Harry's Lux new father?

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that that you can take care of children!' Lou said calm.

Harry took the challenge but didn't realize it was for an important reason. Lou won't life again after that week. She trusted Harry to take care of her daughter. If he could do it for a week, he can do it for a life time. Tom's out of Lous life so she decided to make Harry godfather. And after a week Harry will be Lux's father. He's the only one who can be a father figure for her. He can treat her like a princess, only he could that.

It's a story of the days Harry spend with Lux.

Note: I don't hate Lou Teasdale, it's just a story to let people show how Harry maybe could react with Lux as his child! Or in the love when he has a 'child'.
Cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


31. Wedding of Harry & Maude preparations + church

The wedding will be in two or three chapters, it depends on how long I'll write! 

After a year, when Lux turned 4, Harry and Maude decided to marry so they had a year to plan everything. Harry slept at Nialls place so Maude and Lux could stay in his house. Everyone looked forward to this moment: Maude, Harry, and Lux of course, but also the families of Harry and Maude, the boys of One Direction and their girlfriends. Harry and Maude already married in the city hall but now it was in the church and now it was the party. It was a day with announcements, with happiness,... 

In houses Styles, Maude woke up and went to Lux who slept peacefully. 'Wake up, princess! It's a big day!' Maude said to Lux. Lux rubbed her eyes and stepped out the bed. Lux smiled and ran downstairs, Maude followed her and made some breakfast for Lux. Triiing!!! The bell rang. Maude grabbed her bathrobe and opened the door. All the girls of the boys came in and a stylist appeared too. It was so weird it was someone else than Lou. 'I'll help Lux with eating, Eleanor will help you with your dress.' Megan said. Megan walked to Lux who was busy with eating and spilling her cornflakes.

'Hi little girl! You ready?' Megan asked Lux. Lux nodded and gave her little bowl to Megan. Megan put it in the dish washer. She wiped away somethings from Lux her face and picked her up. She ran carefully with Lux to Lux' room. She put Lux on her bed. 'Now for one time you can stand on your bed! But now we're gonna sit first until Aunt Megan has your beautiful dress!' Megan said. Lux nodded and smiled. She sat down on her bed. Megan searched for Lux' dress and felt her stomach. She held a hand on her stomach. She realized the baby kicked once. Today she will tell it. Her stomach isn't so fat like other pregnant woman so she could deny it. 

She decided to go further with Lux and put the dress on Lux. 'Our beautiful princess is almost ready, now only your make up and hair, so Lux can be a princess!' Megan said to Lux. 'I'm a princess?' Lux asked. 'Yes, you are, just like mommy Maude. ' Megan smiled. She picked up Lux and brought her to Maude and the other girls. 'Oh my god, she's so precious.' Eleanor said and picked Lux up to put her on a high chair for the stylist. Maude looked at her 'child', even she isn't , but in her heart she is.

Megan felt her baby kicking again. She grabbed her hand to put it on her stomach. 'Everything okay, Megan?' Danielle asked. Megan nodded. 'Just baby who's kicking.' Megan answered. 'Baby.' 'Oh no! I revealed it! I wanted to reveal it today with Niall.' Megan said and blushed. 'We say nothing to everyone!' The girls said. 'How long are you?' Eleanor asked. 'It now the 16th week. We knew it since 2 months ago. Niall was so happy about it.' Megan said. 'I could believe it!' Maude said and looked back in the mirror. A stylist was doing her hair. 'After your hair, I'll do Lux her hair and make up. I think she is impatient.' The stylist said and laughed. Maude laughed and smiled at Lux. Eleanor put Lux and her chair next to Maude so Maude could see Lux and Lux could see Maude in the mirror. 

'Mommy Maude looks beautiful!' Lux said and put her hands in the air. Maude laughed and said: 'You too little beautiful princess! I think daddy Harry will marry you instead of me.' 'No, you are more beautiful!' Lux said and crossed her arms. 'Awh! Thank you little princess!' Maude answered. The girls looked at Maude and Lux. Eleanor combed Lux hair so the stylist doesn't need a lot of time for her. 'You have beautiful hair, Lux.' Eleanor said. Lux knows her mom was a stylist but happily she doesn't realize the girls who does her hair and make up, that it is a stylist too. 

'I'm done with your hair Maude.' The stylist said. 'Girl you look gorgeous!' Perrie shouted. 'Now, I'm gonna turn this princess into a princess!' The stylist said. Lux giggled. Maude turned her sight to Lux and held Lux hand because she knew it was the first time for her when someone cut her hair and someone does something to her hair. Only Harry and Maude did Lux her hair everyday. 'Don't be scared. I'm here, and I hold your hand.' Maude said and smiled. Little Lux nodded shyly. 

'I think you need to say what you're going to do to her, so she will relax more.' Maude advised the stylist. The stylist nodded. 'Lux, listen to me. I'm gonna cut a little bit of your hair so I can make beautiful curls.' Lux nodded and squeezed Maudes hand. The stylist cut Lux hair. Lux was so brave. Maude was proud of her. Now she made curls with curlers. 'You have to walk with it until I can to put it off Lux, so you will have beautiful curls!' The stylist said; 'Can I sit on mommy maude?' Lux asked to Maude. Happily Maude didn't wear the dress. She put it only one to show the girls her dress. Maude and the stylist nodded. 'But you have to stay still so I can put make up on your mommy Maude.' The stylist said. Lux nodded and laid her head on Maude her chest. Maude looked at Lux and smiled then she looked at the stylist so she can put some make up on. 

Megan put some make up on herself with a little help from the other girls. She put her dress on and did her hair with the help of the girls. The stylist was only for Lux and Maude because the girls could do this together. Megan gave her blue earrings to Maude so she had something for the tradition 'something new, something blue, something borrowed.' 'You two look so beautiful!' Megan said. 

Megan put some accessories on Maude, like the earrings, necklace, ... Maude was done with her make up so the stylist looked to Lux who slept on Maude her lap. 'I think she has to wear it 5 or 10 minutes.' The stylist said. Megan took Lux over and put her in Harry's and Maudes bed. 

Everyone smiled when they saw Lux sleeping. The stylist helped all the girls and then the bell rang. Triiingg!! Maude put her dress on and looked if she had everything. One of the girls went downstairs for the door. Maude woke Lux up and put her in a high chair for the stylist. She put off the curlers and Lux has beautiful curls. 'Look at you beautiful sleeping beauty!' Maude said and Lux giggled and rubbed with her hands in her eyes. The stylist put some lipgloss and other things on Lux. Maude gave Lux a basket with some rose petals and a little flower bouquet. The bouquet was in her basket. Megan will give Lux the rings when it is time for her. 

The parents of Maude stood already upstairs before Maude could go downstairs with Lux. They flew over from France. 'Oh my good my beautiful daughter you look so beautiful!' Her mom let some tears out of her eyes. Her dad was speechless. 'Mommy Maude who's that?' Lux asked. Of course, she didn't saw Lux, but Maude talked to her parents about Lux. They already had seen Harry but not Lux. 

Maudes dad knelt down when he reached Lux. 'Hello beautiful little girl, are you Lux?' Maudes dad asked. Lux nodded. 'Who are you?' Lux asked scared. 'Don't be scared, I'm your Mommy Maude her dad! And that's her mom!' Maudes dad said and pointed to Maudes mom. Maudes mom waved at Lux and Lux waved back. Lux smiled and grabbed Maudes hand. 'Come on let's go.' Maudes dad said and gave a bouquet of flowers to his daughter.  He kissed lightly her cheek and whispered: 'I'm proud of you. You grew up so quickly.' Maude smiled. 'I'm like this because you brought me up like that.' She said with a smile. Little Lux walked with Maude to the white car. Maudes dad drove with the car. Maudes mom sat next to him and Lux and Maude sat in the back of the car. The rest of the girls, went with cars behind them. 

'You know when mommy Maude is walking with her dad, you have to threw rose petals on the aisle. That can you do until Mommy Maude and you reached daddy Harry.' Maude said softly to Lux. Lux nodded and said 'Okay.' 'And then when we reached daddy Harry you can give him a quick hug or kiss but then you have to go to Aunt Megan. She will give you on time a little box and when she says you have to go, you listen to her. You give it to me or Harry that box and then you have to go back to aunt Megan until she says you can back to us when we walk out of the church.' Maude added and Lux nodded. She looked beautiful with her curls, her hair accessory and her white dress. 'Mommy Maude?' She asked. 'Yes, baby girl?' Maude answered. 'I love you and daddy Harry.' She said shyly. 'We love you too, baby girl.' Maude smiled. 

They reached the church. Harry was already in the church, just like everyone, except Maudes parents and the girls of the one directions boyfriends, Maude and Lux. Maudes mom went inside to sit on her place and reserved the place next to her for Maudes dad. All the girls stood behind Maude with their beautiful dress. Maude dad stood next to her and Lux stood before Maude. 'Mommy ready, do I have to walk now?' Lux said. Maudes dad smiled and asked his daughter: 'Are you ready?' And he looked in his daughters eyes. 'Are you ready to give me away to Harry?' She smiled. 'If you want to, I do too. ' He said sure. 

Maude nodded and music started. Little Lux grabbed some petals with her little hands and put it in the air. Everyone laughed with it, it was so cute. Harry was astonished when he saw Lux and his bride Maude. When Lux reached Harry she ran to Harry with her little basket. He knelt down on her length and gave her a little hug. Lux ran then to Aunt Megan and Uncle Niall. She sat on Niall's lap. Niall smiled and whispered in Lux' ear: 'Beautiful princess!' Lux giggled softly and looked at her mommy Maude and daddy Harry. 

Harry took the hand of his bride. 'Take care of my daughter.' Maudes dad said and went to his place. 

A/N : sorry for this quick Author's note but I won't write the whole church thing only the cute Lux, Harry and Maude things. 

Of course, Harry and Maude answered yes to the questions and Megan gave Lux a box. Niall put Lux on the ground. ' Go to daddy Harry with it.' Megan said to Lux and she walked with the little box to Harry. 'Here you go!' She said cute. 'Thank you little girl!' Harry said. He opened the box and grabbed Maudes ring and put it on her finger. Maude did the same. A kiss of them filled the room with love. Niall kissed Megan, while holding her stomach. Liam kissed Danielle, Louis kissed Eleanor. Perrie kissed Zayn, .... Everyone kissed each other and Lux? She was playing with her basket and her little bouquet. 

When everyone was out of the church Harry pointed to Lux and let her walk before Maude and him. Lux threw with her rose petals in the air and Harry laughed. They went out of the church when everyone looked at them. Harry held Maudes hand tightly. When they reached the car. Maude stepped in first and then Harry put Lux in the middle of Maude and him. They drove to the reception.

 Outfit of Lux & Maude: 

Megan outfit:

Harry's tux: 

Niall's tux: 

Zayn's tux: 

Louis' tux:

Liam's tux:


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