Through The Dark.. (a Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

Hi my name is Julie and this is a little about me. I live with my abbusive step-dad since my mom died. He makes me feel worthless and tells me i will never get married cause im an ugly peice of shit. I'm very skinny.a seventeen year old who still fits in KID clothing. He hardly feeds me thats a reason why im so skinny. One day i will leave this darkness. I know i will.


1. Chances

First i will tell you about myself. Im not tall but not short either. I have black hair and i adore it.(: im super skinny all i wear is pants from abercrombie or hollister (supper skinny) jeans and mt footwear is converse,toms,and vans. Im sweet at first but piss me off and hell could break loose. haha i except peoples apology even f they dont deserve this. I trust no one. Thats what i learned. Trust NO ONE!!


I woke up to my step-dad aka Ralph yelling.

''Wake up you stupid peice of shit,''he yelleD.

I groaned getting up and hopping in the shower.After i was done,i realized i spent too much time in the shower so i put moouse and hair spray in my wet hair,got dressed in my black crop top and dark denim jeans. I slipped on my Black Vansand grabbed my Iphone and backpack.

''Bye!,''i yelled and slammed the door.Ralph would never drive me to school and if i forgot the house key he wouldnt let me in.I had an Iphone 5s. I was lucky to have it,I payed for it with my OWN money.I walked to school and entered the noisy hallways.i Saw my friends (which was like 8 with our little group and all) and walked up to them.

''Hey guuurls.''

Hey Jules,replied 2of my friends.My main bitches.Kimmy(short for kimberly),and Brittney.

''Where's Jada?

''Who's that?''

''oh i forgot,Where's my nando's bitch at?

''She's over there with Ben,Kimmy siad.

''oh okay right back i said and went towards jada.

Hey my   nando's bitch!!

Heeey!she relied.

Nando's bitch? ben asked.

Yea her nickname cx.

Thats so stupid he mombled.

Ohh shut up you dumbass.

So Jada do wanna got to the mall with me after school?

No i can't i have a date with my botfriend.

Boo you whore,i said using a line from our favorite movie(btw Mean girls is my FAV movie ever)

Your not Regina George she said sticking out her tougne.

I act like her though i said and chuckled.

What about you ben?

Ehh....sure why not,I'll go to the mall with this little wierd short...girl.

Fuck you!and im not short your just...tall.I said.

Well see you after school meet me in the back i said and walked away.

*1st period*

Hey jules,you still like Louis.Yes it hought.

No why.

Cuz another girl in our little group likes him,and she has a chacne.Ouch that one hurt''She has a chacne with him,the words kepy replayong in my mind.

Oh okay,bye Sammy.

*skip to lunch*

I saw my friends in seperate tables. I have two groups of friend. The girlisj ones that are like..Popular(with kim and sammy)  i guess you can call them,and the like avergage ones(with Jada),the ones who would do anything ,evem if its embarrasing, with me.

i Walked towards Kim and she frowned.

Jules whats wrong?

nothig i  mumbled.

Tell me please!!!!  tel me tell me tell me tell me she begged and annoyed me.

Don't you think that when im sad i dont want to talk about it. Why does everyone always have to know,why cant anone just confort me,but NO yall all decide to bug me about it.Im sad about it,I dont wanna talk about it yeez.I yelled and got up. I walked to Jada with tears in my eyes and she engulfed me in a hug. whats wrong love?(her nickname for me)I thoight of what was wrong and it made me cry even more.All my friends(not popular) were starring at me and i hid my face with my hand. Wanna go somewhere private and you tell me Jada asked.I nodded and huffed. Okay she said and grabbed my hand.Wait i mumbled. What? C-canMary come?Mary nodded and got up. We walked to our lockers and i ttold them what was wrong.

So Sammy told me that one of my other friends like Louis too,and that she has a chanxe.She vleary said i dont have a chnace i cried. I knew i didnt b-but she just had to make it more obvious,Louis would never date an ugly bitch like me,and like being abused isnt enough my 'frineds' have to make me horrible too. You two are like my only best friends. Yall k now everything about me,i trust yall,i cried even more. Just then Louis past by with  my friend,Natalie with Louis.They were flirting and Nattalie was blushing. That bitch! I told her how i felt about him and she does this i said to Jada. She is a bitch,just dont talk to her she doesnst desevre you as a friend,she's a fake hoe!,Jade cursed.




So like tell me what yall think and some of the things i write are like my real life like in thuis chapter its about a guy i like and my friend told me that my other frine d ACTUALLY has a chance, anyways hope yall like it cx comment,like,and fave cx ill update when yall tell me to.



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