This Isn't Love

Morgan encounters a mysterious, yet breathtaking boy. Although she wants to, she can't resist him.


19. Chapter 19

Harry pulled into the driveway of the flat. I looked over at him when he didn't turn the car off.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Go pack some clothes." I smiled as soon as I heard the words escape his mouth.

"You're letting me go?"

"Tell Arthi where you're going. I'll wait out here."

I leaned over, kissing his full lips. Our lips rhythmically danced along each others. The kiss only lasted a few seconds before Harry pulled away.

"Hurry up babe." His lips were more pink than before.


I brought my bag out and put it in the backseat as I sat in the passengers seat. Harry was on the phone. I pulled my seatbelt around my small body and watched as Harry pulled the car into reverse. His movements so graceful.

I hadn't noticed the actual words coming from his mouth, but admiring his beautiful figure. The phone was pulled away from his ear as he placed it in the small compartment under the radio.

A heavy sigh was released from Harry's mouth as he placed his hand on my thigh, gently squeezing, massaging at my clothed skin.

"What's wrong?" I played with his fingers as I looked up at his face, eyebrows curved down.

"I'm just really worried about him." His fingers entwined with mine, his rubbing small circles into my skin.

"It's gonna be okay, Harry."

"I've got to get some clothes from my place." He informed me.

"Okay." I brought his hand up to my lips, placing a gentle kiss to his tan skin.


"Morgan, come on babe." Harry lightly shook me. I assumed we had reached the destination where his stepdad currently resided.

"Are we here?" I rubbed my eyes as I sat up from my slouched position.

"Yeah, let's go." I hadn't noticed that Harry was at my door waiting for me to get out of the car. I could tell he was anxious to see his injured stepdad.

I stepped out of the car, the darkness of night concealing us. My eyes flickered to the top of the building, 'emergency room' was in big bright letters on the side.

"Harry." I whined. My tired body felt weak.

His grin let me know that his seriousness wasn't consuming him.

"Listen I don't know how long we'll be here, so if you want me to go ahead and take you to the hotel, I will." He stopped me at the door, his arms wrapping around my waist. He looked down at me, his green eyes burned into my blue.

"It's okay, I wanna stay with you." I said. He surprised me when he forcefully pressed his lips to mine, tongue demanding entrance. His kiss was desperate, telling me he needed me.

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