This Isn't Love

Morgan encounters a mysterious, yet breathtaking boy. Although she wants to, she can't resist him.


20. Chapter 20

Harry pulled away, giving me one last peck on the lips before leading me through the hospital doors.

Harry seemed to know where he was going as he walked us over to an elevator.

"Do you know what room he's in?" I asked as the elevator doors slid open.

"Yeah, my mum told me."

Harry stood beside me, his aviators were hung perfectly on the neck of his shirt. The ride was silent. I looked up at the screen that showed the level numbers. I heard a bell ding as the doors opened once more, we were on the tenth floor.

Harry walked in front if me. I couldn't help but look at the sagging jeans that hung on his bum.

His pace was becoming faster, or mine slower. He was a few steps in front of me. I stared at the floor as I walked. He turned to see that I wasn't by his side, he slightly chuckled as he stopped to wait for me.

We reached a the waiting room for this level of the hospital. As soon as Harry walked through the door, his mum was in his arms. Her red, puffy face told me she had been crying.

"Is this her?" Anne looked to me as her hug with Harry ended.

"This is Morgan, Morgan this is my mum Anne."

"Is nice to meet you, Love." She spoke, her voice weak.

"Hi." I smiled as she took me into her arms, holding tight. I looked at Harry, his smile told me he was enjoying this moment.

"So when can we see him?" Harry broke the hug, Anne turning her attention to him.

"Every so often a nurse comes and tells us when."

I looked past Anne as her and Harry talked about the condition of his injured stepdad. There were a few people in the room, one girl in particular. She was pretty. She had long, wavy blonde hair. Her skinny jeans clung perfectly to her toned legs. I didn't want Harry to talk to her. I wondered why she was waiting in there, if she was related to Harry.

"Come on." Harry snapped me out of my gaze with her before walking towards the corner where she and a few others sat.

"Harry!" The girl stood up, throwing her phone, that her eyes had just been locked on, on the seat.

"Hi Alex."

Alex. Her name was Alex. She was perfect, perfect for Harry. Looking at her made me want to run out of the room and hide. If Harry was in his right mind, he would be head-over-heels for her.

"Um..this is Morgan." Harry spoke once the long hug was over.

"I'm gonna hit the ladies room, we should catch up later." She smiled at Harry, taking her phone from the seat before walking away.

I sunk into one of the not-so-comfy chairs and looked out the huge window. The lights from cars and other buildings shined in the darkness.

"Who was that?" I finally got up the courage to ask Harry. He had sat down beside me and pulled out his own phone.

"Who? Oh, um, that was Alex."

"How do you know her?" I continued to look out the window. I didn't want to make eye contact with him.

"She's an old family friend." His words made my heart pound. If she wasn't related to him, he could have her. And by the looks of it, she could have whoever she wanted.

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