Supernatural one shots

Just some supernatural one shots, including some fluff, drables, AUs, smut, everything.
Warnings on fics that have smut.
Lots of Destiel, so warnings on that too :)
I take prompts! kik: maddimonsterr twitter: @maddimonsterr


1. Wings- Destiel oneshot

"Why aren't your wings out like all the time?" Dean asked out of the blue one day.

"Because my true form, as you know, would blind you. And you only see the shadow of my wings during times of strong emotion, usually rage or anger." Castiel replied in his usual, slightly monotonous, voice. Dean simply nodded, looking thoughtful.

"So like if you were in love, like really truly in love, the whole she-bang, they would appear?"

"Most likely yes, but I've never actually experienced it."
"So like if you were with a girl, they would appear?"

"Why would being near a girl cause any strong emotions?" Cas asked in confusion.

"No, Cas," Dean said with a laugh "I mean like with a girl." Cas still looked really confused. "You" He said if with a slightly annoyed grin on his face.

:Dean, as you well know after that disaster with the lady who's father ran out on her because of his job, I have never engaged in sexual intercourse. I am an angel of the Lord."

"Right, Mr. Celibacy. But I mean, in theory?"
"In theory, yes, I supposed they would." Cas replied.

They were both quite for a while, turning their attention to the TV that was on, with low volume. Some baseball game was on that Dean had wanted to watch.

"Have you ever been in love, Cas?" Dean asked quietly.

"Yes, only once." he replied shortly.

"What was she like? Was she an angel?"

"They aren't an angel of the Lord, no. But they're my angel. They are the reason I've pulled through everything. They make me fight for my life and cherish every moment. They keep me as sane as I can be, while driving me insane." He said with a sheepish smile while stealing glances at Dean.

Another few moments passed.

"Wait! Who is it? Do I know her? Is it Anna?"

"No! Of course not Anna. But to your other question, yes and no. You know them, but you don't really know him, not like I do. I have seen every inch of him, inside and out. I know almost everything there is to know about him. He doesn't know this, because that would be too complicated to explain. But at the same time, I think he does know. I think he does know about the profound bond we share." 

Dean was smiling slightly listening to Cas, then suddenly became very serious.

"Wait, him? You're in love with a guy?" He asked in shock.

"Not just any guy, not just any human. An important, special human. The most important human in my very long life."

"You gotta tell me who it is, Cas." Dean begged slightly.

There was a long suspenseful moment.

"It's you Dean." Castiel said as he kissed Dean straight on the lips.



(A/N) hey guys so I know i haven't posted in so freaking long. Sooorry. The fact that i'm currently obsessed with Supernatural and watching it for like 5 hours straight isn't helping that either. I hope you guys like the one shots, maybe i'll write a multi-chapter fic some dayyyy.

But I will eventually continue Hate To Love You, and Give Me Love. I'm going to delete I Only Want More. I have a few fics planned, maybe I'll start a story with One Direction oneshots. One fic is based on Lana Del Rey's This Is What Makes Us Girls (i recommend you listen to it holy shit it's amazing)

Anyways I write these in class a lot so there should be a lot, so I hope to be uploading a lot :)

Thank you so much for reading and dealing with me :) you guys are the best, comment like and favorite!!!!!!! love you guys x

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