Harry's Lux new father?

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that that you can take care of children!' Lou said calm.

Harry took the challenge but didn't realize it was for an important reason. Lou won't life again after that week. She trusted Harry to take care of her daughter. If he could do it for a week, he can do it for a life time. Tom's out of Lous life so she decided to make Harry godfather. And after a week Harry will be Lux's father. He's the only one who can be a father figure for her. He can treat her like a princess, only he could that.

It's a story of the days Harry spend with Lux.

Note: I don't hate Lou Teasdale, it's just a story to let people show how Harry maybe could react with Lux as his child! Or in the love when he has a 'child'.
Cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


11. Mail back from the adoption & soccer time

First of all, I've got 4 people who wants the role of Harry's girlfriend. I've good news for all of them I think.

Maude & Betheny, congratulations! You get a role for it and get a date with Harry. I can't decide who's gonna be his girlfriend but it will be funny what I have in my mind for you two! You can read a part of it in this chapter.

Maude, I have to thank you for the cover! I hope everyone likes it. The cover is from Maude, mybestfriendisapenguin_xX . 

Megan, you're gonna be in my story I have found something for you. I hope you like it! 

Julia, I will try to put you in the story too because you all are so sweet to answer and entering the contest. I will find something for you too! 

Soo, the contest is over after this chapter. Maybe I have a contest later or a suggestion contest, I don't know. Thank you all for entering the contest! 

Love you all fans! I hope you like this chapter. Now I'm gonna stop talking and going further with the story: 


Harry was tired. Lux hadn't slept so good so Harry had to go to her and rocked her into sleep. It was 9 am when Louis called Harry.

Conversation between Harry(H) & Louis(L)

H - Helllo? 

L - Did I wake you up? 

H - A little bit. It doesn't matter because Lux wasn't so good today.

L - Well, I have a question for you and Lux. Eleanor wants to try soccer. So she has a training today. She asked if you, Lux and the boys will come to her training. Before her I will play soccer. 

H - I will see, because the adoption employee will send me an email. And it depends on Lux if she isn't hard to deal. 

L - Okay, you let me now something? The training will start at 2 pm in our soccer stadium?

H - Okay. I'll send you if I won't go or if I will go. 

L - Okay, see you later maybe. 

They closed the call. 


Harry sighted. He grabbed his clothes and went to the shower. He took a shower and after that he looked into Lux' room to see if she's awake. 'Daddi Hawwi!' She screamed when she saw Harry seeking into her room. Harry went slowly to Lux. 'Hi little princess!' Harry said and picked her up. He spun her around and put her on the ground. He hold her little hands so she walked a little bit. 'We're going to look for your princess clothes!' Harry said. 

'pwincess !' Lux shouted and giggled. He laughed and showed his dimples. 'Grab your favourite clothes so I can ask you something after that.' Harry said and Lux waddled to her clothes. It was a mini closet on the height of Lux. When she wanted to grab her favourite dress, Harry stopped her. 'Before you want to take your dress, I have to ask you something. Aunty Eleanor will try to play soccer she wants us to go to her training. Do you want to go?' Harry asked Lux and knelt down on her height. Lux nodded heavy. 

Harry searched out for her clothes and changed her quickly. Harry was away for a few seconds and when he came back with Lux' bag and her jacket she looked like this: 

'Awh, Luxie is a little bit vain like Zayn!' Harry said. He picked her up and put her jacket on. He went with Lux downstairs and gave her her breakfast. He grabbed for himself a banana and ate it. He put Lux for a little while in her play pen because he forgot to check his inbox of his mails. 

He checked his inbox and saw a mail of the adoption employee:

Dear Mister Styles,

Can I come tomorrow at 2 pm? I'd like to speak you then if you confirm it. 

Yours Faithfully,

George Woods, adoption service employee. 


Harry was happy because of the mail and he wrote back that he could come tomorrow. Then he walked to Lux, picked her up and tickled her. 

'Shall we go the park, little monster?' Harry asked Lux. She nodded and Harry made her ready to go to the park. He walked with Lux' bag on his shoulder and with Lux in his hands. When he arrived at the park he sat on a bench. Lux ran around while Harry put the bag on the ground.

Lux was walking around. When Harry saw her going to a girl, he ran after her. 'I think you just have to play Lux, instead of bothering others.' Harry said and picked Lux up. 'Hi, sorry because of this.' Harry excused him and the girl looked up with puffy eyes. 

'Doesn't matter. I was waiting for my date. He is late or forgot our date...' She cried. Harry looked at her and went to her and sat next to her on the blanket. He patted her back. 'It's gonna be alright. I willl wait until he appears. What's his name?' Harry assured and asked her. 

'Niall...' 'Don't say Niall Horan.' Harry interrupted her. 'Yes, it's Niall Horan.' 'What a jerk. I'm gonna call him now! He didn't want to say the name of his date but I found it more cowardly when he let his date wait.' Harry said angry. 'Will you hold Lux? I'm gonna call him.' Harry said and he put Lux on the girls lap without permission. Harry walked a little bit further and started to call Niall.

H - Well, Niall. There is a date for you in the park. 

N - I know. I know. What?! Do you know that? 

H - Of course. Lux went to the girl. She was crying. She had puffy eyes. You forgot her or you are late! Shame on you. 

N - Harry, let me explain. 

H - I gave you 5 minutes, mate.

N - Well, I thought to bring her Nando's and flowers but I had to look around the city for flowers and now I'm in a queue for Nando's.

H - Use the emergency phone or the card from Nando's?

N - I didn't thought about that, thanks! *laugh*

H - *laid his hand on his forehead* Idiot! I hope you will arrive soon! Or I will walk away with your date.

N - Don't dare it!

H - Of course. *sarcastically*

Harry closed the call and went back to the girl. 'He'll come. He had some problems. But I forgot to ask your name.' Harry said and smiled. He took Lux over and put her on his lap. 'My name is Megan. And I know you're Harry.' She said and smile. 'That's good, so I don't have to introduce myself. And you know this is Lux?' Harry said and pointed to Lux.  Megan nodded. 

'That's good to know. A Directioner? And Niall will come soon he said.' Harry said and looked in Megans eyes. She nodded. 'That's nice to know.' Harry said and laughed. He ran with his fingers trough his messy hair. 

After more then 15 minutes Niall arrived with a bunch of roses and a bag of Nandos. Harry shook  his head and laughed. 'I will let you two. Come on Luxie. We're going to search something to eat and then to uncle Louis and aunt Eleanor.' Harry stood up and put his hand on Lux' head and messed with her hair. 

'By the way, did Louis invited you for Eleanors training? ' Harry asked Niall. 'Yes, can I take Megan to the training?' 'Why not? She is a part of our family now.' Harry said. Megans face shined and looked at Niall who looked to her after he looked at Harry. 'See you later then? At the training?' Harry asked. Both nodded and Harry went with Lux out of the park. 

Harry was happy for his mate. He found someone to love. Only Harry has to found his girl... He was happy and unhappy about it. He was insecure about the fact that his girlfriend has to deal with Lux. Lux has to like Harry's girlfriend. 

Harry searched for a calm place to eat with Lux. He went first with her to the bathrooms and changed her diaper. After that he ate and gave Lux her food. 

At 1.30 pm he went to Louis' house. Louis called Harry to tell him to went to his house. Lux and Harry went into Louis' house. 'Louis where did you laid my shoes or clothes?' Eleanor asked stressed. Louis sighted and pointed to the places. 'Thanks honey.' Eleanor said and gave Louis a quick peck. Louis already made his bag.  'She is so stressed!' Louis said and furrowed his eyebrows. 

'Niall will bring his date with him.' Harry said to Louis. 'His date? Did you saw her? What's her name?' Louis pushed his questions out of his mouth and fired them on Harry. 'I saw someone alone at the park. Lux walked to her so I got in touch with her. Her name is Megan. Niall was too late for his date. I called him and was mad at him. Do you want to know why he was late?' Harry said and looked at Louis. 

'Say it buddy.' Louis said. 'He wants to get some roses for her but the shop was closed he wanted to bring some Nando's to but there was a long queue . Instead of using his phone or emergency card or Nando's card...' Harry said and sighted. Louis laughed loudly. 'Typical Niall. Liam and Zayn will arrive at the training. First I have to play then the girls will play.' Louis informed Harry. Harry nodded.

When Eleanor was ready and Louis had everything he needed, Harry, Eleanor and Louis drove to the training. Eleanor was excited. Louis guided her around the club and Harry took place on the platform and put Lux on his lap. Eleanor went to the platform when Louis went to the changing room. Louis made himself ready to play. 

Eleanor kissed Lux on her forehead. 'I'm so happy you're both here!' Eleanor said and kissed Harry on his cheek. 'We do it with pleasure!' Harry answered when Eleanor sat down. Niall and Megan arrive when Eleanor was looking to the entrance where Louis had to come out. 'Hi everyone! Eleanor this is Megan, Megan this is Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend.' Niall said while holding Megans waist. 'Is she your girlfriend?' Eleanor asked. 'We're only dating. Not really girlfriend and boyfriend.' Niall said. Harry saw in Nialls eyes, he was insecure about all the things. 

Liam and Zayn arrived with their girlfriends after 10 minutes. The training for Louis started. Lux was shouting and supporting Louis. 'We have a big fan of Louis.' The boys laughed. When the training started to end, Harry went with Lux to the bathrooms. Lux waddled off the stairs and then she bumped into someone. 'Sorry, it wasn't expected....' Harry said excusing for Lux. A brown short haired girl picked up Lux. 'Doesn't matter, no problem. She's cute!' The brown short haired girl said and smiled. 'Hahah, she's definitely cute! It's Lux.' Harry laughed and took Lux over. 'Sorry again.' Harry added. He felt guilty about it. 'Doesn't matter, nice to meet you Harry.' She said and smiled. 'Nice to meet you too. What's your name? Maybe we can talk further after I change little munchkins diaper?' Harry proposed. 'My name is Maude. And it's okay. I will speak you after the diaper?' She laughed. She walked to the platform and Harry went to the bathroom. 

He changed Lux' diaper and had some feelings inside him. Was he in love or was it just friendship he felt inside? He didn't know it. He picked up Lux and put her on his hip. He threw the dirty diaper into the bin. He went to the platform again. He poked Maude.

'Hi Maude. I'm back with Lux.' Harry smiled. Maude laughed. 'Welcome back, Harry.' 'Thanks. Well, I think I have someone to talk with. Or don't you want to talk with me?' Harry asked curiously. 'It doesn't matter for me.'  Maude said shyly. 'You aren't from England, aren't you? You look different.' Harry said. 'No, I moved from France to England because I want to go to a college in England. I could go with the permission of my parents but there was one condition...' 'And which condition was it?' 'Taking my sister with me.... She will play soccer now.' 'Hahah so you're here with your sister? Do you rent a flat or a house?' 'Yes, I'm here with my stupid sister... She's just so annoying. It looks like I have to take care of her. And I rent a flat. Only two bedrooms and a bathroom. It's a small flat.' Maude said and looked away from Harry. 'Maybe can I bring your sister and you back to flat when the training ends?' Harry proposed. 'I can walk with her on my own.' Maude said quickly.

'Please... ' 'Okay, okay. I'll ask it my sister...' Harry laughed. 'Why do you laugh about it?' Maude asked. 'Just so cute how you said it.' Maude poked Harry back. 'Au! Don't poke me!' He said and then he looked in her eyes. 'I can poke everyone I want.' She smirked. 'I have to get something for it...' He said. 'What do you want Styles?' She asked and let her ears hear a melody of his voice. 'Your number.' He said shyly. 'Okay. Give me your phone.' She commanded. He obeyed. After a few seconds she gave his phone back. He looked at the name in contacts: 

Maude, the french girl ;) x

He laughed at it. 'Very creative.' He said. 'Always.' She said and looked at Lux. 'Can I hold her?' She asked. He nodded and gave Lux. She played with Lux. Harry was looking at Eleanors training. After the training, Maude stood up. 'I have to go to my sister Amber. I think I just walk with her to our flat. Nice to meet you Harry. I hope to speak you soon !' Maude said and smiled. She gave Lux back and went with her sister outside. She walked away. Harry had an empty feeling inside him. 

'Shall we go to aunty Eleanor?' Harry asked Lux. Without a nod, Lux ran to the grass field and wanted to run to Eleanor but she saw someone who 'looks' like Eleanor in her eyes. 'That's not Eleanor, crazy girl!' Harry said and picked Lux up. 'Sorry, Lux is tired I think. That's why she bumped into the wrong persons... But nice to meet you. Do you know where Eleanor Calder is?' Harry asked slowly. The girl smiled. 'No problem. Lux is a sweety! Eleanor is there.' She pointed to a girl with a boy. It was Louis and Eleanor. 'But my name is Betheny but say Beth.' The girl said and smiled. 'Nice to meet you Beth. I hope to see you soon. You play soccer? So maybe if I come back I can see you play wonderfully again?' Harry said. 'Yes, I play soccer. And thanks.' Betheny blushed. 'Loverboy!' Louis shouted and Harry blushed. 

'I think I have to go. Nice to meet you Beth.' He said awkwardly. He wanted to hug her or give her a kiss on her cheek but he didn't dare it. 'Nice to meet you too Harry. See you again maybe?' She asked soft. Harry nodded and went with Lux to Louis and Eleanor. 

'You fell in love?' Louis asked. 'I don't know, Louis. It was a special feeling with Beth and Maude.' Harry said and looked to the ground. Louis patted Harry's back. 'It's gonna be okay? Maybe ask them for a date?' Eleanor said out of the silence. Everyone went home. Harry went home and gave Lux some food after her dinner, Harry changed her clothes and put her PJ's on.  Then he laid her in her crib. 

Harry was doubting about today. Was he in love or not? Was Maude just a flirt or just a girl where he fell in love with ? Or someone special? And what about Betheny ? Will they like Lux? At late night he went to bed. 

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