A poem I wrote in English about the scene of war. Please comment!


1. Remembering



A swamp of khaki,   

Spilling out across the battlefields.     

A river of blood,      

Drowning spirits that were once so high.   

A sea of fallen,    

Sinking slowly ‘neath the hopeful men.     

A rainstorm of tears,     

Thund’ring and dropping between the dead.     

A pool of mem’ries,    

Stirring frequently for a gun’s bang.      

A flood of despair,       

Washing away weak men’s strongest hopes.      

Crashing over it    

Is a tsunami of futile fire.     

Putting out the bravest of all flames.    



But far, far back home,    

A splash of light comes from a candle,   

A single girl is kneeling below,     

The damn of her two hands together,    

Holding back the flow,     



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