Harry's Lux new father?

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that that you can take care of children!' Lou said calm.

Harry took the challenge but didn't realize it was for an important reason. Lou won't life again after that week. She trusted Harry to take care of her daughter. If he could do it for a week, he can do it for a life time. Tom's out of Lous life so she decided to make Harry godfather. And after a week Harry will be Lux's father. He's the only one who can be a father figure for her. He can treat her like a princess, only he could that.

It's a story of the days Harry spend with Lux.

Note: I don't hate Lou Teasdale, it's just a story to let people show how Harry maybe could react with Lux as his child! Or in the love when he has a 'child'.
Cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


10. Mail of the adoption?

It's been a week since Harry arranged the papers for the adoption of Lux. Harry was waiting for the documents. He will be soon on tour and he wants to make Lux his daughter before the tour.  Today he knows the result. He was nervous. When he stood up, he went to Lux and put her on his hip. 'A little bottle for my almost own princess!' Harry said. He went downstairs and handles her morning bottle. 'Hawwi daddi!' She shouted. And then she grabbed her bottle and drank fast. 

'Do you want a biscuit too?' Harry asked her and she nodded really fast. He searched for a biscuit and gave it her. 'pwinwess dwoll!' She shouted. She wanted her princess doll. Harry bought it for her. 'Okay little munchkin!' Harry said in a husky voice and grabbed her doll. She clapped in her hands while eating her biscuit. Her face was full of biscuit. Harry laughed. 

'You're so crazy. Let me wipe off your biscuit off your face.' Harry said and grabbed a wipe to wipe her biscuit out of her face. 'So that's better, now you're a princess again. Because what should the boys think when they see you like that.' Harry said and Lux giggled. Today the boys will wait with Harry for the result. Harry opened his laptop. He will receive a mail for it. 

Harry put Lux in her play pen. He ran then upstairs, searching for some clothes for him, changed himself. Then he grabbed Lux' clothes and her little all stars. He has the same for him. He put her clothes and shoes into the bathroom. He learned to fight back with the hard reality. Lux doesn't have a mother anymore, even a father but he will be her father. He made Lux' bath and when it was ready he went downstairs. He went to her play pen and he looked at her. 'Are we going to the duck?' Harry asked in a childish voice and made a move with his head up. 

'No!' Lux said and giggled. 'Yes, ducky wants you! And you have to be clean when the boys arrive!' Harry said and grabbed her. He tickled her and she giggled loudly. 'Stwop, hawwi daddi!'  She said and Harry's face lit up when she said daddi. 'Awh, come on Luxie Fluxie were going in bath!' He said and went with her upstairs. 

He undressed her and put her in bath. He gave her her duck. 'What does the duck?' Harry asked. 'kwaaaaaaaaak!' She shouted and then she giggled and water flew over the edge of the bath. She made Harry wet. 'Now is daddy Harry wet. He has to put other clothes on!' Harry said. 

Lux giggled. The boys said Lou wanted that Lux calls Harry daddy Harry. So since then Harry trains Lux to say daddy Harry. She said to the boys Tom will be her father forever but she wants Harry to take care of Lux. 

Then Harry heard a sound from downstairs. One problem, he can't let Lux alone in bath so he stayed with Lux in the bathroom. He washed Lux' body and her little blond hair. 'Daddi Hawwi ook out Nii!' Lux said and pointed to Niall who came in. She said always Nii to Niall. Harry ignored it and then Nial came in. 'Booh!' Niall said and Harry was scared of it. 'Lux told you!' Niall said and laughed. 'Niall you're giving me a heart attack!' Harry said. 'Like our song.' Niall said and knelt down with his hands on the edge of the bath. 

'Take care of your clothes, I'm wet. She splashed a lot.' Harry said to Niall. Lux giggled and went with her hands up and down so Niall has water on his shirt too.' That's not nice of you little Lux!' Niall said. Harry laughed. 'I've warned you. You can borrow a shirt of me.' Harry said. Harry picked Lux up and put her on a chair. He put a towel on her head. He wrapped the towel around her little body. 'Wait here with her.' Harry said and ran to his room. He grabbed his camera.

'Why do I have to wait?' Niall asked. Harry showed his camera. 'Luxie, look at me!' Harry said and took a picture of Lux.

She giggled after the picture. Harry grabbed her clothes and diaper. He put her diaper first on and then her clothes. 'So princess! You're ready.' Harry said and laughed. He realised he laid his laptop on his bed so he picked up Lux and put her on his bed. He pointed to his closet so Niall can grabbed fresh clothes for himself and for Harry. When Harry was looking on his laptop with Lux, Niall took a picture. 

Harry looked trough his mails. He had a mail, finally! He opened it. 

Dear Mr. Styles,

I'm writing in connection with your adoption papers for Lux Atkin. I've received your adoption papers for adopting Lux Atkin. We're working on it. One of the steps in our process is talking to the family of the one who wants to adopt someone. We also talk to the friends of them, but first we want to talk with you Mr. Styles. So after our conversation I can talk with your friends and family to arrange the adoption. 

After the process, Lux will name Lux Styles instead of Lux Atkin. I hope we can be sure of your assistance of our process. I thank you in advance. Please contact me with this mail address. 

Yours faithfully, 

George Woods, Adoption service employee

Harry was a little bit happy. 'We're going further with the process. You'll be soon a Styles, little munchkin!' Harry said and put a finger on Lux' nose. She giggled. Harry picked her up and handled her over to Niall so Harry could put other clothes on. 'I'll come downstairs after answering the mail and putting some other clothes on.' Harry said and Niall took Lux downstairs.

Harry ran to his closet and grabbed a shirt and put it on. He answered the mail. 

Dear Sir, 

I'm free this week and next week for the conversation. After these weeks I have to work. I hope you'll  come soon and I hope my request will be answered quickly so I can bring up Lux like her mother wanted. 

Yours faithfully,

Harry Styles, Singer of One Direction

Harry sent the mail and closed his laptop. He put his laptop on his desk. He ran downstairs. The boys hugged him and Lux was playing with Niall. I laughed when she was drawing. Then he grabbed her black pencil and went with it to Nialls face. 'It is not a place to draw on.' Niall said. 

'I have a date tonight so you better colour daddy Harry instead of me.' Niall added when Lux came closer with her pencil to Niall. 'A date?' Harry asked. 'Yes, you know nothing about a date?' Niall said. 'It is a manner to know girls better.' Louis explained. 'I know what it is Lou.' Harry said and give him a look. 'I just can't believe Niall has a date. Our little boy grows up!' Harry said in a childish voice. 

'I'm here!' Niall said and waved to let Harry notice him. 'Has she a name?' Liam asked Niall. 'Yes, she has but I won't tell you it because you laugh at me.' Niall said. 'I don't laugh with you.' Zayn said. 'But the rest of you are laughing with it!' Niall said. 'Come on Niall!' Louis said. 'I don't say it, I will say it when we're a couple!' Niall said happy. 'Soo... Lux can you help Niall with his suit and make up for today?' Harry teased Niall. 'Yes!' Lux said. She grabbed her pencils and ran after Niall who stood up and ran around the house. 

The boys laughed with it. 'By the way boys. The adoption team wants to talk with everyone, with my friends and family so I hope you will be positive of me when they are coming to you.' Harry said. Louis came to Harry and hugged him. 'I promise! Lux has to have a father and you are her father now daddy Styles!' Louis teased. 'We have a new daddy in the group.' Zayn said. 'Daddy direction you are replaced.' Louis said and laughed. 

'Now we have two fathers!' Liam said and put his arm around Harry. Harry's face lit up and the boys decided to order a pizza. At 5 pm Niall decided to go away. 'Boys I have to make me ready for my date!' Niall said. 'Lux can make you ready if you really want. Her offer stays..' Harry said and laughed. 'Not funny Styles!' Niall said and gave him a snare. Niall left the house. The boys were sharing some pizzas. Harry fed Lux. Her mouth was covered with tomato sauce. The boys laughed. Harry grabbed a cloth to wipe it away. 

'Pizza girl.' Liam teased Lux. Lux giggled loudly. Harry put Lux on his lap after she ate. 'Do you want a pizza again, tomato sauce monster?' Harry asked her and tickled her. 'Yes, yes!' She said. 'No, no. Big girl has enough pizza for today. Daddy Harry will eat now his part of the pizza because he fed the big girl.' Harry said. 

At 7 pm Harry put Lux in her bed. He changed her into her PJ's and then he put her in her crib. 'Good night little girl. Sweet dreams.' Harry said and gave her a kiss on her forehead. 

Harry went back downstairs and said goodbye to the boys. The boys went away and Harry decided to take a shower and then he put his boxers on and went to bed. He was tired and hoped two things: be a daddy for Lux and find someone where he could spend his life with. Someone who accepts Lux. 


Hi everyone! I'm so happy to write a chapter again because I couldn't because of writers block. I wrote this chapter also because of Maude, my best friend on Movellas. Since I know her, I have the funniest conversations ever.  To celebrate my new chapter I want to open my mind and start a contest to be Harry's girlfriend (and maybe Nialls but I'm doubting about that) 

What do you have to do to be selected ?

The task: Make something maybe original creative, it doesn't have to be very creative or original. (maybe an image, picture, a little movie/video or just a text) where you introduce your character or yourself(it is just if you want to play yourself or just want an another name for the character I don't know) 

What has to be in it?

- Name (of course)

- Age of the character (between 16 - 25) 

- Favourite past time of the character/you

- place to meet Harry for the first time

- Dreamdate with Harry?

- Qualities of your character

- Nationality of the character

- Maybe important things? 

Deadline? Within one or two weeks I will choose one of you. Who won't be selected will maybe have a role in the story but not as Harry's girlfriend. Good luck! Love you all?

 I will select randomly or select the one I think I can put into the story. 

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