Through The Dark.. (a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

Hi my name is Julie and this is a little about me. I live with my abbusive step-dad since my mom died. He makes me feel worthless and tells me i will never get married cause im an ugly peice of shit. I'm very skinny.a seventeen year old who still fits in KID clothing. He hardly feeds me thats a reason why im so skinny. One day i will leave this darkness. I know i will.


5. questions

I woke up and saw Louis hugging me. I smiled and got out carefully so I wouldn't wake him. Iwalked downstairs and saw Natalie.

.....Hi i said.

Uhh..hey Julie.

Nat..i'm sorry..It's just your so muh prettier than me and...I was jealous.

Julie everyone knew Louis was my cousin..why didnt you?

Wa-was Louis around when you told me?

Yea..but what does he have to...ohh you got distracted by him huh she smirked.

i gigled and nodded. He's just so gorgeous..and perfect.

How about I help you impress him she asked.

Oh my god really you'll do that for me?

Yes..that's what friends are for.

Today Me and natalie skipped school to go shopping. I bought lots of outfits that She knew would catch Louis' attention.

So long do you have in detention she aked?

three  weeks i groaned.

Ohh she smiled.


Its just that Louis has two weeks of etention. Are yours morning or afternoon?

Afternoon what about Louis'?

same she smirked.

~next day~


I stayed another day at Louis' house ans slept on his bed again. When i woke up for school I went to Nat's room ands she was already dressed.

I hope you don't mind,but I picked out your outfit.

Thanks i said and went to her restroom where my clothes lay on the sink.

There was a blakc dress with small white flowwers on some places and it reached a little about my knees. I didn't want something too short. There were black heels and black flats. I undressed and put on the dress. It showed off my curves (that i barely had) and hugged my waits perfectly.

I went out with my shoes in my hands.

Which ones i asked.

Try them both on.

Okay i tried on the heels and flats.

ummm..flats are better she repied and went back to her makeup.

i put on the flats and asked her if i could straighten my hair.She handed me the straighner and i did my fatser than usual. She then put a little make upon my face. the,eyeliner,mascara.lip stick,and a little eye shadow. For the first time i thought i looked Pretty.

ou look cute Nat said and hugged me.

Thanks i said and wen t downstairs where i saaw Louis eating cereal.

would you like som...woah he smiled.

I blushed..yes please. He got up and poured me so lucky charms and then some milk.

he handed it to me and i said thanks.

Julie right?

That would be me what's up? look great.

Thanks i said blushing.

Well we better get going he said and took my plate.

Hey! i still had marsh-mallooooows i whined.

I'll get you some later he said and pulled me to the car.

i hoped in and Slow down by selena gomez came on. (btw Selena G. is like my idol other than one directio of course)

Slow slow braek it down and drop it low low cuz i just wanna party all night in the neon lights till you can let me gooooooo!  I sang. I realized Louis was in the car and he chuckled. Oh sorry i frogot you were in here i said. I know I sing feel free to insult it i laughed.

He chuckled then we arrived to school



hope yall like sucked i know but i updted writers  lock guys! anyways tomorrow is Louis' birthday. My baby is turing 22. Happy early birthday Lou and merry christmas eve's eve cx


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