Harry's Lux new father?

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that that you can take care of children!' Lou said calm.

Harry took the challenge but didn't realize it was for an important reason. Lou won't life again after that week. She trusted Harry to take care of her daughter. If he could do it for a week, he can do it for a life time. Tom's out of Lous life so she decided to make Harry godfather. And after a week Harry will be Lux's father. He's the only one who can be a father figure for her. He can treat her like a princess, only he could that.

It's a story of the days Harry spend with Lux.

Note: I don't hate Lou Teasdale, it's just a story to let people show how Harry maybe could react with Lux as his child! Or in the love when he has a 'child'.
Cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


13. The morning after & is it a date?

Harry woke up. He stood up and walked with his boxers on to Lux' crib. She was awake. He picked her up and then they went to the guest room. Maude was still sleeping. Harry smiled. He walked downstairs and fed Lux. 'What do you want little munchkin?' Harry asked. 'Banana!' She shouted. Harry gave her little parts of his banana when he grabbed a banana. 

'Shall we look at her guest again when we're done with breakfast?' Harry asked. Lux nodded and clapped in her hands. Harry picked up Lux when he has done with breakfast. 'Go tickle Maude!' Harry said and laughed. He put Lux on the guest bed and she crawled to Maude. She tickled Maude. It didn't helped so Harry helped Lux. He tickled Maude too. She mumbles something like 'noo'. She rolled in her bed. Harry was thinking how he could wake her up. Maybe kiss her on her mouth, like sleeping beauty. 'Maude wake up or do I have to kiss you like Sleeping Beauty?' Harry said. 

Maude mumbled something Harry couldn't hear and Lux tried to tickle Maude again. It didn't worked at all. So Harry sang first 'She's not afraid' but that didn't helped too. He dared to kiss her softly on her mouth and she woke up, a little bit shocked. 

'Where am I? Why did you do that?' She said with her hair messed up. Her hair was in her face. 'You're in my home. You fell asleep last night when we were watching a movie so I decided to put you in this bed of the guest room. And today you couldn't wake up so the ultimate thing was kissing you so you woke up. Mission accomplished.' Harry said. Maude laughed. 'Do you love me?' Harry said and blushed. Maude sat up and thought about it. 'I don't know.' She said and sighted.

 She was afraid of being hurt. 'You don't know?' Harry said and he sat on the edge of the bed. Lux crawled in Maude lap. Maude stroked Lux' hair. 'You can borrow some of my boxers today if you want.' Harry proposed. She nodded shyly. 

Harry decided to dress up Lux so he picked her up and went to her room. Maude was going to the bathroom and took a shower. After the dress up of Lux, he put Lux on his bed. He went to his closet and grabbed some clothes for him and Maude. Harry laid some clothes for Maude on a chair in his bathroom.

When Harry came back he saw this:

She had put her clothes off and had grabbed the zapper. Harry laughed. 'You're so sneaky isn't it?' Harry asked Lux and Lux giggled. Before he went to his bed. He felt a body on his back and he felt on his bed. When he saw who it was, he laughed. 'Thanks to scare me.' Harry said. Maude laughed. 'You're welcome. Thanks for your clothes. I'll bring them back later but I should go to my flat before my sister will do wrong things.' She said. 

She waved to Harry and hugged him. She left Harry's house. Harry sighted. Why can't he tell how much he liked her? Maybe it's just a feeling inside. He had an amazing night. He called Eleanor. 

E - Hello?

H - Sleepy head! Do you have a training today?

E - Uhm... Yes, I think. Why? Louis has a training too. 

H - I wanted to get Beth's number. Plus I wanted to say you failing on football. * laugh *

E - Thanks, Haz. I love you too. You're soooo supportive. 

H - I'm always supportive babe. You know it from Louis and how you know me before. 

E - Yes, I know you. I regret that. * laugh * Do you want to speak my boo bear Louis? 

H - Is he awake ? Or is he snoring like always? 

E - * laugh * He's awake. 

H - Okay, you can give him. 

E - Boo bear, Haz wants to speak you. * scream to Louis * 

L - Haz? 

H - Yezzz, Louizz. (It's a sort of joke) 

L - Why do you want me to talk? 

H - I'm just doubting. And I thought it is funny to speak the carrot king.

L - *Laugh * Yeah. You're coming today? Within a week we have to leave England for the European tour of One Direction, you know? 

H - Really? I didn't realised it! Thanks to notice it. 

L - You're welcome.  That's why you love boo bear.

H - Of course. We love you all holy boo bear. 

L - * laugh * I love you too Hazza bear. Take care of Luxie and I see you on my training I think?

H - Of course. I'm your biggest fan! I'm going to make myself ready. And Lux too. She put off her clothes... *sigh * 

L - * Laugh * I know you have to be beautiful at my training but I don't fall in love with you Styles. And hahahah , she wants to do a striptease for you. * laugh *

H - Come on Lou. I thought we were together * fake cry * yeah, I like child striptease... 

L - I have to go Haz. See you at the training. 

H - See you later.

They closed the call and Harry put Lux her clothes back on. 'Sooo... what's Lux punishment for taking her clothes off?' Harry asked Lux. 'Noffing!' Lux said and giggled. 'Nothing? I think a tickle death.' Harry said and tickled Lux. 'Noo daddi hawwi! ' She said. 'Yes, daddy Harry.' Harry said and laughed. Lux was crawling further to avoid the tickle death. 

'Okay, I'll stop.' Harry said and picked Lux up. They ate some lunch and then Harry made Lux' bag so they could go to Eleanor's and Louis' training. 

* At the training * 

Harry and Lux sat on the platform and watched when Niall came with his 'date girl' Megan. They weren't together, but they date. It is difficult but Niall is scared to be broken or scared he will break her. 

Megan gave Harry a kiss on his cheek and Niall gave Harry a hug. Niall picked Lux up and spun her around. Niall sat next to Harry with Lux on his lap. Megan sat next to Niall. They looked at Louis training. After Louis' training, Louis went to the showers and took a shower. Harry saw the girls coming up on their football field. Harry stood up and ran to Beth. 

'Hi Beth.' Harry said. 'Oh, hi Harry.' She said shyly. 'I forgot to ask your number last time... I thought it would be nice to have a date with you.' Harry said and blushed. 'Wait a second.' She said and grabbed her phone. She showed him her number. He typed the number over on his phone and wrote her in his contacts as 'Beth :) x' 

'Maybe we can go out tomorrow?' Harry asked. 'Sure.' She said and nodded while smiling. 'What do you wanna do?' Harry asked. 'Maybe to the movies. They say the hunger games catching fire is a good one But before the movies I prefer to eat something.' She said laughing. 'At your orders.' Harry said and Betheny laughed. 'See you tomorrow. I'll text you later for the hours and more.' Harry said because he saw she had to play. Harry said down next to Niall again. 

'Lovebird?' Niall asked. 'I think he has big problems...' Megan said. 'Why?' Niall asked Megan. 'I thought he had a date with Maude too...' 'Ohw, it's his problem but I think he did that to see which one is something for him...' Niall said. 

Megan was confused but didn't say anything. 'Why are you scared?' Niall said. Megan was scared to lose Niall like Harry's doing... 'Nothing.' she lied. 'I see there's something.' Niall said. 'Okay..' She said and then she lowered her voice. 'I... am... just scared.... to loose... you.' She said very softly. 'Awh, is there someone jealous that I would do that too?' Niall said and brought his hand to her shoulder. 

'Maybe we aren't together, I will love you always! I'm just scared to break your heart. I'm just scared to let myself break myself or to let myself break you...' Niall said and looked to the ground. 'There's our overprotected Niall!' She said laughing and she pinched in his cheeks. 'Auw, Megan!' He said and Megan stood up and Niall ran after her. 

Harry laughed and then Niall caught Megan. 'Can I get a kiss?' Niall said. Megan shook her head. 'First I want to draw you.' She teased him. He looked sad. 'Okay, you get a kiss but then you have to promise I can draw you.' She said. 'I promise.' Niall said and Megan gave him a kiss on his cheek. He looked disappointed because he expected a kiss on his mouth. 

Harry laughed and then Niall got a quick kiss from Megan but she blushed. Niall blushed too and they sat down again. After the training from Eleanor, Louis and Eleanor came to us. They gave each other a quick kiss on their mouth. 'Love birds!' Harry shouted to Niall, Megan, Eleanor and Louis. 

'Do you want a little bit love from us?' Louis said and went to Harry. 'No thanks Lou. I am not gay, they will think it is 'Larry Stylinson again.' ' Harry said. Louis laughed. 'But Styles, I love you. I want to break up for you with Eleanor.' He joked. Eleanor poked Louis in his hip. 'Hey! Don't do that sweety!' Louis said and spun her around. 'What boo bear, scared of it?' She teased. 

The boys and girls went to a restaurant in the city. Lux' mouth was full of spaghetti when they were eating.  Harry wiped Lux' spaghetti sauce off her mouth. After dinner they paid the dinner and went outside. They made their own ways. Harry and Lux to their own house. Louis and Eleanor to their house. Niall and Megan to flat.

Harry put Lux in her crib and then he went downstairs and looked in his fridge. He grabbed a banana and ate it. Then he watched some TV and after half an hour he decided to go to his bed. 


Sorry if there are a lot of faults in it. I hope you like the chapter! Dedicated to Megan, Betheny and Maude! And also the rest of the fans.   

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