Just Another Love Story

"Without a doubt, you are the most wonderful, perfectly flawed, beautiful and sarcastic person I will ever have the privilege to meet."


1. A Boy?

      I walked down the crowed hallway, to the very end, a dorm that was apparently haunted. On one of the beds things were strolled out everywhere. I threw my bag on to my bed and began unpacking. 

"Hello? What are you doing in my dorm?" Asked a guy with redish brown hair.

"Hi. I'm Jessica. I'm your, um, Dorm mate??" I said, turning toward him.

"Well okay,Hi I'm Noah Ellet. And your last name?" He asked, walking over toward his bed.

"Stafford. Jessica Stafford." I said. 

      I searched through my boxes, placing everything in place as I went. I picked up a long carving. It said Jessica Kendall Stafford. My mother got it for me right before she passed away. 


"STOP!" I yelled, as Noah hit me with a pillow and knocked me to the ground.

"You okay?" He asked holding his hand out, I slapped it away.

"Meanie." I said getting up off the floor and going over to my bed.

"Cutie." Noah mumbled quietly.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing!!" He yelled obviously trying to hide something. 

      I laid back on my pillows and grabbed The Fault In Our Stars by John Green off the side table. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Noah staring at me then slowly rolled over. I closed my book and laid it back down. I rolled to my side watching him for a few minutes. Goshh Was he cute or what?!

"I know your watching me." He said

"No I'm not! I've had my eyes closed!" I said quite loudly. He rolled over to face me. I quickly closed my eyes.


"NO! I WASN'T!" 


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