Are We Meant To Be?

When Kate meets Dan. Everything is great. But when Dan and Kate go to a party, Dan gets extremely drunk and cheats on Kate with a blonde bimbo. But that bimbo, was actually her best friend. Her life is now complicated and depressing. Will Kate ever love again?


1. Dan Yore

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Kates POV:

I ran down the halls of school. Oh let me explain, thanks to Naye who was constantly calling me last to tell me about a crazy party she went to, I couldn't get to sleep at all. 

As I was saying, I rushed to get to Art class to hand in my painting that I had to do for Homework. Opening the door as quiet as possible, I tiptoed my way towards an empty seat. But since we had wood flooring, it just had to do the loudest creak. Crap. Our teacher, Mrs Foreshore turned around and fixed her frames. I quickly sat down hoping she wouldn't notice.

"Nice for you to join us Kate Spear" Mrs Foreshore said, eyeing my painting.

"And is that your completed homework? Oh and you have detention today" She said grabbing my painting and smirking. That little bit.. No, calm down. I didn't realise I was squeezing something soft, like silk and squishy? What the hell?.  

I looked at what I was holding and realised it was someones arm! 

"Oh my gosh, I am so so sorry" I could sense that my cheeks probably looked like big fat cherries. I travelled my eyes up the arm to see whose arm I was tightly clutching.

"Thats alright" He smiled. And my ovaries exploded and there was a zoo in my stomach.

"O..o..ok" I put my head down embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed, I thought it was cute and I'm Dan Yore. Nice to meet you" He held out his hand and shook it.

"I'm Kate Spear, and nice to meet you too" I smiled at him. He was gorgeous. He had blonde shaggy hair, soft blue ocean eyes and you could see through his shirt that he had muscles.

"You checking me out Kate aha, wanna meet for dinner tonight? Since I have detention too" He said chuckling away.

"Sure" I giggled.

"KATE SPEAR AND DAN YOTE! Would you like to share your conversation with the class?" She said, anger clearly on her face.

"Sure, I asked Kate to dinner and she said yes!" Dan said and ended his speech with a fistbump in the air.

"Aw cute, PAY ATTENTION! You can flirt somewhere else, AFTER CLASS" Mrs Foreshore yelled at Dan and I.

I couldn't keep my laughter in and so couldn't Dan. Yeah, we got sent to the principles office for "Disrupting other students learning" Pfft, it's called love at first sight. Well for me anyway.


 ~ Authors Note ~

Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter but you should also check out my other movellas. Kisses xx <3 ~ Bella

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