Save me

i feel his fingers run across my back and down my waist, the hair on my arms is on edge.i gently move my hands up his chest and to the back of his neck, playing with the prickle of his hair. I slowly lift my head to reach his cinnamon eyes. i hear a loud alarm go off and come back to reality... a dream.


9. I will always be there for you

I across the street and onto the road, I hear car tyres screech on the road. I turn to see two bright lights flashing in my eyes. I run off the road while the person honks the horn at me. I let myself release the tear and flow down my cheeks. I pull out my phone from my pocket and dial Zayn number and bring the phone to my ear. I quickly walk up the path while listening to the phone ring. it takes him four ring until he picks up the phone.

"Hey babe I was waiting for your call" he says confident.

"Zayn..." I sob into the phone " I need help" I cry deeply wiping the tears away.

"Alice what happened, where are you?" He said worried, I look up to find a street sign

"I'm on willow street..."

"I'm coming to get you now. I love you" with out another word he hangs up the phone. I take a sit on the bench beside the path and cuff my eyes. After another ten minutes of crying Zayn finally arrives. He pulls up on the side of the road, he runs over to me and wraps his arms around me.

"Hey it's ok, shhh It's ok I'm right here" he repeats kissing my forehead, I move in closer to him and cry into his chest. he leans over and grabs my bag from the other side of me and helps me up. he walks to the car with his arms around my waist, he opens the door for me and puts the bag at my feet. He runs around the car and jumps into the drivers seat. I put my feet up on the chair and curl up into a little ball and slowly drift asleep.

I wake up to the car energy turning off, I hear Zayn get out of the car and come around to open the door. I open my eyes and sit up.

"where are we?" I asked untangling myself

"home" he says helping me out of the car and putting is hand on my back.

"will your mum mined, because I can go stay with Emily..."

"no your staying with me" he says stoping me, putting his hands on each side of my face. I nod and place my hand over his. "Plus my family isn't here, so we have the house to our self" he finishes giving me a quick peck on the lips and turns around to open the door. I enter the house and slowly turn around to take in my surroundings, it's a one story house with tiled and carpet floor. It's small but still nice and comforting.

"This is really nice" I says calmly looking back at Zayn.

"Thanks" he reply's smiling and taking my hand leading me to a room. " This is my room and where you can sleep for as long as you need to." He said chucking the bag on the bed.

"Where are you going to sleep?" I asked confused.

"I'll sleep on the couch.."

"No, I don't want to be rude and just kick you out of your room. and plus there's your for both of us" I smirk and pat the bed. He slightly chuckle and lays downs on the bed next to me. I lay down resting my head on his chest, he wraps his arms around me and rests his chin on my head. I eye lids get heavy and I slowly drift off. Before I was completely asleep a hear Zayn whisper " I will always love you Alice."

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