Save me

i feel his fingers run across my back and down my waist, the hair on my arms is on edge.i gently move my hands up his chest and to the back of his neck, playing with the prickle of his hair. I slowly lift my head to reach his cinnamon eyes. i hear a loud alarm go off and come back to reality... a dream.


6. Is this love?

*Zayn's pov*

I smash the doors of the hospital open and run to the back of the building. I spot two nurses talking to each other and I pull one aside.

"Where is Alice Smith's room?" I ask sternly, taking my hand off her shoulder.

"Um..." she looks through the folder in her hand "room 106, just down the hall." says clearly. I walk off without another word.

I enter the room to find Alice laying still on a hospital bed, the flicker off the beeper sounds making my eye twitch. A needle is connected to the crease in her forearm and is releasing a red sustains into her. A tear drops from my eye when I see blood stain bandage covering both her wrists, I wipe the tear from my cheek and lean over to place a soft kiss on her forehead. I take a sit on the chair behind me after twinning our fingers together.I slowly rub my thumb along her hand. I feel tears form in my eyes and drip out of my eye lids. I lightly sniffle and suddenly feel something lightly squeeze, I look up to see Alice flutter her eyes open.

I place my other hand on top of hers and squeeze tightly "Alice I am so sorry I did this to you..." I say ashamed of what a have done. " You don't deserve to be with someone who has done this to you, you deserve everything best in the world. Alice...I love you... I love you so much my heart is braking" I sob " And I am so sorry, I'm so sorry" I repeat burying my face into our hands letting the tears flow out of my eyes, god I'm a baby but I can't help to feel like this is my fault.

She lifts my chin up and I eyes meet "I love you too, and I'm sorry too" Before she could say anymore I  lean over her bed and passionately kiss her on the lips, she lets out a small moan which makes me smile against her lips.

I cuff her face with my hands and state "you don't ever have to say your sorry again" I move a strand hazelnut colour hair from her face and go in for another kiss. She releases her lips and leans her forehead against mine closing her eyes.We hear the door open and a male doctor walks in smiling. I move my head away and sit back into the chair.

"Hello Miss Smith I'm Dr Robertson, how are you feeling?" He says politely, writing something down in his note book.

"Much better now thank you" Alice reply's smiling, glancing up at me.

"that's great. Now you had cut your wrist you had just cut one of your mane veins in your forearm, which means that you had lost a lot of blood" He states sadly, I stand up from my chair and take her hand in mine. She look down at her wrist sadly. "If your father hadn't have found you, well Alice you could have died" he says seriously.

 "And where is my dad now"

"He got called into work and said I to tell you that he will come for you tomorrow" the doctor says making his way to the door and closing it behind him.

"Like always he doesn't care about what happens to me" she says disappointed resting her head on the pillow.                                                                                                                                                  "Hey" I say sitting down, still firmly holding her hand. "He loves you, he just might not say it." I smile kissing her on the hand.

She giggles and tightens her grip, I look deep into her tender green eyes "I love you Zayn" 

"I love you too"         

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