Supernatural one shots

Just some supernatural one shots, including some fluff, drables, AUs, smut, everything.
Warnings on fics that have smut.
Lots of Destiel, so warnings on that too :)
I take prompts! kik: maddimonsterr twitter: @maddimonsterr


4. My Angel- a sonnet

This is a sonnet i had to write for english class and i made it destiel and i think it ended up pretty dang good :) enjoy!


My Angel

In a land of Gods and Monsters

I was a Devil, you were an Angel

So lovesick for you, I need a doctor

But you were too young and fragile


You hit me so hard, straight to the heart

Felt like someone had took my soul away

It was true love that imitated art

You knew I'd never leave or stray


I'll be with you til the end of time

I'll be inside your veins like poison

You and I in a victimless crime

I am reaching for the horizon


Who better to fall with in such love?

My Angel who had fallen from above.

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