Through The Dark.. (a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

Hi my name is Julie and this is a little about me. I live with my abbusive step-dad since my mom died. He makes me feel worthless and tells me i will never get married cause im an ugly peice of shit. I'm very skinny.a seventeen year old who still fits in KID clothing. He hardly feeds me thats a reason why im so skinny. One day i will leave this darkness. I know i will.


9. You & I

~Next Day~

I woke up to an empty bed.Where is Julie..I usually wake up before her.It's 10am she usually wakes at 12. I chuckled. I got up and walked to Natalie's room.I was about to knock,but I heard Julie's voice.

So how was the party,nat asked.Did you do anything she said.Natalie is such a perv i thought.

Its was okay and yes,but at the same time no.

Oh my god who you do it with!!?

What the fuck Nat I didn't do it with anyone,but..


Louis kissed me!

What? Really? When? How was it? Dets?!!

Okay calm down bitch ,natalie chuckled. Well I was cleaning him up cuase he got in a fight and yea I was trying to clean his busted lip when...BAM! he kissed me,Julie said.I chuckled,''BAM he kissed me''that was funny I thought.

Ohh that's all how was it?

It was..good? I don't know I never kissed him...but his lips..they're so....soft.I smiled.And he asked me out on a date last night..and I said No.

Why the fuck would you say No!!??

Hahahaha jk Nat I said yes. Oh and he was about to call me babe.

Aww..he tries to play it off huh?

Yupp Julie said popping the p.

Haha well I'll go ask him what time your date is so we know how long you have to get ready.Natalie said.I quickly ran to my room and pretended to sleep.I heard my door open.

Louis you dumbass get up Natalie said.I know you're not asleep.How much did you hear?

Wow you're good and When you asked Jules how the party was.


Julie..Jules i shrugged.

Ohh okay so when are you going to take her?

Umm..I dont know either 8 or 7.What's better?

Hmm....7 so you two wil have more time together.

Okay what about you.are you okay being alone?

Yes...I'll Just invite my boyfriend over she winked.

Haha whatever sex on the couch and use protection.She laughed and left. Time to get ready for my date. It's already 2pm and I'm still not dressed and I haven't ate.


Julie's POV

I don't have any nice things suitable for dates...I do at my house though.

Hey Nat I'm going..out I'll be back by 5 I said then walked to my house.I called my naighbor Jade.She was in 8 grade and was a cute little girl.

Hey Jade how are you?

Good,and you.

Ehh..I've been better..Hey can you do me a favor?

Sure what is it?

You know that plank thingy I have out side my window?Can you get and like  put it outside your window so i can crawl over to my room?

Sure? I guess let me get it now..I'll call you when I'm done.

Kay thanks.

A few minutes later Jade called and I got to her house.I crawled over the plank to my bedroom window and quietly entered my room.I quickly put my phone under my bed and found clothes for my date. (:

I heard heavy foot steps and walked to the closet.I dropped my shoes and the my door opened.There stood Ralph.

Hey babe where have you been he smirked.He got my arm and pushed me against the wall.He pulled down my dress that I wore at the party and unzipped his pants.He was about to rape me,but stoped...I was happy then he threw me on the floor and kicked my head.I saw him laughing then everything turned black.I woke uo with a headache.It was almost 6 and I still wasn't ready.I painfully got up grabbed my things and ran out the house. I ran a few streets away from my house and then walked.I was walking when I saw Harold.


Harry's POV

I heard someone call my name and turned around.I saw Faith (aka JULIE) and she looked..not so good.

Julie what happened. it that noticable?

I nodded.

C-can i come in?

Sure and why do you have clothes?

I have a date.she smiled.

With who?

It's  a secret she winked.I chuckled.I see you have to get ready you can shower if you want and I have a sister she can lend you some things for hair and such.She nodded and took a shower.


What Harry?

Julie is here.and she's going on a date can she borrow your straightner and some make-up...oh and be nice..her step-dad abuses her.

Okay I'l be nice and sure here,gemma said handing me her make-up and straightner.I kocked on the  bathroom and Julie opened it.She was dressing in some light blue jeasn with rips in them and a not tight,but not way too loose white top with pink flowers.

Do most of your shirts consist of flower prints?

Yuo why?

No reason you look nice by the way and here I said handing her the stuff.

Thanks Harold..oh and my friend said you cute.

My eyes widened..who?

I'm not telling I promised I wouldn't tell.Now shoo Harold Edward Styled i have to get ready.

Whatever Faith Juliet Alvareeeez.


Julie's POV

I straightened my hair and but half of it up then i put make-up to cover the bruises on my arms and one on my face.It was now 6:47.Shit i said.

I got everything and ran towards Harry.Thanks Harry and umm..Im going to be late cany ou give me a ride?

Sure let me give this to Gem here are my keys start my car and get in I'll be there in  abit.

I nodded and ran to his car.I unlocked it adn started it,then Harry came and drove me to Louis house.I got there at 6:58. I opened th door and saw Natalie on the couch.

Where's Louis?

His room and you look sexaaay.

Haha whatever and okay Should I get him?She nodded and I went to his room.I heard him throw something. I opened the door and Louis was crying.I looked for what he threw and it was his phone.

Louis what's wrong.

Oh Julie..n-n-nothing let me get my keys then we can go.

I walked to him and stood on my tippy toes.I wiped his tears away.Wanna talk about it?

I'll tell you later.I nodded and we left


Louis POV

So where are we going?

Its a surprise i said.

Okay then tell me Is there gonna be LOTS of people and will it be crowded.

I shook my head no.

It's just going to be You & I. <3



I'm almost to 100 veiws..seems like a little,but its a lot to me cx Teehee well thanks abd read my other fan fictions cx. thanks again


                                                                       -J xx






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