The Vampires and The Werewolf (1D Fanfiction)

Lizzie Parris, she's a Werewolf. Her and her best friend,Summer Starr go meet One Direction, little did they know they're hiding a secret. the next day,Summer gets kidnapped and it's up to Lizzie to find out where she is, but when she finds Summer she's quite surprised on who Summer's kidnapper(s) are


7. Chapter Seven-Tells Summer About Marking Up.


I was sitting down on the bed when I felt someone else sit down I look up and saw Harry.

"What do you want!?" I shot him a look.

"Im here to explain more about marking and all that."

"Oh.." I said looking down on the floor.

"How to explain well umm...Basically now I can now hear youre thoughts, I can talk to you from a distance, I can invade youre dreams..Look on the bright the side if another vampire trys bitting you youre blood will be bitter to them. Lets see here I can control youre emotions I mean I could before but I got more power over them now. Oh and if you die I basically die with you."

"That makes thing better..." I looked at him.

"But dont worry about that last bit youll be fine as long as youre with me." he winked at me.

I didnt say anything after I just couldnt say anything back. I watched as he got up and walked away he sat down on the couch and fell asleep.


I walked upstairs to go see Zayn I finally got away from Drew thank god to I couldnt stand him anymore he was all in my space and just man I wished couldve punched him. I knocked on the door it was opened by Zayn.

"LIZ!" He said pulling me into a long hug.

"Hey Zayn." I smiled up at him.

"So how did you get away from Drew?" He asked looking around.

"He feel asleep about time to cause I was about to strangle him." I said laughing.

"Well im glad youre here I missed you." He gave me kiss on the lips.

"I missed you too Zayn."

"Now that I have you lets find a place more private like." He said pushing me towards the bathroom.

"Zayn noo." I said trying to stop him.

"Come on Liz lets have a little fun." He said opening the door to the bathroom,

"No Zayn theyll hear us!" I said trying to get out of his grip.

"Dont worry about it Liz." He closed the door and locked it.

He pushed me up agaisnt the sink and started kissing me.

"Zayn." I manged to say. "Stop theyll hear us." I whispred out.

"Shhh trust me on this." He then pulled my shirt off.

I couldnt stop him he continued kissing me I finally gave in thats when the real fun started.

The next morning.

Zayn and I got ourselves washed up and dressed we walked out the bathroom we looked around everyone was still sleeping...I was shocked.

"Told you to trust me."

"Whatever dont know how they didnt hear.":

"I know you screamed pretty loud." He winked at me and laid down on the floor next to the couch.

I walked over there and laid down with him and we both fell asleep.

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