Harry's Lux new father?

'I give you the challenge to take care of my daughter a week!' Lou said smirking to Harry. 'What's my reward?' He asked. 'My respect and you've proved after that that you can take care of children!' Lou said calm.

Harry took the challenge but didn't realize it was for an important reason. Lou won't life again after that week. She trusted Harry to take care of her daughter. If he could do it for a week, he can do it for a life time. Tom's out of Lous life so she decided to make Harry godfather. And after a week Harry will be Lux's father. He's the only one who can be a father figure for her. He can treat her like a princess, only he could that.

It's a story of the days Harry spend with Lux.

Note: I don't hate Lou Teasdale, it's just a story to let people show how Harry maybe could react with Lux as his child! Or in the love when he has a 'child'.
Cover made by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


12. Conversation with the employee & dinner night?

New cover, made by Maude, known as mybestfriendisapengiun_xX
Almost 50 favs , I'm so happy! Thanks everyone! So this chapter is most dedicated to Maude, I hope you like it Maude because I put funny moments of you and Harry in it! But also for all my fans. I post it today to celebrate my theory driver licence. I passed it today! :)

Have pleasure with it and I hope you can laugh and cry with it like I did! :)


Harry woke up. It was like a bomb hit his head. He was thinking about yesterday. What happened yesterday? Maybe he should make him ready for today, an important day. He went to Lux and picked her up. He changed her clothes and then he put her in her play pen. He got some messages from the boys. They would like to do something today, but he has to be home today.  He made himself ready, took a shower, did his hair, grabbed some clothes, did his grooming rituals.

Then he made some breakfast for him and Lux. He ate some cereals and a banana after his cereals. Lux’ mouth was full with biscuit dough. Harry wiped the dough away from her face. He laughed and tried to clean the house after he had put Lux in her play pen. She was playing peacefully. When he was done, it was lunch time. They ate quickly and after Lunch the adoption employee came.

‘Sit down.’ Harry said politely to the employee. The employee sat down and grabbed his papers. ‘Well, we’re going to start with an interview. Are you ready? After the interview I will ask you for some information about family or friends for the adoption..’ The employee said.

'What do you wanna know?' Harry asked and went for a second to Lux to check if she was okay. He came back and sat back down. 'Sorry I want to make sure she was safe.' Harry said. 'Why do you wanna adopt Lux?' The employee asked while stroking his bald head. 'Lou, Lux' mom was my stylist and best friend. She gave me first the challenge to take care of Lux. I didn't know it was because she would die in that week.  I took the challenge because Lou begged. Lux is a cute girl and I love her with whole my heart. And Lou's last wish was that I take care of her daughter. Her daughter was the only one she had. Tom, Lux' father left Lou and Lux. And I'm Lux' godfather.' Harry said sad and honestly. 

'Thanks to be honest, Mr.Styles.' The man said and looked at Harry. 'You're welcome. My wish is that Lux can be young and responsible with someone who knows Lou and where Lou knows that he or she will be reliable.' Harry said. 'Good wish. You are young, can you take care of her at such a young age?' 'Yes of course. I'm maybe 20 but it doesn't mean that I can't take care of her. A lot of teenagers take care of their brothers and sisters. Or have children on their own. I am maybe single but I can raise Lux up like Lou wanted to raise Lux up. I can be the responsible one in her life.' Harry said. 

'Okay. What do you change in your house for Lux?' The employee asked. 'She has her own room now. Maybe some child fences on the stairs. Everything a house needed for a child, I will install it.' 'No matter how much it costs?' 'I don't have to look for it, mister. I will give millions for Lux to make her happy.' 'That's beautiful to hear.' 'Mr. I will do everything to keep her safe and bring her up.' 'Okay. Do you have a girlfriend or wife?' The employee said and wrote some things on his paper. 'No, on this moment I'm single. But when I have a girlfriend, she has to be nice for Lux and try to bring her up like Lou it wants. And like I wanted to bring her up.' Harry said. 

'I think that's a good mentality of you.' The employee said and he wrote some words on his papers. 'I think we're done now...' He said and looked at his papers. 'Oh wait. What will you do if she asks about her mother and father?' The employee added. 

Harry had to think about it. 'It will say her the truth and let her remember Lou how she was. I'm not gonna hide Lou for her. Lou was a fantastic mother for Lux. And Lou said to me Lux has to call me daddy Harry and Tom, her real father daddy Tom so she can see her real father. ' Harry started to cry a little bit when he talked about Lou and thought about memories with Lou. 

When he took her to an award show or on a friend date. He wasn't in love with Lou but he was in love with her just as a brother who likes his sister. Lou was always his big sister just like Gemma. 

'Lou wanted to make me Daddy Harry and if Lux wanna meet her real dad, she would say to him Daddy Tom. My friends said that. Lou spoke to them before she died. She didn't want to make me worried when I took care of Lux.' Harry said and a tear fell out his cheeks. 'That's a beautiful act from her.' The employee said. 'Yes, it is but it's so sad I couldn't say goodbye to her.' Harry said and shrugged his shoulders.

'I think my interview's done. Can I get contact information of your parents and sisters or brother and a few friends of you.' The employee asked. Harry gave him contacts of Des Styles(his father) Anne Cox(his mother) , his sister Gemma Styles and the contact information of the boys of 1D. 'These are the contacts I can give.' Harry said. He only forgot the management because they will refuse the adoption. 

'Thanks to answer my questions, Mr. Styles. I hope I can bring you positive news.' The employee said and shook Harry's hand. Harry brought the man to the front door and the employee left. 

Harry was thinking about some guests. He went to Lux' play pen and played with her. He texted Eleanor to know Beth's number but she haven't had that number already. So there was one option: Maude!

He texted Maude:

French girl! Need a dinner at my house? I want to be happy and I think you're a good company for it! 

He was nervous for her answer. He waited and walked back and forth to know the answer. After 5 minutes he got an answer:

Nice Idea but what do I have to do with my sister Amber? Where do I have to come and at what time? 

His heart 'made a little jump' and he texted back:

We'll find a solution. Just lock your sister up? Haha, joke. Maybe at 6 pm? I'll organize food,... you have to come only with a happy mood and beautiful clothes or comfy clothes, whatever you want. If you don't wanna let her alone I can ask for Louis or Liam to take care of her? - Harry's address(I'm not that smart to invent an address) -

Harry hoped he didn't made a bad impression. He had decided in his head that he would go out with both of the girls, Maude and Beth. But first with Maude then with Betheny. If Eleanor can get her number or Harry should go to a training again. 

He got a message back: 

I've found a solution. My sister has a boyfriend. He'll come to her. I'll be there at 6 pm? 

Harry was so happy she would like to come. She found a solution for her sister! Harry ran upstairs and changed himself. He called a Chinese delivery restaurant. After the things, he fed Lux. Then she could play on her favourite place. Then he heard the doorbell.

Maude! She came up in his mind! He went to the door and opened the door like a gentleman. She wore a blue dress. (picture at the bottom of the chapter)

'Welcome into my house, Bienvenue dans ma maison.' Harry said in two languages. Maude laughed. 'Do you do that to impress me?' Maude asked with a smirk. 'Maybe..' Harry said mysterious and laughed. Maude stepped into the house and looked around. 'You live lovely.' 'Thanks.' Harry said and blushed. 

Maude walked with her purse in her hand into the house. Harry guided her around the house. When Maude arrived in Lux her place, she saw Lux. She knelt down and sat on her knees. 'Hi little Lux!' She said and gave Lux a little hug. 'girl!' Lux said because she doesn't know Maude's name. 'She doesn't know your name.' Harry said to Maude. 

'Luxie, my name is Maude! Shall I play with you?' Maude said and looked at Lux. Lux nodded. 'Daddi Hawwi too!' She giggled. Maude pulled him down so he sat next to Lux and Maude. He almost fell. They laughed. Harry's eyes shined. Has he found his girl who can take care of Lux? He didn't know it but it felt soo good. 

Maude and Harry played with Lux. At 6.15 pm the dinner arrived. Harry paid and brought it to the kitchen. 'Dinner's arrived but I think little Lux has to be in her crib after a bath. Do you want to help me with her bath? You can get a shirt and maybe trousers from me? Because she loves splashing!' Harry said. 

'I would like to put her in bath.' Maude said happy. 'Follow me.' Harry said and put Lux for a while in her play pen. He went with Maude to his closet and threw a long shirt to her. He pointed to the guest room so she could change her there. Harry changed himself quickly. When he was ready Maude came to his room. Harry laughed when he saw she 'drowned' into the shirt. It came until her knees.  'Sexy.' Harry said. 'Don't laugh with me. I do this for Luxie!' 'Not for me?' Harry smirked. 'Nowp!' She said and sticked her tongue out. Harry showed Maude the bathroom so she could fill the bathtub. 

Harry picked Lux up out of her play pen. 'You're going into your bath with the duck. What does the duck?' Harry asked while he was walking upstairs. Lux did a cute 'quack kwak' sound. Harry laughed. Harry put Lux on a chair in the bathroom. He dressed Lux down and put Lux in bath. Maude gave Lux her duck and played with Lux. 'Kaboom!' Lux said and went with her arms up and down. 'See! She splashed!' Harry said and laughed. 

Maude grabbed the seam of her shirt. 'Lux, crazy girl! I'm soaked!' Maude said and laughed. Harry washed Lux her hair and her little body. 'You're doing it good for a single man!' Maude teased Harry. 

'Thanks.' He said and he picked up Lux and put her in her PJ's. 'You want to put her in her bed?' Harry asked. Maude nodded and followed him and they put her in bed. 'We're looking like a family.' Maude said and laughed. 

Harry was thinking about it. He didn't say anything about it. After clothes changing, he guided her to the kitchen. He put dinner on the table. 'Enjoy your meal, bon appétit!' Harry said laughing when the dinner was on the table and they had sat down.

Maude laughed with it and Harry and Maude started with eating. After dinner, Harry put the dishes into the dishwasher. Then they went to the living room and turned on the TV. 'Shall we look for a movie? Some proposals or ideas?' Harry proposed. 'Pride and prejudice!' Maude said. 

'Never saw that movie but maybe I like it.' Harry said and he gave it a chance. Maude and Harry sat down on the couch. 

After an hour of the movie Harry fell asleep. Maude wasn't happy with it and tried to take revenge on him. She looked into the kitchen. She went to the fridge and she grabbed a can of whipped cream(I don't know if it's a can or an other word but I hope I'm right). She walked to Harry but tried to be silent with her high heels on. She gushed some whipped cream on his face. She made a moustache on his face. She can't hold her laugh. 'Harry, wake up.' She said in a low voice and tried to wake him up so she went with her finger on his face where he hadn't had whipped cream yet so he would touch his face then he would feel the whipped cream. 

When he finally realised the fact that he had whipped cream on his face, he opened his eyes and saw Maude laughing. 

'Maude!' He shouted and then she realised she had to run away from him so she decided to put her high heels off and started to run. But after 5 minutes she felt two hands on her waist. One of them had the can with whipped cream. Harry smirked and gushed some whipped cream on her face. 'Sooo... Sexy French girl? Tu aimes le crème fouettée ou le Chantilly?' Harry said. 'Of course, I like it.' She said and then Harry helped her to wipe away the whipped cream of her face. She helped Harry with his whipped cream. When she was done with it, they stared into each others eyes. 

Then Harry decided to grab his chance. He put his hands on her cheeks, like he cupped something. His face went closer to hers. His eyes closed and he followed his feeling. His upper lip touched hers. His bottom lip touched hers after the following second. 

When the kiss ended, Maude was doubting. Should she or shouldn't she? She was afraid of falling in love like the girl in the song of 'She's not afraid'? 'Sorry.' Harry said because he thought she didn't like it. 

'Doesn't matter.' She said shy. 'Shall we watch further?' Harry proposed. 'If you're not asleep again.' Maude said. Harry laughed. 'Of course not.' He said and they went to the couch again. But then Maude fell asleep so Harry decided to pick her up and laid her into his guest room. 'Good night beautiful French girl!' He whispered while she was sleeping. He gave her a kiss on her forehead and went downstairs to turn off the TV and emptying the dishwasher and put the things in their cupboards. Then he decided to look to Lux. 

'Should I find someone who loves you and me?' He asked sleeping Lux. He was in love with Maude but what with Betheny? She may be the right girl too. He thought to go to a training of Betheny and Eleanor. Then he could get her number and so they could go out with each other. 

Tomorrow will be a new day and a new plan for Harry Styles... 

Maude's outfit evening:


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