Harry's Lux new father?

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that that you can take care of children!' Lou said calm.

Harry took the challenge but didn't realize it was for an important reason. Lou won't life again after that week. She trusted Harry to take care of her daughter. If he could do it for a week, he can do it for a life time. Tom's out of Lous life so she decided to make Harry godfather. And after a week Harry will be Lux's father. He's the only one who can be a father figure for her. He can treat her like a princess, only he could that.

It's a story of the days Harry spend with Lux.

Note: I don't hate Lou Teasdale, it's just a story to let people show how Harry maybe could react with Lux as his child! Or in the love when he has a 'child'.
Cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


30. Fairytales are just not for disneyprincesses

It went very well with Maude, Harry and Lux. Tom came a few times to visit Lux but never got a bond. Maude or Harry had to sit next to Lux to calm her down if Tom was there. Lux only trusted Maude, Harry, the boys of One Direction and their girlfriends and of course, Granny Anne and Aunt Gemma. 

Maude was happy about that. She never believes she could have been important for a little child who lost her mother... Maude was a second mother for little Lux. And Harry was for Lux a father for her which she never had. 

Times flew away and before we knew it, Lux turned 3. Harry went a day with Lux to the city. He has a surprise for his girlfriend Maude. They are more than  1 - 2 years together. Harry went with Lux to the juweler. 'Luxie, we have a big task. You have to choose a ring for mommy Maude. Daddy Harry will ask her to marry him.' Harry whispered in Lux' ear. Harry asked the lady at the jeweler to show some rings. 

'Which do you think is beautiful?' Harry asked Lux. Lux pointed to a one with a diamond heart. 'Do you like it?' Harry asked and Lux nodded. 'It is beautiful!' She said and the lady put the ring in a box. Harry paid it and put it in his pocket. He drove with Lux to a florist and bought some roses too. When he came home, he put Lux down and she walked to the frontdoor. Harry grabbed his roses. 

He came in and kissed Maude and gave her the roses. 'Quelques fleurs pour ma fleur!' He said and Maude laughed. 'You tried again to impress me.' 'Non madame.' He smirked. Maude laughed and kissed him. 'Come here idiot of me!' and she gave him a hug too. Lux came to her too and Maude picked her up. Lux gave Maude a hug. 

After a little cosy moment, everyone watched some TV. Then Harry went with Lux upstairs. Maude thought it was just for her birthday so she sat down. 

But what she didn't know, was that Harry was saying what Lux has to do when he asks Maude. When he was ready with Lux, Lux ran with the little box to Maude. 'Look! Look!' Lux shouted to Maude. She gave the box to Maude. Maude opened it and Harry came closer. When he reached Maude, he knelt down and she looked first to the ring and then to Harry. 'Maude, will you marry me?' Harry said softly, scared to get a no. 

Maude was of course, speechless. What do you want? The love of your life, in her case superstar Harry Styles, who wants to marry her. She tried to calm herself down. 'Yes, Harry, I would like to marry you. ' She hugged Harry and Lux shouted 'Yay! Daddy Harry and Mommy Maude will have a wedding!' She put her little hands in the air. 

Harry an Maude laughed and hugged Lux. Harry gave Maude a passionated kiss. 'Kiss Kiss is not  beautiful!' Lux said. Harry laughed. 'Don't you want a kiss from me?' Harry teased Lux and came closer to give her a kiss on her little mouth or on her cheek. She put his mouth away. 

Maude laughed. 'She doesn't want to share a kiss with you.' She said. 'And you?' Harry asked. 'Of course. Come here!' Maude said and Harry kissed her. While kissing, Lux put her hands on her eyes. 

After dinner, Maude put Lux in bath while Harry was doing something for One Direction, this year they don't wanna go on tour, it will be next year again. So now they have to publish a lot of songs. One of the writers for the songs is Harry. He worked an evening on the songs and when he was done he went to his bed, just like Maude did. 

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