Save me

i feel his fingers run across my back and down my waist, the hair on my arms is on edge.i gently move my hands up his chest and to the back of his neck, playing with the prickle of his hair. I slowly lift my head to reach his cinnamon eyes. i hear a loud alarm go off and come back to reality... a dream.


3. First Kiss

Once again I am awakened by echoing sound of my alarm, not bothering to compete it, I get up and head for the shower. I straighten my hair and let it sit over my shoulders. I walk down stairs after putting on a short purple skirt on with my white tank that haven't yet gave back to Emily. I am greeted with the smell of freshly cooked toast.

"Hello there Alice in wonderland" dad says with a mouth full of toast, chuckling slightly.

"well aren't you funny"I say coldly searching through the fruit bowl. He gives me a sad look and continues eating his toast. 

I make my way to the exit, "I can give you a ride to school if you want, of the office is only 10 minutes away from the -." 

"I'm getting a ride with Emily,bye" I cut him of and slam the door behind me. I hear Emily honking the horn from her car "I'm coming, I'm coming" I repeat.

"finally" she adds while I slide into the passenger sit. She slowly starts reversing out of the drive way and turns up the radio. "so you going to see your hot sexy mystery guy today?" Giving me a big wink.I gasp and give a her a quick jab in the gut. "HEY I'm driving!"

"haha, well I don't know, if probably doesn't want to see me" I say wistfully looking out side the window watching a loving couple walk along the path way.

"Um were you even there yesterday. He was so into you!" she squeals with enthusiasm, we laugh and carry on with the conversation.

"you really think so?" I say hopefully glancing back at her.

"I know so" answers not letting her eyes off the road.


We reach school and I spot Zayn leaning against the tree, I blush lightly as a see him smile and start walking towards us. "I guess I'll just see you in drama" Emily whispers locking the car and running over Niall gently kissing him on the lips. I put my hand on my cheek feeling it blush with redness.

"Hey Alice" Zayn says cracking open his mouth. 

"Hi" I reply removing my hand from cheek, " so what do you have today" looking at the paper in his hand.

" I actually have free period now, maybe you want to hang out a bit" he states nervously scratching the back of his neck.

"um, ok sure" I breathing in a deep breath. we slowly make our way to the back of the school in a comfortable silence, we walk across the football field and in sync sit along the bleachers.

"do you come here much?" he asks moving closer.

"yeah I to sit here and think, it's really peaceful when there is no jocks around here" he chuckles a little and moves his hand closer to mine, gently rubbing my finger tips. I look down to realise that my wounds are peering out the end of my skirt, quickly try to pull my skirt down so they weren't noticeable, but it was to late.

"Alice are whose cuts on your legs" he says worried.

"no it's nothing I should go" I declare quickly jumping down the bleachers, I feel his hand gently grab my forearm. his he jumps down the stairs to reach my eyes welling with tears. He grabs both sides of my face and smoothly rubs my tears away from my face.

"It's ok Alice you can do it." he whispers 

"Do what?" I sob into his hands looking deep in his cinnamon brown eyes.

"You can trust me" he whispered leaning in and placing a long soft kiss on my lips. It was a moment that i wanted to last forever, but every dreams have there limits. we stand in a comfortable silence,him hold me in his warm embrace.

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