Time Is Frozen

I've’ve never appreciated someone so much as I appreciated her. She stood there smiling, her vibrant green eyes sparkling, all because of what I said. If I was Lauren, I wouldn’t be as happy as she is. She has been through so much yet, she still has the strength to smile. She may be week on the outside, short, tiny even but, on the inside I saw nothing but strength. She is the strongest person I know. The best thing is that I, Harry Styles will get to see that smile for a long time. NOTHING has ever made me happier and I'm going to let you know this. That moment, when i was looking into her eyes, Time was frozen.


1. The Obsession Began


*SUMMER 2012*


I was riding on my golf cart with one of my best friends, Katie.  Fooling around and listening to the #1 hit on the radio time, One Thing by One Direction.  I was fourteen at the time, foolish, didn’t care about my grades.  I was about to enter High School.  Little did I know how much my attitude needed to change before High School.  All I knew is that I was scared of upperclassmen.  I was NOT ready for high school.

I wanted a car.  I wanted the ability to get away from my mom.   I wanted to, instead of relying on her for every little ride, be able to give myself rides.  I was one of the oldest people in my grade so, that would happen eventually.

"You know Katie, some girls at my school obsess over these guys" I said stopping the cart.

She didn’t reply at first, she just glared at me.  Probably because, I stopped the cart.  "I know! I don't see what the big deal is. But these songs; One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful are pretty dang catchy."  She responded.

"I'm going to look into this Boy band. I wonder if they're up to their reputation." I stated very matter-of-factly.

“Great! So… can I drive now?” she asked with her famous puppy dog eyes.

“Ugh fine” I said grumpily.  I swear, sometimes my friends only wanted me for my cart.



Katie had left so I got onto my Facebook. One of my best friends, Millenama, posted,

I got the one thing single from iTunes!


Oh yeah, I thought, I was going to search them.  I searched ONE DIRECTION on YouTube. Of course the first things to pop up were WMYB and OT but the third was GOTTA BE YOU. Hmph, I thought to myself, let’s try this one.  I plugged my speakers into my laptop and played the lyric video. “Girl I can see it in your eyes..."

Not Bad… I criticized.

"Can we fall..." a chill went down my spine. “One more time..." I up looked from fiddling with my thumbs to look at the computer screen. "Stop the tape…"

I like his voice, I focus intently. Paying attention to each speck of vibrato, the exact amount of sharpness and the tone in the boy’s voice.

"And rewind..." I was suddenly thirsty, so I ran to the fridge as I was walking back as I heard the voice sing.  "and if you walk away I know I'll Fade because there's nobody else..." sipping my water bottle right before I reached my computer I heard "It's Gotta be YOU" the water bottle slipped out of my hand and landed on the carpeted floor soaking immediately, but I didn't notice. I was too busy gawking at the screen wondering, what kind of boy can hit a note that high and still sound so... not being able to find the word I got closer to the computer.

"Who are you?" I said aloud. I went to Google and entered the words ONE DIRECTION. The obsession began.  Not just with me, it spread. It spread to Katelyn, Shawneeka and even Millenama slowly became fonder towards the addicting voices of Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry. Little did I know searching that one video would change my life. Was it for the better or the worst? I’ll never know but, things could have been worse.

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