Smart Love (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Is he really a player? Could he really fall in love with an ordinary girl? Read to find out if Harry Styles can really fall in love.


2. Chapter 2

The SUV pulled to a stop a few miles down the road, away from all the screaming fans.

“You boys only have a few minutes, okay?” Paul looked at Liam and Harry.

They both nodded as they began to exit the SUV. Harry sniffled again as they walked up through the CVS doors. The automatic door shut behind them and an old man looked up from the newspaper he was reading, huffed at the sight of the boys before returning to his paper.

Liam started walking toward the back of the store and Harry began to follow him looking around the empty store.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

“Ah,” Liam sighed once he found the cold medicine aisle. His eyes scanned over the many different types of medications. “Why are there so many different drugs for a simple cold?”

“Just pick something,” Harry coughed, feeling too tired to even care.

“You shouldn’t just pick something,” the fair skinned, curly hair woman said to the boys. “What are the symptoms you are experiencing?”

Harry looked at her and smiled, noting her purple-framed glasses that made her instantly more attractive to him.

“I think it is just a cold, no big deal,” Harry said muffling a cough at the end of his statement.

“Seems a little more than that,” she turned to face the shelf, looking for only a moment before pulling two bottles from the shelf. “Just to be safe and make sure everything will be out of your system soon take these. Dayquil and then Nyquil for just before you go to sleep. Trust me, you will be asleep for a while.”

“Thanks,” Harry said taking the bottles from the woman.

“Have a nice day gentlemen,” she turned and heading back behind the pharmacy counter.

Liam started walking toward the register but Harry just could not stop looking at the pharmacist. Harry was not use to not receiving some type of excitement from women. He was shocked and intrigued all at once.

“Come on Harry,” Liam called from the end of the aisle.

Harry began to slowly walk toward Liam before changing his mind.

“I’ll be up there in a minute, okay?” Harry turned around, rushing to the pharmacy counter.

Liam decided to just let Harry do as he pleased, knowing there was no stopping him once he had an idea. As Harry reached the counter he realized he did not know how he was going to handle this situation.

“Excuse me?” Harry called as the woman was sorting through someone’s medication. “What is your name?”

“Emily,” she sighed. “Can I help you with any thing else?”

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