Save me

i feel his fingers run across my back and down my waist, the hair on my arms is on edge.i gently move my hands up his chest and to the back of his neck, playing with the prickle of his hair. I slowly lift my head to reach his cinnamon eyes. i hear a loud alarm go off and come back to reality... a dream.


2. The Connection

"so what do you have first?" I asked looking at the ground, trying to avoid eye contact. he takes out a piece of paper out of his pocket in the side of his bag and reads "ah I think I have biology with Mrs Fillas" scratching the back of his neck.

"um ok that's my class... we better go then" by now the hallways were completely clear which means that we were going to be late on the first day of senior year, great. I quickly walk in the room with Zayn following me and suddenly all eyes are locked on us.

"Not a good way to start the year miss Perrin" Mrs Fillas states, sliding her glasses down her long pointy noise. "And who is this may i ask"

"Sorry Mrs Fillas I-" I struggle to say before being cut off but Zayn. "Hey I'm Zayn Malik Miss I'm new to this school" he says confidently taking a step forward. 

"Well Mr Malik you have already disturbed my class so why don't you hurry up and take a sit then" she says in a strong determined voice, quietly take a sit at the back while Zayn follows close behind.


After the rest of biology I had to take Zayn to his locker. Luckly his locker was across the hallway from mine. I don't know what it was but something about Zayn made me feel like i could trust him and actually be me around him.  

"so this is your locker" I said calmly, pointing a his locker door. "thanks he says pulling his hand out of his pocket to open the locker. " I'm sorry I got you in trouble back there"  he says vainly looking at me directly in the eyes. 

"no it's fine, really" I say looking down at my feet, leaning one shoulder on the lockers. He lightly places his fingers under my chin so that I meet with his eyes.

"You have beautiful eyes Alice" he says slightly cracking the side of his mouth. I sense the feeling of my cheeks turning brighter red. he takes a step closer until his face is inches away from until...

"Hey Alice!" Emily runs from the end of the hallway. "oh sorry haha um I'm Emily" she says waving her hands like a little girl. "Alice's friend" elbowing me in the ribs.

"Zayn nice to meet you" he answers not taking his eyes off mine. "so you new or something" she asks trying to get his attention, he eventually turns to Emily.

"Yeah I just started today, your gorgeous friend has been showing me around." By now my cheeks would have to be bright red. the final bell rang and we are forced to go to the next class, I have maths with Emily and Zayn had to go to History. I offered to take him there but he said that he didnt want me to get into trouble again so he would find his own way. how nice is he? So we said our goodbyes and headed to class.

"wow I leave you one class and your aready hanging out with some hot mysterious guy" Emily squeals quietly, which makes me giggle. In maths all I could think is Zayn and what his story was. I could feel my hair on my arms stand up just by thinking about him. Am I forming a crush or is he to good to be true?


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