MidNight Memories

Breathtaking story. Friendship that would never end. A story based on LOVE. A promise.


5. Hate.

As Mom walked in,

"Why would you do that?Why?I never hate him. You lied to him. We never spoked or discussed about movin on to LA" My voice was raising.My breath was up and down.I can't stop thinking. I need to tell him the truth.

"Not we my dear.You and Chest." Mom voice go slow.

"What? You never told me? Why is this happening? You know I got a feeling about him Mom.Why you do this?" My tears falling and can't stop.

"I'm really sorry dear. I don't wanna do this. Your aunt,she's had an awful accident and she needs you there and I can't left her alone. You know that. So I decided to buy you two tickets of you and Chest. I want you to go there. I want you to go study there." Mom walk toward me and hug me.

"Stop bluffing. You are a liar!" I pushed Mom away.

"Honey,please.I'm not a liar.What do I get if I lie to you Honey? Nothing." Mom hold me and hug me back.

'I love him.I just don't want to go." I cried and fell into my Mom hug.


*Harry POV*

I drove my car as fast as I could.I don't have any ideas what Mrs.Mortez told me.Why Hannah never told me? She likes me.I know that. I know that and I'm sure of that. 

If she really want to go, why? Why she hates me? Is it about the prom? No it can't be.

30 minutes driving and thinking about Hannah really give me a headache. I could see my mom sitting on the couch and watch tv.

"Hey my baby is home! Where have you been?Do you excited about tomorrow?"Mom ran toward me and give me a hug.As always.


I buried my head to Mom's shoulder. I cried and i looked at her. Crying.

"Harry,why? What happened? You wanna talk?Why is my baby is crying? Who makes you like this?" Mom was shocked.


"Her mom told me that she hates me.But we went for a great lunch and a walk.What I've done?I love her mom.I wanted her to be there with me." I can't stop crying. I know I've been like a childish. but yeah, I ,love her.

"What?Well,her mom told you that.Not her." Mom looked at me,brushing my hair and smiled.

"She does not come out." I told.

"Well,honey,we can meet her tomorrow before we go to the audition.Let me talk to her mom."

"She's moving to LA" Finally I cried really hard.

"What?! Aww honey.I wish I could do something.I'm sorry.I don't know what to do." Mom hug me and kissed my forehead.

That night I sleep with my tears falling. I love you Hannah. And the prom,is true. I really wanna kiss you. I miss you. I want to be your first and last kiss.


The night have been gone. I wear my best outfit to go to the audition.I tried really hard to forget about you Hannah. But your voice is like around me. Saying "I want you to catch your dream.Be a good singer.Be a great performer.Be who you are"


Aahh Hannah why would you hurt me like this. I want you.


*Hannah POV* 

I got to find my iPhone.

"Mom!Where is my phone?I got to text someone." Mom were in the kitchen.

"Well,you promised me,that you wont text him."Mom looked at me with a serious face.

"Yeah.I promised."

Yes,I promised my Mom not to text Harry,but Not his mom.

i send a text to his mom:

Hi Mrs.Styles! How are you.?It's me Hannah.I want Harry to know that I care about him and not even in a millions year I will hate him.Something have gone wrong.I need a time.Mom does'nt give me the oppurtunity to text him. And I promise to my Mom that I won't text Harry. But I did'nt tell her that I text you. So,please tell him that I will miss him and text me back if he got in or whatever happen.My flight would be another 3 hours,so yeah. Tell him,that I will text him.One Day.Thanks xoxo Hannah.


*Harry POV*

Today is the biggest day for me. Ahh I wish Hannah would come. Oh please my little eyes,don't burst now. I need this. Suddenly,I could hear Mom was screaming happily and ran toward me in the kitchen.

"Aww my darling is awake. You bet want to see this. She's not like that I told you." Mom showed me her IPhone and smiled.

I read the text and I just feeling great. I was smiling along the way to the auditions. I knew it Hannah. You love me. But what do you mean by something goes wrong?

*Hannah POV*

Mom drove me to the airport and I was playing with Chest at the backseat.

"You alright honey?" Mom tried to start a conversation.

"Yeah.Maybe." I just don't want to look at her face.It's hurt.

"Hey,please cheer up.You and Chest will stay at LA.You love it don't you?" 

"Not like this.Why would you come with us?" I asked

"Well,honey, I've a lot of things to do. I will visit you there.Oh well! Here we are!Let's go!" Mom was screaming happily.I know,it's fake.


"Mom you dont have to do this.I don't wanna go without you.And Chest too."Chest starting to cried.I think he knows what happened right now.

"Oh darling."Mom hug me very tight and cried to my shoulder.

"I'm sorry.Tell Sara I love her." 

I smiled and took our bags and goes right in to the airport.

"I've to go,there're a lot of cars. I just met you until here.I love you sweetie.And you,handsome."Mom kiss me in the cheeks and so do Chest.She seems like to have something to do.

"Aww Chest,don't cry.You have me don't you" I hold Chest tightly.

I walked towards the entrance to the plane. And I can say that so many people thought that Chest was my son.Really? Do I look so old? I guess maybe I tied my hair like an old women. So I decided to let my hair off.

I really want to see Harry auditioning. What happened? Did he got in?


*Harry POV*

I got in.I got in. I ran toward mom and hug her. And she whispered "Think.How proud Hannah would be if she know this"

I smiled. Yeah.

I remember when we used to hangout before the 'Prom Thing' happened. I remember you lovely face.Hair.Voice.Ahh I love you Hannah.












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