aunty at LA" 

My tears falling fast. Mom never told me about moving to LA.

"She never told about that.I never know." 

"Well,my dear,she forgot about that." Mom lied.

"No. It could'nt be. She loves being here.She "

"She hates you" Mom innterupt.

What??! I never hate him.

"Wh-what?"Harry's voice turn to sadness.

"Yeah.Im sorry about that." Mom rubbing Harry's back.

"No.I dont believe it. I wanna hear this thing from her mouth." Harry ran towards the door and trying to get in.But mom had it first,

"No.I mean, please respect us."Mom push him away.

"B-but" Harry trying so hard.

"Harry,my dear, just go back.I don't wanna to this."

I wish I could go and ran to him and say how much I love him.

Oh Mom..Why would you do this to me? How could you.What i've done?

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