MidNight Memories

Breathtaking story. Friendship that would never end. A story based on LOVE. A promise.


1. Knowing Him,


 "My name is Lia. I'm 16 and I'm not a bimbo."

 The class will continue all over again. I just hate it. Can we just stop this ice-breaking of something. 


I took a glance to my best roomate, Sara. She's flirting with John. Well, that was a mistake. John was flirting with her. Sara is my best friends since grade sixth. Actually, since I have no friends. I guess.

Who would in mind want to be friends with me.

I'm a freak. I'm music lover. But please,im not an emo. I just a girl. Who don't like to party,flirting,kissing. But,actually I like it. But I don't know how. Everytime Sara tried to teach me, I got like 100 question like, "what if he dont like it?" "what if he throw up?' "What if he didnt smile after we kissed" and sort of it.

"Hannah Mortez!" 

Oh my god. I'm dead.

'Yes,Mrs Kennedy?"

"What are you doing?Dreaming?It's your turn now.Do you have enough sleep?"

I'm so dumb.

"Might she was watching some American Pie last night!"

The whole class laugh. But not Sara. She's like giving Connor that I-will-killed-you.

That's Connor. I dont know why he hates me. I'm not a geek or a nerd. Im just a good girl.

"Well,I don't have that kind of slutty movie. I'm sorry Connor. I do have enough sleep. Thank You Mrs Kennedy, you are so kind. I wander who would'nt be your students" I smiled.

Connor was pissed off. I liked it. Sara cheered up.

"Well thank you for that complitment.You want to continue about yourself?"

"Yeah.Sure,My name is Hannah Mortez. I live with my mother and my little brother. My mother works as a florist.Well my late father work as a doctor.My father died in a car accident two months ago when my mom was in hospital gave birth.And after that I got a bad news and a good news. I have a brother. I have a cemetry,of my father."

The whole class quiet.

Oh my Lord. What am I doing?

Did I say something wrong?Did I?

I realized everybody were'nt expecting the story was sad. But i'm not crying. I was happy. Because my father told me to be happy.

I continued. Because I'm the last person.

"And the last thing my father told me is, work hard, play hard and be ...." Before i have'nt finished yet my line,there's a voice.


A strong husky voice and i turned around and i could see,Harry Styles. He's looking at me and like he have something to tell me. And I just smiled and "Thank You for that."

The bells was ringing loudly and it cut off our look-into-my-eyes and I can heard that Connor says, 

"This romance was over Romeo And Juliet"

I just like snorting and take Sara's hand and just get out of the prison. I mean, class.




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