The Vampires and The Werewolf (1D Fanfiction)

Lizzie Parris, she's a Werewolf. Her and her best friend,Summer Starr go meet One Direction, little did they know they're hiding a secret. the next day,Summer gets kidnapped and it's up to Lizzie to find out where she is, but when she finds Summer she's quite surprised on who Summer's kidnapper(s) are


5. Chapter Five-The Fight

We all go put into this room it had one bed, a bathroom, a couch, a small desk by a window, and a walk in closet. The door opened and drew came in.

"So how are my lovely people." He looked over at me and smiled.

They all just stared at him not saying a word.

"Not saying anything okay ill see you guys later then." He walked out and shut the door.

"This is all you're fault Lizzie!" Harry ran over to me and pinned me against a wall.

"How I was forced to help!" I said trying to take his hand off my throat.

"Yeah right I don't believe at all!" He tightened his grip.

"I...wa..Har..stop!" I was chocking.

"HARRY LET HER GO!" Zayn yelled at him.

He shot him a look.

" with the traitor then." He dropped me to the ground.

I sat there breathing heavily.

"You know what Harry F**k you!" I glared at him.

He turned around at glared at me back.

"You better shut you're mouth before I do end up doing something to you!" He pointed at me.

"I'd like to see you try!" I growled.

He smirked at me and walked away.

"Don't any of you believe me I was forced to help them!" I looked at the rest.

"I believe you." Louis said looking at me.

"Same here." Liam chimed in.

"Anyone else?" I looked around hoping for others to join.

"I do.." Summer glanced over here.

"Oh come on guys you honestly don't believe her do you!" Harry said looking at those that said they believed


"Of course we do." They all said together.

"Fine then all of you are traitors oh and by the way summer I marked you!"


"Marked you. As in if you die I die blah blah stuff like that." He said laying down on the couch.

She sat there on the bed stunned.

"You're gonna get HARRY HOW DARE YOU MARK MY FRIEND!" I ran up to him and threw him at the wall.

"How dare you throw me!" He got up and ran after me.

"Oh if you didn't mark her you would be BY NOW!" This time I was the one choking him. "But since you did I can't kill you!" I let him fall to the ground.

He looked up at me and walked away.

The next morning.

"Wake up all of you!" Drew yelled as he walked through the door. "Ah Lizzie you're lucky day you get to spend time with me!" He said grabbing me.

"Let her go!" Zayn snapped at him.

"Oh who's this you're boyfriend no he his to good for you." He grinned at me.

"I said let her go!"

"No she's mine!" He looked at me then kissed me.

"Why you!" He jumped and knocked him off of me.

"Oh look big boy got angry."

"What did you just call me?"

"I said big boy go angry!" He kicked him off.

"Anyway gotta go come Liz let's go." He dragged me with him.


"What are we gonna do!"

"Nothing! That's what she's long gone now!" Harry glared over at me.

"You know I don't get why you have to be such an arse! She didn't do anything to you! Just cause were here doesn't make it her fault!" I snapped at him.

"How dare you yell at you're leader! That's it I have no choice but to kick you out of my flock!" He looked down at the floor.

"Harry you don't mean that!" Louis said running up to Zayn. "We're not one direction with out Zayn!"

"I don't care ill just tell everyone he had to quiet for awhile!"

"If his gone then I'm gone!"

"Fine then lou I don't care!"

I looked at Louis he looked like he was about to cry. The others just stood there and stared at us.

"Harry that hurt a lot.." Louis started crying.

"Lou I'm sorry..."

"Sure you are just don't talk to me I see how things are you replaced me that human over there then you kick my best mate out! Then you chock Lizzie who didn't do anything to you! Zayns right you're being an arse you know what maybe we should drop the girls off once we get free there tearing us apart..." Louis then walked away and went over by the wall and sat there.

I soon went over there and sat with him.

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