Through The Dark.. (a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

Hi my name is Julie and this is a little about me. I live with my abbusive step-dad since my mom died. He makes me feel worthless and tells me i will never get married cause im an ugly peice of shit. I'm very skinny.a seventeen year old who still fits in KID clothing. He hardly feeds me thats a reason why im so skinny. One day i will leave this darkness. I know i will.


7. more school

Julie's POV


I walked to my next class and someone tapped my shoulder.i turned arouns and saw Harry.

Hey Harold.

Hey Faith he smiled.

No call me Julie or Juliet,not faith.

I'ma call you Faith okay get  used to it he laughed.

What ever Harold..what you need?


Haha let me see you shedule.

Hmmuu seemd like we have all our classes together i smiled.

Just follow me Harold i said and walked to class.

We entered science.I loved science it was super easy for me and I loved the students in there. I saw Natalie and walked to her.Harry stood in the doorway..he looked ike a lost little puppy.I motioned for him to follow me and he did. I sat down at my desk and Harry sat behind me. Natalie sat next to me and Kimberly behind her. Hey bitches did is Harry.Hey Harry I'm Natalie call me Nat and that's Kim,Natalie said.Kimmy was busy on her phone.

The bell rang and Harry had to introduce hiself.After everyone knew his name they all chuckled..but Harry didn't get called names,becasue I was pretty much'friends' with everyone in this class,so they kept their mouths shut.We started with out lesson and we had to disect a was so weird it had like mini little worls in it and it was so tiny you really couldn't do anything wiht it. After science i had student aide and luckily Harry got it to. Harry choose to work wiht me as a nurse aide and it was the most fun ever.In studnet aide I'm always bored and alone. After that I met up with Natalie and louis was with her.Harold followed behind and I invited them to lunch with me which was like a starbuck,a venti salted caramel frappe, and whataburger chicken strips meal. I wnet with Natalie,harry,Louis,jada,Mary,Ben,Kimmy,and Brittney.It was fun but t had to end becuse stupid school. When we got back i went to cooking and tols my bae Jazzy what happened and who Harry was a great day and it was firday. Hell yess Partaaaaaay!!! Louis said he was throwing a party and I could invite friends. So I invited Mary,Jada,Jada's Bf Niall,Harry,Ben,Kimberly,Brittney,Nathan,Gimary,Joshua,Andrew,Chris,and my school 'dad'  Mathew.Tonight will be great.I walked to Nathan's house and he helped me get ready.I got dressed in front of him,but I didn't care.Nathan is a friend I have always wanted.I've always wanted a gay friend and that is Nathan. We got to the party a few minutes late and it was crowded.I walked through the crwod of people with Nathan and got us a drink.I saw Louis and he was kissing this girl.I knew her it was Jamie.



Hope yall like it..btw i want a gay friend cx


Ps..You are all beautiful,,don't ever think different.Im here for you no matter what loev you All have a wonderful day and live life like there's no tommorrow!!

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