Weddings Of 1D

Go into the weddings of 1D with all 5 guys and their weddings!


1. Just Dating


I opened my locker. I felt someone put their arms around my waist and whisper in my ear "Hey princess!" And kiss my neck. I love it when he calls me 'princess'! As soon as I felt the stubbly facial hair, I knew it was Zayn. "Hi! I love it when you don't shave for a little! When your chin's all stubbly!" I rubbed my hand over his cheeks and locked my lips with his. "Man, I love you! And I fall in love with you every day!" He pecked my lips before I told him "I love you more! And same, I fall in love all over again with you too! And I'm so in love with you!" I buried my face in his hoodie. He pushed me off if him and took off his hoodie and slipped it over me. It smelt like him! I love his sent! "Why don't we go to first hour?!?!" He smiled and placed his arms around my shoulders and held me tight. "We never go to class early! But sure" I looked up at him. He pecked my lips and said "Do we need anything for class?" He asked. "I don't think so. She just wants us to go to the science lab." "Freshman or Senior science lab?" He asked stupidly. "Senior! Duh! We're now seniors!!!!!" I smiled. "Let's go." We shut our lockers and walked down to the senior science lab, side by side! "I love you!" I told him! "No, I love you more!" He said as he kissed me. We walked into the science lab and sat in our seats, (which we're lab partners).

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