Cry Lovely

'Anxiety shot through my veins, raging fires. I don't know what I want. I'm confused. Broken. Searching for hopeless love. It's hiding, I'll find it one day not today. No one will love a broken girl. She has herself. Her mind filled with psychotic thoughts.'


2. Breathe

I laid him down in the dry sand away from the crashing waves. I ran over to grab my blanket that I was laying on only minutes ago. I brought it back over to him and laid it over him before he froze to death. I hesitated kneeling next to him I had no idea what to do. Check his pulse, that's the first thing I thought of. I reached under his jaw line looking for his pulse. His pulse was beating but extremely slow. I put my hand on his chest looking for his sternum. I put both of my hands together and stared pumping trying to restart his heart. I counted out loud to keep track.

"One, two, three.."

I counted up to ten and he didn't move I was on the verge of crying. I kept pumping and counting. I hit twenty and he jumped forward coughing out water and sand. He laid back down on his side and continued to cough and hack up water.

I backed away some what, afraid of what was going to happen next. His wet clothes clung to his body covered with the fine smooth sand in the beach. He slowly sat up he looked so weak and tired. He looked out at the sea and turned his head to face me. His sand covered curls stuck to his forehead and water dripped down his face. He's green eyes pounded into my head. Neither him or I sad anything. We stared at each other what seemed like hours. He looked back at the sea, handed me my blanket and stood up. He slowly hobbled back over to the waters edge. I got up in fear he was going to jump back in the water.

I truthfully had no idea what to do. He stood there tall and empty looking. I took a step forward but then I stopped. My eyes started to water and a tear started to run down my cheek. I wiped my eyes and took a deep breath I turned around and picked up my blanket. I walked back down to the water of the beach and picked up my shoes and jacket. I was picking up my shoe when my wrist was grabbed and I was turned around to the tall, wet and sandy boy. I was tall enough to be looking straight at his collar bone. I looked up to see his face. He had tear trails running down his cheeks. His hand was still tightly wrapped around my wrist.

"A-are you okay Harry?"

I quietly asked him still looking into the emptiness of his eyes. Another tear escaped his left eye. He squeezed my wrist tighter and I jerked back a little not appreciating that he was about to squeeze my hand off. It took his eyes a couple seconds to realize he was hurting me. He loosened his grip.

"...thank you." He gasped out so softly I could barley make out his words. "C-can you promise me that you'll be okay?" I blurted out without thinking "No.. I've never been okay. I probably will never be."

I had no idea what do to in a situation like this. I just seemed to run away from anything. But not him. Maybe it was because he looked so broken on the outside that he might know what it would be like to be so broken on the inside. We were both still dripping wet. I was so cold I couldn't feel my feet anymore. "Here, take my blanket. I'm going to go sit in my car to warm up. Will you come with me?"

He let go of my wrist slowly and looked down at my blanket. I motioned for him to take it and the. He looked back at my face and a couple tears ran down my face. He grabbed the blanket and then I turned around and started walking back to my car. I threw my jacket over my shoulders and turned my head to look back. He was about five steps behind me and holding my blanket in one of his hands. He looked straight at me and then I turned my head back and continued walking. I reached my car and opened my door to turn on the heat as high as it could go. Shortly after Harry reached the passenger door. He knocked on the window realizing the door was locked. I forgot that I didn't unlock the door so I leaned over the seats to unlock his door. I then turned around and threw my shoes into the back seat and grabbed another blanket. When I turned back around Harry was sitting back down looking at me. He took off his outer coat and his tee-shirt. "Would you mind if I tossed these back here?" He asked slowly. "Oh, of course go ahead." I answered. His bare skin was also sandy and dripping wet. I handed him my other blanket. "Here stay warm."

"But don't you need a blanket?"

"No it's okay I've got my jacket." I zipped it up all the way. He wrapped one blanket around his shoulders and torso and then he laid the other blanket sideways so it covered both of our laps. "I really meant it.. Thank you." Another tear escaped one of his eyes. I hesitated. "Why were you out there in the water?" I said cautiously. "You don't need to answer, I'm just curious." I added. I didn't want to make that much of a conversation we both were pretty tired. I glanced it the clock in my car it was 4h29. I looked back at him and he was already staring back we both started staring at each other again that seemed like hours.

"You really seem to care huh?" He said. "..well why shouldn't I care? Some one needs to."

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