Through The Dark.. (a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

Hi my name is Julie and this is a little about me. I live with my abbusive step-dad since my mom died. He makes me feel worthless and tells me i will never get married cause im an ugly peice of shit. I'm very skinny.a seventeen year old who still fits in KID clothing. He hardly feeds me thats a reason why im so skinny. One day i will leave this darkness. I know i will.


4. thruth comes out


B-because its true she choked out.

Well that's your opinion on yourself,but me..I dont think your a stupid bitch and what happened to you isn't your fault. That ''step dad'' of yours was supposed to be your gaurdian and protect you..when he did the exact opposite. she gave a weak smile and  could tell it pained her to tal about tha tramatic expereince that just happened to her.

L-L...Louis?she whispered playing with her braclets.

Yes love?

i just wanted to..well I just wanted thak you she smiled.She looked nervous the way she played with random things like her hair,braclets and hand,and her palms looked swaety.

Why are you so nervous?

...she looked down at her hands,..because I'm with someone I have a HUGE crush on and i look..UGH and you make me nervous. WHen I'm around you i get all sweaty and theres like  a lump in my throat that i can't speak.

I smiled.

L-louis..can i like..umm..

yes love?

Nevermind she said.


Natalie's POV

Heey like that girlthat slapped me i found out whaaa....Julie,i aksed shocked. Lou can i talk to you in private.

sure he said and folloed me into the kitchen.


I..she got raped and i saved her h explained.

what she say?

She told me she like me and that sh wouldn't of slapped you if she had knew we were cousins.(Julie didnt say that but lets just pretend she did lol)

Ohh okay and umm who raped her?

She said it was her step dad.

ohh so like when is she leaving?

Nat she can't leave her step dad raped her and I'm sure that's the only home she has...she will stay here.

Bu there's no room.

she can sleep in my bed..I'll sleep on the couch or floor.

Okay Lou i said and walked to the guest room which was my room until my mom got everything packe in our new house.


Julie's POV


So like you like want to stay here..because I just dont feel right sending you back to him ,he said looking in my hazel colored eyes.

He asked me to stay at his house. OMFG Julie dont over react be cool I thought. Don't embarasyourself i spoke outloud.

Haha just a yes or no you can't embarass yourself love he chuckled.

Sure louis i smiled.

Okay well you can sleep on my bed i'll sleep on the floor he said pulling out blankets and layingnthem on the floor. AFter he set them i curled up on the floor.

What are you doing love?

Going to sleep..sleep on your bed Louis it is your house..and the floor is quite comfortable.

He chuckled..picked me up bridal style and threw me on his bed.


Oh sorry i frorfot he mumbled.

I layed on the bed and i could hear Louis twisting and turning on the covers on the floor.


Love why aren't you sleeping?

I..i can't.I'm cold and I dont have my stuffed monkey to cuddle with. I can't sleep without cuddling eith something. he chuckled.

L-Llouis can you lay with nevermid.

Sure I'll lay with you love.He got up and i moved over so he could fit. He lifetd me head and layed it on is chest. he hugged me as i cuddled him for warmth. i feel asleep to his heart beat,


A/N so this one was short and ugh but writers block. Lol cx so i texted my frnd she replied ''Lolzz'' what do the zz mean?? confused directioner over here haha hope yall like it tho and Over here christmas is in 4 days. cant wait!1 Ohhh and who is going to help me rtrap Louis in forver 21 lol cx haha



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