Smart Love (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Is he really a player? Could he really fall in love with an ordinary girl? Read to find out if Harry Styles can really fall in love.


1. Chapter 1

A worldwide tour, endless interviews, and lack of sleep who wouldn't start feeling a little sick. Most people do not take into consideration everything it takes to be someone in the spotlight.

Harry sniffled at the back of the bus, yawning looking around at the boys. Louis and Zayn were napping on the couch. Liam was eating a granola bar and Niall was eating everything he could.

"Good morning America," Niall laughed despite the early seven o'clock hour.

"Yay," Harry mumbled.

"You okay mate?" Niall asked.

"I think I am getting sick,” Harry yawned again, stretching his arms high over his head. “How long until we get there?”

“Another ten minutes mate,” Liam called getting up to throw away the wrapper of his granola bar. “You getting a cold Harold?”

Harry rolled his eyes at Liam before responding.

“This weather in America is insane. I do believe so,” Harry coughed again. “I think I might lose my voice if I don’t get better in the next few days.”

Liam patted him on the back. “We will go to a pharmacy later this afternoon.”

Harry nodded while everyone else went on with getting on with getting ready. Liam woke up Louis and Zayn right before the bus stopped behind the Good Morning America studio.

The ear-splitting screams from the hundreds of fans standing in the cold were shaking the bus.

“Are you ready lads?” Louis called and he received many smiles from the rest of the boys as he kicked open the bus door and stepped outside to see the fans being barricaded back so the boys could make their way to the studio.

The boys walked fast so they could get out of the twenty degree weather and the bone chilling wind. Shivering they were now inside the studio.

“Crazy,” Niall laughed rubbing his hands together to warm them up.

After going through the usual hair and makeup routine that was just a habit for the boys now they walked out onto the stage outside for Good Morning America.

The screams intensified but the boys remained smiling and waving at the crowd. It seemed endless and all five of them felt for the girls. They knew some of them had been there since the night before even though it dropped into the low teens last night.

The hosts of Good Morning America tried to interview the boys before they performed but it was hard to hear over all of the screaming fans.

“So we know that Zayn recently got engaged to Perrie Edwards. Who else in the group is in a relationship?” the host raised her voice to try and make sure the boys could hear her.

Louis and Liam raised their hands.

“What about you Harry?” she asked implying something about the recent rumor of his relationship with Kendal Jenner.

“I’m single,” Harry smiled and pulled his coat closer to him.

“So nobody special in your life?” the interviewer just wouldn’t leave him alone about the rumor. It was obvious that she wanted to know all of the truth about the rumor.

“I would like to think I have plenty special people in my life but as for my dating life I do not have anyone as of right now,” he smiled again then looked over at the other boys.

“Well I think the crowd is ready for a song now!” she yelled then looked over at the camera. “Here is One Direction performing their new single Story of My Life!”

The boys walked into the positions as the beat started playing behind them. Harry started singing and the crowd once again went crazy.

After performing two more songs and being asked many more questions about the upcoming tour dates, the rest of the album, and more digging into their personal lives. All the boys joked with the interviews and were their own goofy selves just as they always are.

The boys waved goodbye to the screaming fans who were freezing just as much as they were singing their hearts out to them.

Harry coughed, then proceeded to blow his nose after they were climbed into the back of a black SUV so they could maneuver through New York City better than with the bus.

“Okay mate,” Liam started, “we are going to a pharmacy in a little bit. Hang in there.”

Harry nodded pulling his jacket closer to him trying to warm up. 

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