Time Is Frozen

I've’ve never appreciated someone so much as I appreciated her. She stood there smiling, her vibrant green eyes sparkling, all because of what I said. If I was Lauren, I wouldn’t be as happy as she is. She has been through so much yet, she still has the strength to smile. She may be week on the outside, short, tiny even but, on the inside I saw nothing but strength. She is the strongest person I know. The best thing is that I, Harry Styles will get to see that smile for a long time. NOTHING has ever made me happier and I'm going to let you know this. That moment, when i was looking into her eyes, Time was frozen.


2. Luck of the Irish


*WINTER BREAK 2012/2013*

I knew what I was doing was wrong but, I couldn’t stop myself. I could get smacked, Shawneeka is a violent girl. I tried to convince myself not to do it but, it was too late. Her time had come.

“BOO!” I screamed as Shawneeka walked through the back door of my house. She jumped, then stumbled, then fell. She dropped her bag spilling all her contents on the ground. Her clothes, cat hat, and iPod mixed together, now unorganized.

 "Damn it Lauren! You scared me!" Neeka yelled.

I crouched down to the ground to help her pick up her things. It wasn’t my intentions to have everything spill out of her bag, it was the least I could do, right? "Um... that was the point." I stated a smirk on my face. Neeka glared at me with anger in her eyes.  After we picked up everything, Neeka and I got up. “Katie! Neeka is here!" I yelled running down the stairs to my basement.

"Lauren? Are we going to ride the golf cart?" Neeka said with puppy eyes.

"NO!! There's snow on the ground!” I yelled. ”If we ride it now, we can never ride it again. That would wreck the engine! Do you want that to happen?” I raised my eyebrows as I scolded her.

"No..." She said looking at her feet, a twinge of defeat in her voice. All of the sudden she flipped out.  "OH MY GOD!!" she yelled "guess what Tessa got for Christmas?" before I had enough time to answer she said "One Direction tickets."

"No!" Katie and I yelled bug eyed.

Katie got all defensive and mad then said what we were all thinking. “Don’t get me wrong, I love her but, she’s not even that big of a fan! I’ve gone through her iPod. She only has One Thing, Little Things, Rock Me and What Makes You Beautiful, not even a whole album!  This is so not fair.”

"Agreed. I’m so jealous" Neeka states, annoyance obviously present in her sweet yet, authoritive voice.

"Me too...” I complain. “But, I've been listening to 101.3 all day. I'm GOING to win the day with One Direction and front row tickets." I had confidence in saying this, I don’t know why but I did. Maybe, it was just this feeling I had because I’m not normally a cocky person. Usually I’m very unaware of things, scared, hesitant and self-conscious.

"I doubt it" Katie blurted. Well that brought down my cockiness, I thought wile I pretend to be unaffected by her words.

"Well I'm not giving up hope until there’s no hope to give."  I say my head high in the air and my hands on my hips.

"That doesn't make sense” Katie said confused.

"It does to me and that’s all that matters." What I said was true. I wasn’t giving up hope. Ever since the accident, I don’t give up or take things for granted.

Little Things came on the radio. "I'm supposed to call when little things is over." I say to my friends. They weren’t paying attention. I’m sure they though my determination was pathetic or something.  It’s nice to have the whole “crew” here but today wasn’t one of those days, Millenama’s parents didn’t let her come over. It was because of bad grades or something. I’m not going to lie, freshman year has been pretty tough so far. That’s not the case with Millenama though; her parents are just cliché, uptight, Asian parents.

 I started singing to Little Things along with my thumb on the send button getting ready to call. Some of the stuff in this was so true. Especially when Harry sang his part. I HATE my voice on a tape. I record it all the time and I sound like a boy -_- Unless I sing then I guess it’s alright. The song ended and I hit send immediately.

I'm not going to get it, I thought to myself. On the radio I heard "hello? Tenth caller?"

"Crap! I didn't get it" I said I heard my voice repeat on the radio.

"Um ma'am yes you did" said my phone. I was hesitant for a second, try to process what was happening. Then it finally clicked.

"OH MY GOD!!! KATIE NEEKA I WON!!!" I yelled. They stopped what they were doing than looked over at me in disbelief.

"Ma'am?" the phone said.


"What's your name?"

"L- Lauren."

"Well Lauren Congratulations! You and three friends are going to the One Direction concert on July 14 and spending all of the 15thwith Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn," a song came on the radio and the man said. “Alright Lauren let me talk to your mom to get the dates straightened out."

"O-Okay." I walked up the stairs and tried not to cry, or fall, or faint. Mom calmly took the phone from my hands as I walked down stairs and cried tears of joy as Katie and Neeka hugged me crying too. They already knew they were two of the three that were coming with me.

This was the happiest moment of my life. Who would have thought that a girl like me with a single mom, brother and no other family to be known of would meet her idols? Must be the luck of the Irish.

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